Maria’s Message – Good News with more on the way

Afternoon  All

I wanted to update you on maria’s message and what has been going on. Some good news and more to come.

First, you can now follow maria’s message on Twitter at @mariasmessage  I know that Dom would love a follow to help get the word out. It doesn’t  matter where in the world you are the message is still the same. We all need to be more of a defense driver, we can even be a defense passenger by not distracting the driver. Helping to watch the road and speak up if you see something, the driver might not see it and it could make the difference.

You can always find out information of fund-raisers and other things going on at


Earlier this month Dom, Terri and the kids went to the Ohio Senate to testify for Senate Bill 294 that would make the month of September Safe Driver Awareness Month in Ohio. April 8th Dom posted on his face book page that it passed unanimously and it was on the way to the House. At the time of working on this blog there has not been any more information if bill 294 has passed the House. If you are on Face Book, keep checking Dom’s page to see if there is news.

This message is getting out but there is still more to do and we can help by spreading the word. I am a fan of Dom from my days living in Central Ohio. I had the chance to meet him at a couple of public events but that was years ago. This could have happened and probably has to more parents and family then what we know of. I can not being to put into words how I would react to the events. Starting out I felt helpless but now I play a part in getting this out to young people all over the world. Yes, I am here in Australia but I can still get the word out, I can be an example of a better passenger and eventually a better driver.

I know I am not in the target age that Dom is working with but I would love to be able to sign a pledge card also. We all need to take the pledge and share the story. You can see by the post on Dom’s wall that the word is getting out there. Please do not be afraid to talk about it share the face book pages, follow on twitter. You might be one who shares the message with the one person who needs to hear it the most.

THANK YOU Dom for sharing this personal story with all of us. I know that what I call Dom’s Army is out there and getting the message out. I know you have started to visit the schools in the area and I know you will reach them. You and Terri are making a difference, when you get weak let us carry you, draw on our strength.

Sign a pledge card for me, Will you?

On behalf of the Buckeye Nation all over the world.

Sending you Hugs.





Announcement:Birth of a New Blog

20130818_122145Afternoon Kids,

Well, It was an interesting day was yesterday and out of it has developed a new project.

It is a five-year commitment. That alone scares me but it is an adventure I want to take, last night leaving the meeting I was just plain terrified but today I am excited and The need to learn level is through the roof.

My regular readers will know that I attend mass at St.Peters Cathedral in Adelaide. It is a wonderful place, full of history and a very unique community. It is a very special place to call home, to interact with a diverse group of people from all walks of life.

Cathedral 150 is the name of the project that is getting off the ground. It is a 5 year project to raise money for restoration of the build and the pipe organ.

My part in the project is to tell the story from my view in the pews. Things that I see, chats with people, learning about life at St.Peters.

I will be updating and sharing fund-raising events.

Cathedral 150 will have it’s very own blog and I will update this post when that is all set up and ready to go.

Thanks for your support on this project.

In Memory of Maria: A better Defensive Driver and Passenger — Update

06d5f0d09293f5254207fb55ec911a3fMorning Kids,

I just wanted to update this blog with you a bit and with it starting to be prom season in the USA, it is a good reminder to get Maria’s Message out there.

Every time Pj and I get in the car, I go through my little check list of things to make sure I do not distract Pj as he drives. I try not to worry about messages or Twitter and I try not to answer unless it is needed.

Dom has been more than amazing sharing all of this with us. I can not even begin to understand what he and Terri have been though and the courage to share this with the world.

Dom announced the other day that Maria’s Message is now on Twitter:  @mariasmessage

Here is my blog from late last year. Please take the time to talk to anyone and everyone that you know needs to hear this.

Dom Teberi shared with us this year the loss of his wonderful daughter Maria from a car accident. I can’t even imagine the pain and the shock that came with that knock on the door that early morning. The investigation is now complete and the conclusion was that she became distracted and that was the probable cause.

With the holidays upon us, we need to be more defensive in the car and as we travel no matter how far that we are going. I can’t imagine what life is like for Dom and the rest of the family during this time. All I can do is offer words of support and get the message out, by taking my cue from Dom.

That was a real wake up call for me, and being more cautious in the car. I have been more aware of what is going on around me as I ride in the car. I speak up so that my partner is made aware of what is going on. Things that he might not see or can’t spot that I can see.

All this has me thinking about when I use to drive back in Ohio and it has made me wake up some. I was very sloppy and that I could have been seriously hurt or even killed or killed someone by my mistakes. That is a real wake up call and we need to get this message out to the kids today. I get the impression today that most kids think they are invincible and getting their license means that they know everything. It took a long time before my parents let me drive on my own, enough though I thought I was a good driver. I had a lot to learn and years later I can see what they were trying to do.

We live life on the go here and the phone ringing in the car or that one text message can wait til you arrive safely. If you are driving alone, use Bluetooth or just do not answer the phone til you get to your destination or can pull off safely.

I have a Samsung S 4 phone and it has a setting on it called drive mode. You can set it to read out messages and phone calls as you drive. I am a passenger a lot of the time but I turn it on a lot of the time so I do not distract my partner as he drives. No message or call is that important that it can’t wait til you get home.

All I can give you this holiday season is words, words of love of and hope, of remembrance and keeping Maria’s memory alive by talking about her but also in our actions of being a defensive driver. Get home safe, take your time. It is OK to arrive late then not at all.

For more information about the foundation that Dom as set up you can go here:

WE love you Dom, and are here for you if you need anything at all.

Hugs and Love



Post Election Hang Over

20140315_073045_6-1Morning Kids

Now that events are finally over I can share with you what has been going on. Its been a flat-out 6 weeks since I closed the gridiron season and decided to take a writing break. We had a state election called here in South Australia, it was time to get to work and get our local member Lee Oldenwalder re-elected.

With funds limited it was time to put the walking shoes on and letter box for Lee. For those who are not quiet sure letter boxing is hand delivering letters letting people know of street corner meeting in their area. Street corners are just short meeting in the area to catch up with folks and see if they have any complaints that Lee needs to be aware of.

A week didn’t go by that Pj and I had no less than four bags of letter on the back seat of the car to get delivered. For the last blast of letters it was in 10 bags and we took all 10 bags, the catch was they needed done in five days, which I am proud to say that we did get done. We figure between us we walked 150 kilometers, in roughly 6 weeks. I don’t walk that much when I train for the Adelaide City to Bay.

Election day was on the 17th and it was a busy day. Pj was booth captain and we were basically flat-out as soon as the polls opened at 8 am. We did have some slow periods but it was consistent. Roughly around 4:30 it finally slowed to a snail’s pace, until the polls closed at 6 pm. We were already to go party with the rest of the staff, when I realized that we have no Scrutineer. Well, after a few choice words  and a phone call to other staff to let them know of the change, Pj and I headed inside to a huge learning curve and new terrority.

It was a real eye-opening experience, we learned so much about the process when the polls close. The lady who was running the booth was really good, she explained each step as we went along in the night. It took a bit to get the result but it was well worth missing out having time with Lee and the rest of the staff. We gathered with other workers and local members to watch the results come in.

I am proud to announce that all three of the returning members were re-elected and the new guy on the block who lives in the area and is Pj’s best mate was elected. It was an amazing evening to be with everyone catching up.

Well, as of yesterday Pj and I got the last of the corflutes down and we are finally taking some time for us. There is still some packing up of posters and repairs on a few to make but we have time to worry about those.

Well, now its on to getting Pj elected to the city council……..

Let’s Catch Up

Afternoon Kids

Sorry its been awhile since I have been with you and I wanted to bring you up to speed on somethings going on. Its been an interesting 6 weeks since football (gridiron) finished and I have still found myself flat-out. 

I was hoping to take some time off from writing to just get refreshed and all but needless to say that didn’t happen. The Olympics came along and that was the creation of following some of the Aussie athletes. We didn’t do as well as expected but it was still fun to watch all the events. We did record the closing ceremonies and I still have it to watch. 

I have a mate in New Mexico who just published his first book and I am over the moon for him. He went the road of self publishing and I have been following him on this journey. I had planned to start writing my book later in the year but decided to start it now. It is going to be a long process but I found some inspiration from him and I did not want to have an regrets on this one. I have always wanted to write a book and now I have started the process. Will share more news as I have made progress with things. 

It is state election time here in South Australia and Pj and I have been working for our local member. They did a large amount of letter boxing and we think that we have racked up close to 75 kilometers on foot walking the seat. It was a really hard slog at times, on area that was basically what we called “Mountain Goat” terrority. We finished the final letter boxing last night, in the rain of all things. Will share more about the adventures after the election results. 

Been having a ball playing with the grandbabies on Skype. Elizabeth is now two and Gabriel is one. It is just about an hour of pure silliness. Alisha tells me that Elizabeth recognized my photo, I can make Gabe laugh just playing peek a boo. I can’t wait to get home for a visit and just play with them. 

I have been knitting like mad as long as the hand is holding up. Four years ago I was in a cast for six weeks after snapping the tendons and all in my left thumb, well kids that nasty injury has returned. Had it checked yesterday and it is a recurring injury and I will have to manage it from now on. This comes from years of mad knitting, and not looking after myself. 

I am looking at doing the Adelaide city to Bay again this coming September. With all the walking from letter box dropping I should be in better shape this year. It is a different kind of walking but I am an athlete in a couple of ways and I just need to let the body do what it knows how to do and I will be fine. 

We are off on a holiday next week for ten days. I am so looking forward to the change of scenery. We are off to Bateman’s Bay but heading to Sydney for the Pro Baseball weekend, on a working weekend.  We are excited and cant wait, to just have a good veg. We are going to Canberra but going to the National War Memorial. We want to be there at sunset for last post and all. 

Baseball Season starts in a few days, I am so excited for the new line up and all that is coming. The NFL draft is in May and there are a number of Ohio State Buckeyes who have decided to enter and we will be watching our boys continue their career on the big stage. I know what to expect during baseball season this year and can manage my sleeping and all better. 

Take care and enjoy the spring weather. good things are coming….I can feel it

And The Oscar Goes To…..

1975129_685671621476101_1353166625_nMorning Kids,

Welcome to the Oscars 2014. Will be sharing with you the awards from this movie season.

Ellen DeGeneres is this years host.

Time to sit back and relax, see who is wearing what and enjoy the show.

**Best Picture – 12 Years a Slave

**Best Animated Film – Frozen

**Best Song – Frozen – Let It Go

**Best Director – Gravity

**Best Actor – Matthew McConnaughey for Dallas Buyers Club

**Best Actress – Cate Blanchett for Blue Jasmine

**Best Supporting Actor – Jared Letto for Dallas Buyers Club

**Best Supporting Actress – Lupita Nyong’o for 12 years a Slave

**Best Costume Design – Catherine Martin – The Great Gatsby

**Best Hair and Make – up – Dallas Buyers Club

**Visual Effects – Gravity

**Best Sound Mixing – Gravity

**Best Sound Editing – Gravity

**Best Cinematography – Gravity

**Best Filming Editing – Gravity

**Best Production Design – The Great Gatsby

**Best Original Score – Gravity

**Best Adapted Screenplay – 12 Years A Slave

**Best Original Screen Play — Spike Jones



Finally A Break

Morning Kids

I finally got a break in blogging and I am trying to enjoy as much as possible. I have roughly over a month til Baseball season starts. It is looking like its going to be a super year. Lots of new blood in the team and the word is that there is a new excitement, new chemistry. Nothing like they have seen before.

Been knitting some, what I call summer projects, Light weight and easy to take with me. Just started the front of a sleeveless vest for the grandkids to try.

A friend of mine in America has published his first book. It is going well but slow, and I was able to follow his self publishing and make some notes of my own. I decided to go ahead and start my book which will go on hold during Baseball and Gridiron season. Just trying now to get as much of it laid out as possible. I have it in my head but need to get it on paper, well, the computer screen that is. I know how it should look but I want to get the basic sorted out so I can go back later on and really take it apart. I am taking some of my blogs and weaving it in with life experience. It will be confronting and difficult at times but I do not want to have any regrets in doing this.

Been trying to get sorted to take a course in web design, so I can work on promoting myself out there more and all but I have a feeling its gong to fall through. I have tried twice but I think I will have to go back to what I know how to do and work from there.  I really wanted to learn this but I have a feeling Jordan Danksit’s just not meant to be.

The weather here has finally cooled off. We had some time over the summer that the heat really kicked my backside. Finally the cooler sleeping weather. Just a good nights solid sleep would do wonders.

OK, off for a little work on the book and then for an outing. Stay safe out there and will check in again soon