Monday Night Raw from Washington D.C

Well, its going to be an interesting show, opening as usual with Seth Rollins running off about how it’s all about him and now its brag time. I can see where this is going, it’s “I’m so damn good because I beat the crap out of Brock.” (ratings must be bad if they have put The Authority back together. (Jamie Noble with 3 broken ribs). Seth telling the crowd to stand up and show The Authority some respect. OK, you all know by now how I feel about this crap so lets move on. Talk about arse kissing, I have not even had breakfast and this is making me ill.

*Big Show and Mark Henry are the first match of the night. Hope they reinforced the ring. Ryback has turned up at the end of The Big Show match, The Miz has been at ring side during all of this and Ryback wants his match with him now, not later. Ryback now beating the snot out of Miz.

*Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns in a No Disqualification match with Kane and Seth. To be honest I am not really sure about this one and the reasons behind. Unless it is to get at Dean on Kane’s behalf. Roman’s worry is Ray Wyatt and will he show up to cause issues for Roman during the match.

*Diva Match – Paige against Alicia Fox. So, basically it is 3 on 1 tonight. I really wish they would do more with the ladies, there is some great talent there and it is sad that this is what they can come up with. Paige tried asking for help but when the Bella’s named dropped Stephanie, the room cleared.

*John Cena USA open challenge – just wondering if the winy brat Kevin Owens will stick his nose in per usual. well kids, guess who just showed up and my telly is on mute. Kevin Owens interfered once again. It is time for the bastard Owens to have the utter SHIT knocked out of him.

*8 man tag team – its interesting to say the least. Prime time players, New Day, Bo Dallas.

*Dolph and Lana go public. I like Lana with her hair down and having the giggles. I am glad to see this story line change. She is a stunning beautiful woman. Here comes Rusev, now with Summer Rae at his side,trash talking Lana per usual. Let’s just say that Lana is going to be a force to be reckoned with.

*Neville is heading to the ring against Sheamus. I really like Neville, he would be a good cruiser weight Champion. With this match it is Sheamus strength against Neville’s speed and high-flying. Damn, what a shot by Neville,Muscle over flight wins this one.

*King Barrett gave a royal decree that all future opponents would bow down to him and Jack Swaggert told him to get stuffed.

*Main Event time – Roman and Dean against Seth and Kane but I bet J and J Security will have a hand in it. It is kind of hard to share with you much about the match as you all know how out of hand a no d q match can get. Dean tried to bring in a table but J and J put a stop to that. Well, guess who showed up, Ray Wyatt…I still have no clue why this story line. Yes it is a No Dq but this is crap. I want it to be just the 4 but I just don’t get it unless its setting for  Summer slam. Should of seen this coming when Wyatt showed it. Someone needs a arse kicked and I cant wait for Seth to get it. Now it is just to destroy Dean, Seth thinks he is so damn good. Well, he’s not. they are still trying to beat Roman down even further. The crowd is starting to boo. They wonder why Monday nights ratings are sagging, well this it.  Go on and BOO the dickheads. Seth screams this is what being the champ is all out. Now Ray Wyatt, Christ sake enough already.



Monday Raw in Indianapolis


with the WWE Network you have access tot he pre show. 2 of tonight’s matches are Roman Reigns against Sheamus and Ryback faces Mark Henry. Both matches will be interesting. The panel brought up a good angel, what happened with the suspension and all of that. Who is your pick to take the title at Battle Ground?

We have moved over to RAW and who but Paul and Brock to walk out. One of the things he has to do was to apologize to John BL and to Micheal Cole, which he did and he is allowed to return.

Here comes Dean Ambrose up against Kane. This is all about Kane beating the crap out of Dean for all the sh*t he has caused. Seth has suddenly appeared to distract Kane but what is it in for Seth?

Tag Team champs the Prime Time Players in a non title match against The Ascension. The New Day is watching in the back, and not liking what they see. Prime time will defend against New Day at Battle Ground.

Sheamus on the way to the ring for his match against Roman Reigns. I would put good money on the fact that Ray Wyatt will stick his nose in this match. That was a hell of a cloth line.I don’t know about you but the story line with Roman and Wyatt, using Roman’s daughter so to speak as bait is going a little too far. I hope this changes, or is toned back a little. Ray has gotten in Roman’s head and anything can happen until Battle Ground.

*Seth and J and J Security – as Seth trying to suck up and make things right again. Seth is scared shitless and he knows that he needs helps.

*time for some high-flying with Neville – against Kofi Kingston. Neville has found himself in a 3 on one spot but the Prime Time Players have some to the aid of Neville. The Ref just sent the other 2 members of The New Day back to the locker room. “Red Arrow” Nuff said.

*John Cena addressing the crowd. John is going to give it another go. He knows that it may be a fight that he can’t win. Guess who just walked out? Holy shit, John Cena multilingual. It is on at Battleground, John Cena and Kevin Owens for the United States title.

*Ryback against Mark Henry – At Battle Ground, it is a triple threat match for the Intercontinental belt  with The Miz, Ryback and The Big Show.

*Adam Rose and Dolph – It is great to see how they have taken this story line. For me it just was not working. Rusev saying he owned Lana, It is nice to see Lana be more relaxed and natural.

*Seth is being the better man and apologizing to Kane and to J and J Security. Still no answer and Brock walks out with Paul Heyman. Almost back to how things started at the beginning of the show. Seth’s apology you almost thought that it would not happen and now, well , lets just say it has gotten very interesting.


*NEWS IN MY TWITTER FEED – Tyson Kidd to have surgery this week

Sunday Thoughts and Story Lines

I had a look at Smack down and NXT this past week and it got me thinking about story lines and where things might be headed.

*Ryback and the Intercontinental belt –  Right now the Big Show has decided that is the titles he wants. Is it Authority angle or is this one heading for Summer Slam.

*Diva’s – now they are starting the Bella’s against Paige. No clue how this one will work. I saw an article from Jim Ross that the Diva’s need some help and I do agree with him. The “Us” against “Her” I am not sure is going to work. Yes, I agree that the Bella’s have had it their way for too long but maybe it is time for some new blood. It just might be time for someone from NXT to arrive and turn the Diva division on its head.

*Roman Reigns and Ray Wyatt – As I have tweeted, Wyatt scares me more than Freddie Kruger. I have no clue about this one, good vs evil or holding Roman back a bit. Only time will tell on this one.

*Tag Team Belts – this one is wide open and anything can happen. I was glad to see the Prime Time Players beat New Day. From here, anyone care to place a bet?

*John Cena and Kevin Owens – My distaste for Kevin Owens is growing by the day. In an interview with Micheal Cole, Kevin Owens showed how angry and bitter that he is. He has a big chip on his shoulder and he will stop at nothing to rid the WWE of John Cena and (in my view) injury him permanently . John is dealing with back contusions and muscle issues thanks to Owens power bombing him on the corner of the stage. Owens even power bombed the guest singer on Monday night Raw. There was NO excuse for this and all he could say was that He got carried away.(that answer is just full of crap). I want to know if Owens has really paid his dues and has he really done the work to be given this opportunity? So what , he is NXT champion, has he been through all the battles and health challenges that John has? Owens has one other problem that has arrived in the NXT and his name is Samoa Joe.

*Seth Rollins and Brock Lesnar – This is going to be a good one. Seth has no one but himself now to get the job done. I had heard rumors that this will build until Summer  Slam and all hell will break lose then. Battleground is in roughly 4 weeks and I think that will be the start. This could go anywhere, remember that Brock was NEVER pinned to lose the belt in the first place, Seth cashed in the Money in the Bank and pinned Roman. (that was a smart move. I saw in a post interview that it was not planned, Seth was watching from back stage)

*WWE Network – I am so glad I now have the channel. It is really interesting to watch some of the old matches and all. I have been watching some of the pod cast and they are really interesting. I have learned a lot about wrestling and how things work a behind the scenes. Stone Cold and Paul Heyman is a scream about some of the stories that he told.

Have a good weekend


Monday Night Raw – Cleveland

Morning kids,

Well, it is fall out day from Money in the bank so let’s get to it

With the sound turned down at the moment, Seth Rollins is going on and on about how good he is and all. I do have to admit, it was a hell of a match and I have to give the respect. Dean Ambrose and Seth both  credit for giving each other one hell of a beating. Now he is BRAGGING and going on and on about how good he is and he just insulted Johnny Manziel and LeBron that they will never bring a title to Cleveland. Guess who just walked out, I am amazed that he can even walk after that.

*Dean Ambrose against Sheamus – Steph and Triple H sent Sheamus out to beat up Dean but when Sheamus had, had enough and decided to leave, Well…Randy Orton decided he needed to go back to the ring. Ambrose with the win thanks to Randy.

*Seth had a chat with J and J Security – Seth said he was willing to bring them back on board but they basically told him to get stuffed. It was not the matter IF Seth would lose the belt but when.

*R Truth and King Barrett – Truth is good for some shits and giggles here but Barrett is the bigger of the two. Truth stole a win, which I must admit was a hoot but Barrett is even funnier when he is pissed.

*Kevin Owens has shown up to brag about his match from the pay per view with John Cena and I refuse to give him no time. It is actually on fast forward. Dolph took his challenge offer up and it was not pretty. Owens is a good one to hate because of the attitude. Let’s see Kevin’s attitude after he meets Samoa Joe. Michael Cole described Owens as a “Self centered, pathetic human”

*Diva’s – They actually need a better storyline for starters. The Bella Twins being stuck up bitches doing Twin Magic whenever they want to keep the belt, and only Paige is doing all she can to stand up to them but she is having to go it alone. I like the Divas but since AJ left it feels like they are stuck.

*Randy Orton and Kane – this is a no love loss match. I am still not sure why Kane is back in the ring, is it storyline related or is their injury issues that we don’t know about. I can’t see this one going anywhere but stranger things have happened.

*The Big Show, The Miz and Ryback – This is interesting to say the least. The Miz is always pissing off people who are bigger and meaner than The Miz. I will admit that to keep fresh in this business he has reinvented himself to stay around. He does play the annoying little shit, who you can’t help but laugh at. Cheeky little bugger got back in the ring before the 10 count while the Big Show was too busy getting into Ryback’s face.

*Roman – He will meet Ray Wyatt at Battleground. I do not blame Roman for being pissed as hell. He has the briefcase in his hand and Wyatt literally stole it from him. Oh how I hate Wyatt, as I have said on Twitter, he scares me more than Freddie Kruger.

* Triple H and Stephanie are out to announce Seth Rollins next opponent. Here comes Seth, grinning from ear to ear. Triple H has said it won’t be Kane or J and J Security. Triple H is talking about looking at their investment and seeing if it’s really worth it all, will Seth crumble under the pressure or will he become the diamond. You will never guess who just walked out, Seth looks like he has seen a ghost. I do not know who I dislike more Seth or Brock Lesnar(remember that Brock was suspended after Wrestlemania 30). I am wondering if this storyline will make its way to Summerslam. Everyone has cleared the ring but Brock and Seth, just a reminder that Brock was never pinned to lose the belt to start with. They will meet at Battleground in 5 weeks time.




Money in the Bank – Columbus,Ohio

I just got a subscription to WWE Network and we have “Money in the Bank” LIVE. I will try not to spoil too much, for those of you who have not had a chance to see it.

Lets go to Lillian

*Money in the Bank Ladder match – This is going to be anyone’s match tonight. It is a tough field.  Randy Orton, Neville, Kane, Dolph (with Lana at his side). Sheamus, Kofi Kingston, and Roman Reigns is last to enter. Right now its, lets beat everyone to a pulp. Roman gets the tick for using the first human into a ladder, Kofi went flying and Neville on top of him. Randy is RKO everyone all over the place. Heading to the top is Randy with one hand on the case, Dolph and Sheamus smacking each other around at the top of the ladder. Just out of reach of both. Roman flew and took everyone out but New Day has shown up and helping Kofi to win the briefcase. HOLY SHIT Ray Wyatt just showed up and ruined Roman from getting the case. Thanks to Ray Wyatt, Sheamus is Mr.Money in the Bank. I feel sorry for Roman, so close and one again he gets screwed.

*Diva’s Challenge – I am a Paige fan and I really hope she can take the belt. Even Hubby is a Paige fan. Nikki being a bitch showing off in the ring. It is a really good match tonight. At this point it is anyones call. Paige had beaten who she thought was Nikki but it was actually BREE. Now Nikki has come out and beaten Paige. This has turned into a bloody JOKE.

*The MIZ has walked out, trashing Columbus which you do not do. Miz is bragging about how he should be the one with the belt NOT Ryback.

*Intercontinental Belt – JoJo has taken over announce duties. The Big Show has entered the ring. Ryback lives to fight another day thanks to The Miz, big Show wins on a DQ but Ryback keeps the belt.

*Rematch of John Cena and Kevin Owens – been dreading this match all morning. I so dislike Kevin Owens I cant even begin to tell you. I honestly can’t see the purpose of this story line, unless it is how they are bringing Owens into the WWE full-time. It will take everything both of the men have to find a winner in this match. I will agree with the crowd that this is an awesome match. John needs to win this match to knock him off his “Holier than thou” perch. It is so loud in the Nationwide Arena it is so hard to hear the announcers. I will not share who won because you need to see this one.

*A celebration of Dusty Rhodes – Godspeed my friend.

*Tag Team Belts – The New Day out running off at the mouth, complaining that Kofi got robbed but trashing the Buckeyes which you don’t do. This match was all over the place but I will tell you, no more clapping.

*First Match for Battle Ground – Roman Reigns against Ray Wyatt.

*Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose for the WWE belt. Lillian back to announce the final match. Dean is in the ring waiting for Seth. This is an even match in a lot of ways but my pick is Dean, lets see if the Authority and J and J Security can really stay away. Dean just flipped Seth onto the ladder in the corner. It is all the talk of who built up who, there is no love loss between these two. I have no clue how Dean has taken the beating that Seth has given him and he still managed to get off the turnbuckle and push the ladder to stop Seth from getting the belt for now. There have been TWO amazing matches today. NO matter what happens this has been great. I do not know how it ended the way it did but DAMN. I have to give it to Seth, he did stand up and took a beating from Dean. I am still a Dean fan.




WWE Raw from New Orleans

Morning all, today’s show has started with a bang so let’s get to business.

*John Cena opens the show, talking about sunday’s pay per view, Money in the Bank. (on smack down on Friday Kane is the final entrant in the main event. ) Guess who just showed up, Kevin Owens. Yea, I guess this storyline is OK but Owens just bloody arrogant, John can walk, the walk and can back it up. Owens has taken it upon himself to end John’s career once and for all. It should be John winning the match at the pay per view. Neville has walked out and told Kevin Owens that he is a dick and wants the NXT belt back. John is moving to the announce table.

*Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins – I really want Dean to win again but how will The Authority play their part. Seth swears that he does not need anyone to do it, and Dean excels at ladder matches. Seth is now sucking up to Steph and Triple H but told them he doesn’t need J and J and Kane. Triple H is letting him pic his opponent for tonight.

*Diva’s division – The division is starting to fall apart, the Bella’s pulled to Twin Magic. My view, Nikki Bella needs knocked off her high horse and I think Paige is the one to do it.

*Roman Reigns – his three match win to keep him spot in Money in the Bank. The Authority threw everything but the kitchen sink for helping Ambrose. I really have no clue how he found the place to make it through all that. Roman in the ring chatting about Sunday and out walks Kane. Kane is running his mouth about how he is in the match on Sunday to protect The Authority’s interest. LOL – R Truth ( that was funny) What Kane keeps trying to say is that the wrestlers who are taking part in the main event will be in singles against each other tonight.

*Money in the Bank Singles – Sheamus and Randy Orton. Dolph and Kane are now beating each other to a pulp. Dolph and Kane both have previous Money in the Bank matches. Rusev shows up to harass Lana and she ends up stepping off the stage wrong. ( I am not liking this storyline at all, Rusev standing there laughing at her)

*Can someone please explain to me what The Miz is and why is he still around. The Big Show and Ryback.

*Tag Team Action — New Day Sucks. That is all. Roman Reigns against Kofi Kingston in singles action. That was great timing by Roman to get Kofi and win the match,

*Main Event – Seth Rollins against J and J Security. Seth was told by The Authority to pick whoever he wanted. FYI” Dean Ambrose is sitting at ringside. J and J had the balls to say that Seth was nothing without them.  Kane has come to the ring with J and J.  Thanks to Dean Ambrose, J and J security BEAT Seth. Dean gave back the best but he still lost. Thank you Dirty Deeds and the best is back with Dean.


Friday WWE Action

Sorry for the late post as I was away when Raw aired here in Australia and today I am playing catch up.

Most of today was post Elimination Chamber mini events as I will call them.

*Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins – after making sure the Ref got knocked out and by DQ Seth Rollins managed to hold on to the win BUT, guess who took the belt. I see his point, he actually won the match so it is his belt. Boy are The Authority pissed and I am loving it. Love seeing Triple H throw a temper tanny as we call it here in Oz. Roman has shown up and got that shit eating grin on his face. Seth has a screaming fit which in a way is about time. He is always listening to everyone else, being the good boy, but this time, Seth got in Romans face and accepted the rematch, telling everyone that he would do this by himself that he needed no ones help. To keep his spot in the Money in the Bank, Roman must win his match tonight.

*Roman Reigns first match is King Barrett. Roman has the better strength but Barrett is full of attitude and since winning The King of the Ring, he has a new snobby air about him. Roman’s next match is against Mark Henry. Roman wins by count out. Roman’s final match is against Ray Wyatt who scares me more than Freddie Kruger. Roman is dealing with an eye that was raked by Barrett in the first match and everyone seems to keeping it going. I have no idea where Roman is getting the strength to keep kicking out. Here comes Seth, Kane and J and J to make sure that Roman does not win. Roman wins with a nasty spear.

*Nikki Bella – must defend the belt against Page but what was not caught til the end of she and her twin Brie kept swapping out, pay attention to the times she rolls out of the ring.

*Ryback – It is great to see him with the best, but it gets spoiled by the return of The Big Show. Ryback’s original match was against The Miz(who thinks he is the best at everything.)

*Kevin Owens and John Cena – Kevin showed up to boast about beating John but he was pissed that his Son ask how John was. John was in the house and set him straight, about a lot of issues. I love the kid that held up the sign that said I am beating Cancer. John told him that is the reason why he does what he does. John told him at Money in the Bank that he WILL win.

*Randy Orton – I was never a fan of his till he beat the crap out of Seth Rollins. I was actually glad he paid him back. He is going up against Sheamus.Sheamus wins by a DQ and still not giving up.

*Rusev has a broken foot and not cleared to wrestle at this time. No clue when we will return.

*Bo Dallas – according to him , he tried to help Neville but he really hurt him. Overflow from their NXT.