The Place at the Top of my Bucket List.

Seychelles Flag Carrier

Seychelles Flag Carrier

The place at the top of my bucket list to travel to is a place in the Indian Ocean called the Seychelles. They are officially called the Republic of Seychelles. A 155 island nation that stretches from  archipelago in the Indian Ocean, the capital is Victoria which lies 932 miles east of mainland Southeast Africa and northeast of the island of Madagascar.

It is a stunning country with some breath-taking beaches and many islands to explore.

Watching the opening of the Commonwealth Ceremonies today, I was floored to see the Seychelles have a team in the games.

This just makes me even more excited to visit and to read up and learn about the great things that are waiting for me to discover.

I love reading all the tweets that they share, I follow them on Twitter. I can’t wait to go during the Carnival time.

Best of Luck during the games, I cant wait to cheer you on.


Getting Back to Life

Just wanted to touch base with you all.

My Aunt Patty passed away a week ago and I must admit I did not take the news well. I know that it was expected and all but still when its someone special, it takes a bit of time to get over.

I know that I need the time to heal but it is also time to get on with life. Get back to work and find that new normal to deal with her passing. I also need to find that strength to help Uncle Bob in his time. We have had some great chats over the years and I cant wait o see him again

The knitting and all is going great. Lots of projects, well too many actually but I am been spending heaps of time getting the small projects over so I can get things back to being more managed. I made my first knitting video for my wool blog yesterday and I am really happy with it. Will certainly keep it going.

Its winter here in Australia and with the cold and wet it’s really hard to get motivated to get positive things going. You get out in the sun during the day and inside as it get cold. I have started to many knitting projects and all, am using the rainy days to play catch up.

The sports stuff is going well. Waiting for Football (gridiron) to start and hoping the White Sox can get out of this funk and claw their way back for a playoff berth at the end of the season.

Back to the knitting needles.

See you soon


Cooked Cabbage – R.I.P Aunt Patty

1380263_734827406542958_341010406_nOK, You are probably wondering about the title here but bear with me as I try to get through this.

I got the message from my brother Tim this morning that over night Australian time my Aunt Patty had passed away. She  had been ill for a while. I have great memories of her, just wanted to share a little about her life with you.

This is one of those times, when living overseas is a real downer. More than anything I wish I could be on a flight home to be at the funeral when it takes place but I can’t. All I can do is to give love and support, and what I can do to the best of my ability and that is words on a screen so here goes.

I remember Aunt Patty as a strong in her faith anchor of the Brown family. She was just amazing in what ever she did. She got me to eat stuff cooked cabbage. I do not even remember the recipe or anything , I just remember how good it was. I tried a lot of new foods when visiting. I remember the house in Beaver Creek and the picture window in the family room. No matter what time of year it was, it was a beautiful view and I remember how peaceful the room was and all. I remember jumping on the pogo stick on the basement

I remember Aunt Patty for a while use to decorate Cakes and all. They were so amazing and the detail was beyond words. I always thought that one day I could decorate cakes. I would never be as good as her but if I just took my time I would do a job that she would be proud of.

To those cousins that I do not speak to any more because of choice I have made in the past. It is time to let those things of the past go and concentrate on now. We are all hurting, we are all feeling the loss now. I know what its like to lose your Mum, Aunt Edith…I have gone through exactly what you are going through now. It is not an easy time, there is a really big hole in life now and in the days and months to come those special holidays and all will be difficult times. Life is different now and in YOUR time you have to find a way to create that new normal for you. We have to do it at our pace. It’s OK to laugh at the silliness of the memories, don’t be afraid to talk to Aunt Patty when your alone in a room. I know she will be listening.

I miss you Uncle Bob, we always have some great conversations and all. I can not even begin to understand your loss. I send you hugs and love. I know your faith is strong and we know that Aunt Patty is now in a better place. No longer in any pain, is healthy and watching down on you. I know that all of those who have gone before will be there to greet her with open arms and to show her around.

I was taught by a close mate before he passed, God gives us what we can handle each day. Once the day has ended and its dark outside, try to take that time to take care of you, get a good nights sleep the best you can and wake up the next morning to start again. I know how hard it is but I have learned to do this and I am stronger so now I can carry the load of those who need my strength now.

I send you my love and support during the next hours and days to come. I am with you in spirit and keeping you close in prayers and thoughts.


I have Just Heard ENOUGH from this CRAP of a so called Government.

10277545_1457616407816395_1544802628759393623_nOk, I am warning you from this start this is a VENT.

Now, I have had a gut full of the negative bullshit and the constant lines that the budget issues are all LABORS fault.

Lets discusses the the lies that the Liberals have done since they took over. There was NO budget emergency and how can this budget be fair when its the hard-working blue color, backbone of this country that are now being FORCED to carry the load.

I refuse to watch Question Time any more because of the negativity and constant put down and repetition of how this is all Labors fault when, it was JOE HOCKEY giving the reserve bank money that they did not even want. Which in turn doubled the deficit in one fell swoop. Sloopy Joe got busted on Fact Check the other day on ABC news 24 for LYING about the interest payment.

At age 36 when I arrived in this county I was not able to find a job. It was not for lack or trying to do so but the more I kept trying, nothing was happening. Phil would pick up jobs along the way until his accident and I was lucky enough that I did not have to work. Since Phil’s accident, I am now his carer and am needed here at home, pretty much full-time, especially during the colder months. I am able to get some breaks along the way but it’s just how my life is now. Hearing things like, those on Disability will be reviewed, and now hearing that carers may have to look for work, the idiot has no clue what is going on. I am OVER 50 and suppose to look for a job. Crap kids, Holden is closing and I am supposed to look for work. I have a job writing, even though I am not getting paid YET. It is all I have. Phil just turned 62 and will be on the old age pension and I am hoping to God he does not have to be put through any more stress than he already has. He was supposed to have a review of his case a year after his accident and we are still waiting on that review.

The $7.00 co-pay for the doctor, blood test and x-rays. Holy Shit kids, what happens if you have a broken arm and are sitting in the E.R and don’t have any cash on you. They say that well, it’s not free for the doctor and all but what you do you call the MEDICARE LEVY. I thought that was created for the sole purpose of paying for the bulk billing and all. This stupid medical research fund, what is that all about. It’s not going to help MEDICARE, they just don’t want to pay the research grants so, that money can be spent on something else we don’t need.

Do not get me started on the stupid and totally off the wall Paid Parental Leave scheme, that is completely unfair and not wanted. That money should be going into Childcare places not to pay women who make over $50,000 or whatever to have a baby.

There could be better taxes on BANKS and their outrageous profits. It makes me sick to hear that the big banks are making 5 million dollars or more, on a 6 month listing and NOT paying taxes on that. There are many other way to raise capital without daring places like HOLDEN’S to pack up shop and leave out shore. Tell me Mr.Abbott where are all the JOBS you promised???


Go Ahead and bring on that Double Dissolution, for the simple fact is this ……





24 Hours of Heaven — Back at the Bakery

20140607_031312We had our late night visit to my favorite place, Bakery on O’Connell last night and it was great, as always

Potato and Leek soup on the stove and I was so in the mood for some and it was really good. My first bowl and I would have it again. For me it was missing some crusty break.

Phil had a pie floater with a potato pie and said it was yummy as always,just the right spices.

The pie is called a Four “P” Pie, (potato,pork,pepper,pea). The trademark flakey crust as always. Cutting into the pie it had the trademark crunch and I love that sound. The pork was very easy to cut with my fork. The amount of pepper was just right. Not overpowering or that pepper after taste. The only thing I might do is add a few more peas.

I have a great mateship with the person who runs the bakery’s Facebook page and my goal is to meet face to face one day.

Thanks guys as always for a super meal and will see you all soon.


Sir Jack Brabham – April 2,1926 – May 19, 2014

Sir Jack Brabham who was F1 racing Royalty has passed away at age 88 in Sydney Australia. He won three championships in 1959,1960 and 1966

Jack was in the Royal Australian Air Force as a flight Mechanic and worked out of a small engineering workshop, before he started racing midget cars. His success in Australia and New Zealand saw Sir Jack travel to the UK to further his driving career. He joined the Cooper Car Racing team as a driver and builder of his own car. Brabham helped to design the mid – engine cars that Cooper would introduce to the Formula 1 and Indianapolis 500, and won the first of his titles in 1950 and then again in 1960.

In 1966 Sir Jack won his third title and is the one driver to ever win a title driving his one car, in Monaco.

After the 1970 season Brabham retired from driving, where he brought a farm and worked in various business interest. which included Engine Developments, for manufactures and garages.