My Sorority Sisters

I hang out with the best group of ladies on Face book.

The are a very unique group, bringing something special to share, their own view on life and have taught me a thing or two. We are spread out all over the world but that doesn’t seem to matter to us very much. The common thread we have is our view of the Chicago White Sox. We are all baseball mad for the boys, we all have our baseball husbands and our view and knowledge is better than a lot of guys that I know. We joke that if we hit the lottery we would buy the team.

We share in pure silliness and I love that about “my home girls”……hehe. Through a series of events, we were once part of a group that was no longer giving us what we were looking for. I had started our group a little while ago but it sat dormant for a while, so I dusted it off, well, the rest as they say is history.

23274-I-Love-My-SisterWe have an amazing group and I value each and every one of them and I can’t wait to meet them and share our love of the “Boys of Summer” We are also mad football fans but that is where it changes some. I follow the Cowboys/Dolphins, even though I am originally from Ohio. I do blog the Bears for the girls, but only for them.

We celebrate every thing no matter what the occasion, from birthdays to anniversary’s, to new babies and at times we just celebrate hanging out together. We post pictures so everyone feels a part of the event.

We are there for each other during the tough times. No matter how bad things get I know this wonderful group of Sisters are only a keystroke away. We have all had our meltdowns and that is OK, it is a safe place to go and we have what we call the “Vegas Rule”

I cant say enough about my girls and how much they mean to me, they have giving me so much encouragement and helped me to be a better person. Each and everyone one of them are priceless to me.

“Thank You” for love and mate-ship. I am a stronger, more confident woman because of you.

Look out Chicago, here we come and don’t forget the bail money

Big Ten:Wisconsin and LSU


The final game for me today is a Big Ten game between Wisconsin and LSU. This game is being played in Houston.

DUE TO TIME CONSTRAINTS, this game moves quick for me. It has already taken place but I got it late here in Australia

*First Half

*LSU received the kick off starting on the 15 yard line, On 4th and 5 the punt unit is on. Wisconsin will start on the 24 yard line.

*Wisconsin – TOUCH DOWN – (6 Plays, 75 Yards) with the extra point it is  7 – 0. 9:05 in the first quarter.

*LSU – starting on throw away on  the 27 yard line. 3 and out turns the ball over.

*Wisconsin – QB throws away on 3rd and 6, 51 yard field goal attempt is good. Wisconsin – 10 and LSU is yet to score.

*LSU – 80 TOUCH DOWN run on the 2nd play of the series. Lead has been cut to 10 to 7 still in favor of Wisconsin. 4:47 in the first quarter.

Due to time we have moved to 10:37 in the second quarter. LSU has the ball. FLAG – false start on the offense. Fumble and the Badgers recover. First turn over, Wisconsin starting on the 31 yard line.

*Wisconsin – TOUCH DOWN – 14 yard run ( 5 plays, 31 yards) Wisconsin – 17 and LSU – 7

*LSU – 6:01 in the second – 3 and out, punting unit out. LSU starting on the 41 yard line.

*HALFTIME –  Wisconsin – 17 and LSU – 7

LSU Kicking off and charged with a Delay of game. Wisconsin with the ball. Draw play allows a major field gain down to the 13 for a 63 yard gain. Wisconsin on 4th and 1 get inside the 2 to keep the series alive. TOUCHDOWN (6 plays for 75 yards)

12:24 – Wisconsin  – 24 and LSU – 7.

*LSU – 4th and 2 will punt the ball. Fake punt picks up the needed yardage to keep the drive alive. 44 yard throw makes it 1st and goal. 4th and goal, 25 yard field goal attempt – Delay of game on LSU – re kick, Point after is good, Wisconsin has a 2 touchdown lead 24 to 14.

*Time Jumping again, 6:09 in the third and LSU has the ball again. 2nd and 5. Missed Tackle by the Badgers allows LSU to get the needed yardage to keep the series alive. Field Goal attempt is GOOD *Score LSU – 13 and Wisconsin 24.

*Time Jumping  – Start of the 4th quarter. LSU with the ball at 3rd and 2 make the needed yardage, 27 yard gain on a throw. QB sack for a loss of 11 yards. 3rd and 21 – TOUCH DOWN 12:08, going for a 2 point conversion, its GOOD ( 8 plays covered 59 yards) 12:08 *SCORE – LSU – 21 and Wisconsin – 24

*LSU kicks off and a FLAG on the play.

*Wisconsin – FLAG – Delay of game, LSU pick off the throw at the 11:04 time in the 4th quarter,

*LSU – TOUCH DOWN 9:41 of the 4th quarter. (3 plays covering 53 yards) Extra point is good, *SCORE – Wisconsin – 24 and LSU – 28.

*Wisconsin – on 3rd and 10 pressured throw is picked off. (time 6:30 in the 4th)

*LSU – on 4th and 11 take a delay of game flag and punt the ball.

*Wisconsin – Punts on 4th and 12, LSU take the ball with 1:26 left in the game,

*FINAL SCORE – LSU – 28 and Wisconsin – 24

Vising FSU and OSU


We are visiting the Florida State(FSU) against Oklahoma State(OSU) game today.

*Osu –  on the opening series, had to punt it away, (they looked OK but you could see the big stage nerves)

*FSU – looking sloppy so far but getting the job done,  FLAG – illegal shift on the offense. ON 4th and 2 they are going for it. Coach changed mind and sent the field goal unit out. 36 yard attempt is good for the early score 8:51 FSU leads 3 – 0 .

*Osu  – fumbled the kick off and is back on their 3 yard line. the first throw of the series and the ball is picked off by FSU and returned for a TOUCHDOWN – 8:37 of the first quarter, Osu is behind 10 to 0

*Osu –  looking better this series. why do you run the slant to the left(as I call it) knowing full well there is a blitz on. 3 and 11 the pass is deflected, time to punt

*Fsu – starting on their own 10, Winston sacked. FLAG – Defense holding. turns the sack and loss into keeping the drive active.4th and 1 punt,

*Osu – returned to the 48 yard line. FLAG – unsportsmanlike conduct pushes them back to the 32 yard line. FLAG – Illegal substitution. After a major pickup of yards it’s a FLAG – on FSU for a hit after the play. On 3rd and 8 it was an under throw, 42 yard field goal attempt is no good to close the first quarter. A 62 yard throw  on the first play of the series will see FSU deep in OSU terrority to close the quarter.

*Second Quarter

*FSU with the ball to open the quarter and in scoring terrority. Starting at the 13 yard line. On 3rd and 10 a bullet through the middle was tipped, stolen by OSU and will start on their own 20.

*Osu – forced to punt, FLAG – 2 flag, illegal block in the back, half the distance to the goal.

*Fsu – Winston is throwing for major chunks of real estate moving the ball well. Touch down, with the extra point at 8:19 in the second the lead is out to 17 – 0

*Osu – time out. FLAG – holding on the defense. TOUCH DOWN – 3:58 in the second. 75 yards in 11 plays. with the extra point its FSU – 17 and OSU – 7

*FSU – Winston sacked, punted away on a 3 and out. OSU with their own 3 and out and have punted the ball back to FSU. 0:29 Winston is picked off.

*Osu – FLAG – Unsportsmanlike conduct on the Defense. Field goal attempt from 37 yards – its GOOD. Score at the close of the half is FSU – 17 and OSU – 10.

*Second Half.

*FSU – Field Goal taking the score to 20 to 10 in FSU favor.

*Osu – a cross route for a 55 yard Touchdown,(3 plays for 76 yards) with the extra point it’s now a Florida State 3 point lead, 20 – 17.

*FSU – 3 and out gives Osu the ball on the 38 yard line. Osu with a three and out giving the ball back.

*FSU – FLAG – holding on the defense. TOUCH DOWN (6 plays 56 yards ) 5:26 Florida State 27 and Oklahoma State – 17

*Osu – starting to move the ball well, keeping it on the ground. punt. FSU with a 3 and out of their own and punt the ball back to Osu.

*Osu – QB draw play gives the Cowboys a TOUCH DOWN – (7 plays covers 75 yards) taking the score back to a 3 point difference. FSU – 27 and Osu – 23.

*FSU – FLAG – false start. 3rd and 26 and the punting unit comes on.

*Osu – FLAG for intentional grounding. makes it 2nd and 24. Can not convert and punt. fumbled punt and FSU have the ball inside the 50 with 7 minutes left. FLAG – Holding on the offense. 3rd and 19 but does not get enough to keep the drive going. ON 4th and 6 a field goal attempt – 37  yard attempt is good, upping the score to FSU – 30 and Osu – 23.

*Osu – everything is falling apart and a fumble turns over the ball, thanks to the defense. *FSU with the ball back, A 50 yard reception give FSU another TOUCH DOWN and all but cements the win, 37 to 24 in Florida State’s favor.

*Osu – running the clock well and eating up large amounts of real estate, TOUCH DOWN (7 plays covering 39 yards) FLAG – False start on the offense. Point after takes it back to a 6 point game. 1:55 left int he game FSU – 37 and Oklahoma State – 31.

*Fsu – 4th and 4, with 0:31 left on the clock, FLAG – Delay of game and the clock runs out.

*Florida State 37 and Oklahoma State – 31

*FSU – I think has discovered it is not going to be as easy as they think it will be defending their National Championship Title. It was my very first look at Oklahoma State and I think they will come good in time, lots of little things that should fix themselves over the season.




College Football – BSU and Ole Miss

IMG_0018Morning All,

It’s a new era in College Football with the new system for the playoffs for the National Championship starting tonight.

The first game of the season for Boise State against Ole Miss(ranked 18). The game is played at the Georgia Dome. BSU is wearing, orange pants, with white Jerseys and Orange helmets

*First Half

BSU takes the ball for the first series of the game, Grant Hedrick at the helm for BSU this year.

On 4th and 1 the first punt of the game, Ole Miss with the ball for their first series, No return on the punt. 12:52

*Ole Miss – 2 Flags for false start make it 1st and 20. FLAG – late hit out of bounds, makes it first and ten. Bo Wallace at the helm for Ole Miss. 4th and 2, Ole Miss will punt, BSU will start on their own 11 yard line.

*BSU – Jake Row on the end of a 19 yard pick up. FLAG – Off side on the Defense gives BSU the first down. 4th and 12 punting it away. 7:40

*Ole Miss – First pass of the series is picked off,(Ioane for BSU) 7:33

*BSU – with the ball on the 46. FLAG – Delay of game on the offense. Ajayi with a major carry in to Ole Miss terrority. FLAG – Targeting, after the review the Ole Miss player is ejected from the game. 6:25. 1 and goal –  Fumble (under review – BSU keeps the ball) Picked off in the end zone. 4:23

*Ole Miss – FLAG – False start on the offense. Miss is running a no huddle offense. FLAG – False start on the offense. Another false start flag, this one is #5. 3rd and 21 becomes 4th and 1, decide to go for it, FLAG – unsportsmanlike conduct on BSU,series still alive. Forward progress is under review, play stands. TOUCHDOWN 0:57 with the point after it is Ole Miss – 7 and BSU – 0 (9 plays covering 80 yards)

*BSU – on a QB keeper Hedrick got the needed yardage to keep the series alive. Picked off by Ole Miss 14:23 (second quarter)

*Ole Miss was picked off by BSU at the 13:14 of the second quarter

*BSU – 4th and goal, have taken a FLAG – delay of game. talking over options. Field Goal attempt at 21 yards and it is good. at the 7:58 mark of the second quarter it is Ole Miss 7 and BSU 3

*Ole Miss –  will start on their own 20. 4th and 7 will punt, the ball is downed on the 12 yard line.(ole miss punter from Melbourne, Australia)

*BSU is picked off in the third ball of the series. *Ole Miss 5:39 another False Start flag. On 3rd and 17 BSU picks off Ole Miss in the end zone. 4:45 BSU with the ball back, punting on 4th and 1 – FLAG – Illegal block in the back on the return team gives Ole Miss the ball – FLAG – False start half the distance to the goal. Ole Miss punts the ball and BSU will start on their own 6 yard line. BSU takes a knee and that closes the first half of play with Ole Miss in the lead by a score of 7 to 3 over BSU.

**SECOND HALF – BSU kicking off

*Ole Miss – QB sacked on the first play of the series. FLAG – Offside on the Defense. 4th and 1 going for it, the BSU defense holds and get the ball back.

*BSU – FLAG – offside on the defense, 1 and 10 – going for it on 4th and 3, FLAG – delay of game. Punted the ball away 4:35 of the third quarter

*Ole Miss – 4th and 17 will punt the ball, BSU starting on the 31 yard line.

*BSU – 4th and 8 going for a field goal 43 yard attempt is GOOD.1:02 left and it is  Ole Miss – 7 and BSU – 6

*Ole Miss – starting on the 25 yard line, FLAG – holding on the offense. FLAG (14:01 fourth quarter).Pass Interference on Defense, FLAG – false start. Wallace is sacked to make it 2nd and 20. FLAG – offside on the defense. 12:26 TOUCHDOWN. with the extra point, Ole Miss takes their lead to 14 to 6.

*BSU – FLAG – holding on the return. FLAG – False start on the offense. Picked off by Ole Miss. 4th interception of the night thrown by Hedrick.

*Ole Miss – TOUCHDOWN 10:05 of the 4th quarter, with the extra point Ole Miss extends their lead to 21 to 6.

*BSU – FLAG – defense pass interference, QB sack forced a 4th down and punting the ball away. Ole Miss with the ball on the 22 yard line. TIME OUT. on a 76 yard run it’s another TOUCHDOWN, taking the score to 28 and 6 in Ole Miss favor.

*BSU with the ball again after the touchdown at the 7:20 mark of the 4th quarter. Previous play under review – Pass complete at the 24 yard line. (6:03  time) Call reversed, 3rd and 6 at the 40 yard line. going for it on 4th and 2 – get enough yardage to keep the drive alive. 4:26 of the fourth quarter the Broncos finally get in the end zone. With the extra point the score is Ole Miss 28 and BSU – 13 (4:26 in the fourth)

*Ole Miss – BSU time out – TOUCHDOWN – (2:50 left in the game) with the extra point its, 35 to 13 in favor of Ole Miss.

*BSU – Hedrick sacked for a loss, Sacked again for a 4th down and 28. Went for it on 4th and 28 but fell short. with 0:54 left on the clock, Ole Miss will take over, take a knee to protect the lead and run out the clock for the win.

**FINAL – Ole Miss – 35 and Boise State – 13

**Ole Miss – too many delay of game penalties.

**Boise State – the inexperience of the quarterback and his decision-making.










Spring is Finally Here

20140822_214419We are finally having fresh wonderful days here in Adelaide. It has been a long winter with many days very hard to deal with.

Menopause starting has really did a number on me and I am still getting my head around what is going on body, mind and soul. For me its a time of soul-searching, doubt and reflection. As much as I hate what my body is doing to me now its just Mother Nature doing what it is supposed to. Just the journey to the other side is hell. Self doubt is a biggie for me on this journey, the “WHY ME” kind of thing. I am exploring ways of making things as easy as possible and as natural as I can.

Someone told me that it is a time to embrace the change and all, that is what I have started to do. I can’t change what is happening but it’s time to embrace it and re-invent myself to a point. Is there any reason I can’t freshen up my look and take better care of myself.  Is that part of the key to getting through all this without driving everyone crazy?

The warmer sunny days are really helping me to want to get out and walk. I have 20 kilos to go for my goal and I am thinking that maybe I need to be out walking a little more. See if I can finally make that goal. There is still a pair of leather pants with my name on them.

I recently had photos taken and I love them, with a professional photographer. It was great to be spoiled and have my make-up and Hair done. I had more people who looked at the pictures and could not believe it was me. I went out the other day with Pj and I actually wanted to put make-up on. and take care of my hair. I got into a mode for the longest time that I was hiding in my sweatshirts and shorts.

I look pretty good and as Pj says, even scrub up nice. I liked how I looked in the pictures and I want to look that way again, might take a little work but I want to look the best I can and feel the best I can.

I take time in the evenings for me, work on a project that I want to do. During the day it is my work time. Yes, I know sounds funny but I do keep office hours. It works for me and I will continue to do it. At then end of the day when the sun goes down, take care of yourself. There is nothing more you can do about the days events. Get some sleep and start fresh tomorrow

Anyway, I hope this made some sense, just take some time to get out there and enjoy your day.

It’s not a bad idea to reinvent yourself, you might actually find something new about yourself, and it is OK to share it with the world.

You just might inspire someone else.



Battle Depression – We all do

After reading some of the stupid and utter mind-boggling comments about Robin Williams passing and his battle with depression it’s completely beyond reasoning how some people have NO CLUE what it is like losing a parent and in the way that Robin has left us. I refuse to give credit to all the idiots out there who think that being a troll is worth it. YOU have no clue the damage you cause, especially during this time.

Why did I just vent that, So I can talk to  you about this: I battle Depression. There, I said it and I am not ashamed to tell you. It has been a life long battle and I have worked hard to get back up and not let that “Black Dog” take hold and win. There are good days and bad but then you just figure out how to get through the next five minutes, then the next hour and before too long you made it through the day. You go to bed and then get up and do it all again.

Life events will set you back. Losing Parents, close family. Close friends who have been your anchor up and move. I never told anyone but the wonderful person who taught me so much, I was a mess when he passed away. I have taken what he taught me and I share it with anyone I can, I never got to tell him how much he changed my life for the better. He has no idea how his teaching has gotten me through some really crappy times.

We need to talk about depression MORE, make sure that it is not a taboo subject any more. Sure its something you cant actually see but it is there and its real. I have friends who have had Postpartum Depression, I have a Sorority Sister who recently lost her Dad, I am not there with her but I can check on her, make sure that she knows that I am there along with her other sisters if she needs us for anything. The only thing I can do is to listen, that is the biggest thing that any of us need or want at times, is to just be heard.

The one thing that gets me the most is when people say, OK just snap out of it or just get over it. It is not that simple. Thanks to a Google the definition of depression is severe, typically prolonged, feelings of despondency and dejection. Getting bullied or trolled on social media is the worse things that can happen. There is no place for negativity in any of this, and I do the best I can to keep a safe Twitter feed and for my Sisters a safe place to share and for them to know that they will be heard.

I will be the first to say I do not understand the loss of a child, or a spouse in any way. It really gets me when people say they understand then I know they don’t. It is human nature to make that response but just stop and think for a change if you were in their shoes, how would you feel if they said the same thing to you.

I know this might not make a lot of sense, guess what I am trying to get you to be more aware of friends and family that might be going through a hard time, ask them if they are OK and really be interested in what they have to say.  Find something positive to help them focus on, be there during the holidays when times are tough and help them find a special way to honor that person they are missing.

Gary taught me that when the sun is rising, God gives you what you can handle for the day. When the sun goes down you cant worry about it any more, its done for the day. Take care of yourself in the evening and try to rest. Get up and go at it again tomorrow. At some point you might start to see that the grass is a little greener and the sky is a little more blue.

We can do this together if we just start by talking, and really listening. You never know who you might help.  We are one question here in Australia



Oh Captain, My Captain

IMG_643230269124007The world has been rocked by the news of the passing of Robin Williams.

Pj and I have been stunned by the news and so have my friends on Facebook and twitter.  Everyone has been touched by this wonderful man who made everyone laugh. Who made us all stop and think and search our souls.

His movie choices are mind-blowing, from the Genie in Aladdin, his Oscar-winning performance in Good Will Hunting, the Professor in Dead Poet’s society.

Behind the scenes was a different man, who struggled with Alcohol abuse and sever depression. Now, that brings a whole new set of questions today. “Why Robin?” is the biggest question. Something I myself and  a lot of people are asking today, how can a wonderful man feel that life is so devastating that taking his own life was the only way. Something was wrong that no one saw, for some reason he was just not able to ask.

Out walking today, my thoughts kept drifting back to asking lots of questions that wont have answers. I have lost other friends to suicide and its the same questions. What did I miss, If only I could have helped in some way, maybe they would still be here today. It is questions that will never have answers but we have to find a way to work through this time, counting on others as we feel we need help.

Today, I made a point to ask everyone if they were OK. I checked on my Sorority Sisters and I was glad I did. We are all devastated by this news. It was good to know, that everyone has checked in. I will leave a note on my Facebook page asking the same. Losing someone who has touched your life in a way you never realized really gives a wake up call, it has even made me realize that my I am lucky in my battle with depression, the worse I have felt is to run and hide from the word. Thank God that I have had wonderful friends and family along the way that have noticed when things were not quiet right and have spoken up and helped me when I was too ashamed to ask.

Looking at Robin’s body of work is a little like looking at my life. Remembering laughing for hours during Mork and Mindy. I can remember watching Dead Poet’s Society in the cinema, everyone in tears at the end of the movie and applauding when it was over. Good Will Hunting was truly worthy of the Oscar, I remember when he won. When he did ” What dreams May Come” I felt it was the stand out piece of his work. If you have not seen it, grab the tissues, it is a soul-searching journey that will change how you look at those who have touched your life.

I could go on and on here but I just wanted to try to put into words how a lot of us are feeling tonight.

If you think that things are not looking great, take a page from Robin and stand on a chair, The view might give you the answer your looking for.