Monday Night Raw

Testing the waters here to see if there is an audience for Monday Night Raw overviews. My opinions are expressed here.

Tonight’s post Payback, and how Seth Rollins managed to keep the bloody belt is beyond me but we can thank Kane for the assistance.  Triple H and Stephanie showed up spouting all things nasty and managed to put down Daniel Bryan for doing something that a lot of fans were sad about but also completely admired him for. We wish him the best, and hope that he can recover and make some sort of return.

The first match of the night was Ryback and Sheamus, with Sheamus winning thanks to another cheap shot. Both men will take part in the Elimination Chamber for the Intercontinental Championship. The other 4 competitors will be named later in the show. R – Truth, King Barrett and Rusev have been named to enter the chamber

I am loving Dean Ambrose and how out there he is. He can kick your arse one minute and have you laughing the next. Dean just went around with Kane and calling him Seth’s lap dog.

Neville in a rematch with King Barrett. I really like this guy. He has come from NXT. He is scrappy but has a lot of heart. Who should show up and ruin the moment but Bo Dallas. Neville defeated Bo Dallas to start his long run of the NXT champion.

John Cena was in one hell of an “I Quit” match at payback and who knew when it would end. It was Rusev who in some language according to Lana uttered the words giving John the win. Rusev is a good wrestler don’t get me wrong but the storyline is getting to be a big much. Lose the story line and reinvent Rusev. I like Lana,  but she needs to get the reindeer antlers out of her arse. Once again Rusev humiliates Lana in front of the RAW fans.

Dean Ambrose match with Ray Wyatt(the man scares the crap out of me)  was going along well until J and J Security were sent to the ring to interfere and make sure that Dean lost.  How long before J and J have outlived their useful need and get beaten out of the WWE.

Tag Team Titles will be defended at Elimination Chamber. Kid and Cesaro against 2 members of New Day. Woods of New Day has been banned at right side due to his actions at Payback.

John Cena on scene to defend the United States belt in his continued open challenge. LOve John’s passion and defending the title each week. Unlike Brock Lesnar who sat with the title for almost a year not once defending the title. John has issued the challenge for tonight and here comes Kevin Owens from NXT, who currently holds the NXT title. Let’s talk about disrespect and being so stuck up yourself.

Dolph just finished his match and out walked Lana, well, we got lip locking going on. WTG Lana, I wont tell you who she just slapped but the place went nuts. I will leave this one for you to look up.

I smell a rat in the Diva’s Championship defense as Nikki Bella defends the belt but with Steph’s so call concern for Brie Bella and her mental state over Daniel Bryan . It was not Brie that came to Nikki’s rescue but Paige, the TRUE #1 challenger for the title.

Celebrating the fact that Kane saved his bacon(Seth) because its good for business I am actually watching Raw with the sound down, because I don’t want to lose my breakfast. Dean Ambrose has shown up to spoil things, Seth refusing to give Dean a rematch for the title, ” Go to the Back of the line” is all he could say. Look this one up kids.

Being Grateful

The last couple of weeks have been an emotional rollercoaster to say the least. Not only events around Australia but in the USA that really shook me a bit.

I actually broke and allowed myself to be vulnerable for survival, and it got me to examine a few things.

Most of Australia will know about Andrew and Myuran and how the story ended. Being raised in the USA, I never really had to deal with the death penalty and the fall out of things. What everyone seems to forget is all of the good work the boys did in the jail. How the space that they created, if you wanted to enter you had to take a drug test and IF you failed you were not allowed to enter. We have no clue how many people that they helped. I really hope that those left behind will carry on the work they started.

What rocked me to the core was hearing about that night and how the boys looked after everyone til the end. They sang hymns, Andrew took a roll call and NO ONE was wearing a blind fold. Amazing Grace is my favorite hymn and I it will never be the same when I hear it as my thoughts will be of that fateful night. I went on to bed, I just could not wait for what I knew was coming, Phil kept watch for us and came to bed when the news arrived. (I cant see the screen for the tears, the emotions are still raw)

The boys have arrived home so they can be finally laid to rest.

It was so hard to find any positive out of this terrible event but I did come to realize how blessed that I am. How focused how we become in life that we miss the little things or just miss those special things period that we need to see.

A Lot of you know that I blog the Chicago White Sox Baseball Team, I have had days off from rain, cold, flood but never due to riots that took place in Baltimore. I was kind of at a loss as to what to do but it was a good reminder that I live in a safe place, that if something happens at times, stupidity takes a back seat to common sense. I was not completely sure as to why it all broke out until a couple of days later when all the charges against the cops were announced. Sure, I was disappointed that they lost the game they played, I was more happy that they were out of there and safe.

This past Saturday the news of Princess Charlotte’s birth arrived and it was great to finally have some good news. For a few hours everything was OK in the world. Finally some happiness to put a smile on faces.

All of this has made me take a little stock on those things and people in my life and to see that I need to practice being grateful a little more than I do. I have a great partner, two wonderful daughters and super grandkids. My Sorority Sisters are truly amazing, My church family give me strength and amazing support when times are tough. I live in an amazing country and my home country is a little messed up but its still home to me. Thanks Ron, for your use of waffles and a fanny slap when I need it. (hehe)

So, Heres the question – When is the last time you stopped and gave thanks?


Wrestlemanina XXX


Yes, OK, I admit it, I am a fan

Over the years watching off and on, watching with my girls. I remember Halk Hogan and Macho Man. I remember the NWO and the Monday night wars. Since we had Foxtel again I started watching and becoming a fan again. Times have changed and there are many new faces to learn to dislike and to find that one person you really like.

As we are on a budget I waiting til today to get the event as I knew the cost, it was an anniversary and I wanted to be able to have the “Where were you when…” moment, and I have.

*First match of the night was a ladder match for the Intercontinental Championship – Daniel Bryant(who would win the match),  Bad News Barrett, Dolph Ziggler, Stardust (Cody Rhodes), Luke Harper, R Truth, Dean Ambrose. Being from Ohio I have a soft spot for Dean but I was hoping Daniel would pull out the win. After having to give up the heavy weight belt due to injury, Bryant was my pick. It was quiet a battle and when Dean got thrown onto a ladder and it split, which was the end of him. The doctors where right there talking to him as the match went on. Daniel disappeared once in a while but showed up close to the end, which I think is the way to win a match like this. Let everyone beat each other up, then got for it.

*Next on the card was Randy Orton( who would win this match) against Seth Rollins. I must admit, Seth plays a good dirt back, arse kissing pansy in my book, but it would be Randy having the final laugh and payback for the crap that Seth put him through all theses months. It was one hell of a match. Seth did everything possible to end Randy’s career once and for all but it would be Randy coming back and setting Seth up for the final fall.

*Match 3 tonight would see Sting go into battle with Triple H. It would be a dog fight and the only way to win was to pin or submit. With help from friends on both sides it would be a classic match, the NWO with Sting and the members of DX would return to support Triple H. What happened after the match was over, would be one of the best moments of the night. I wont tell you what happened but I respect for both men. (Don’t go for snacks or you will miss it)

*Match 4 would see the ladies take the stage as Paige and A.J Lee take on the Bella Twins. Since I am a bit of a misfit, I cheered for Paige and A.J. The question of the night would be can A.J and Paige put their differences aside and work as a tag team. Only time would tell but I was happy to see the Bella’s have their back sides handed to them on a silver platter.

*Match 5 was one of the battles I was waiting for, John Cena and Rusev. John would have to strike early and fast to have even a chance against him. I really did not like this story like for the lack of respect it should and all. To be honest I am glad this one is over. John looks as if he really studied the video of Rusev’s matches to find that one weakness that would help to bring the title home. Well, the rest as they say is history, Congrats goes out to …………..

*Match 6 took us to the dark side as the Under Taker returned to take on Ray Wyatt. This would be an all out classic Undertaker match. Someone was going to have to make a mistake for the other to take the advantage and win the match. Someone did ” Rest in Peace”

Main Event – Roman Reigns against Brock Lesnar, for the Heavy Weight title. I am a Roman Reigns girl to the end. He has to find a way to make him bleed, to take him down. Brock is Human and Roman needs to find a way to expose it. Just when it seemed like Roman had it, there is a twist that even I did not see this coming. This is one I am defiantly NOT going to spoil but I will tell you this much, it will leave you speechless.






Good bye Footy Park

20150315_134950This past Saturday Phil and I along with many mates of the Crows supporters Group we met on face book, gathered at Footy Park or Aami Stadium to cheer on the Crows against Port in the final football game of the NAB pre season but also to say good-bye to the park.

It was amazing to be there and to feel all the energy, getting to see the boys play for the first time this season. A few of them we met at the Crows Member Day a couple of weeks before. The boys were really nice and have a great sense of humor. Phil and I got to meet Coach Walsh and he was amazing to get to have a chat to.

We missed Tex kicking the first Super Goal, they boys were behind at the first break.  The second quarter, the boys were kicking at our end. It was great to watch them work and cheer them as they kicked goals.

Half time came and we had a good lead. I just took a few minutes to take it all in, the sounds and smells. How I was feeling, it would be the last time we would be there for a game. I remember my first game at Footy Park, it was against North Melbourne. It was all our war it felt like. Wayne Carey was playing for Adelaide.

It was an amazing second half and the Crows won. We stayed til the boys had gone off the field. We cheered loud as they left , a few walked over and acknowledged us and that was great, we were loud and proud.  Proud of our boys.

Phil and I bid our mates a good night and started for home. We stopped at the top of the stairs and took one last look around. I just wanted to capture that moment one last time, that feeling of standing in a place that holds a lot of good times.

I hate the fact that it will be tearing down, making way for apartments. History will be gone soon but we have the pictures, stories we can share with those who were there. Phil and I can say that we were there when the last game was played. That is the real reason I wanted to go, so I could say I was there for the last game. To be a part of that history. We still had a blast, forgetting outside issues for a while, screaming my lungs out til I sounded like Kermit.

Thanks Footy Park for all the great memories, we wont forget you.


Feeling Raw and So Vunerable

The title is exactly how I feel right now.  I am trying to do all I can but I think I am stuck on auto pilot.

Let me fill you in on some issues, and Yes I am being Human here.  That is the one thing I am not afraid of. Feels like some people don’t want me to do that now. I feel like an outsider most of the time. Life is really lonely at times, and trying to put words to feelings does not always come together right.

How I react or what I do to mange things or what I say to some people is never good enough. It is not right or, it is the same crap on a different day, well guess what. This is my life, and it is all I have. I don’t have a real job, I write and design and create the best I can to sell my work. I may never be a famous writer or designer but I love what I do.

I feel so weighted down by frustration that I do not know how to get out from under it. I am trying to ignore how, those make me feel and how it drags me down at times but I just do not know how to let it all go. How do you try to fix something that haunts you like a ghost?

Cancer has reared its ugly head again in my family and this time its my youngest daughter with a rare form of brain cancer. She can live her whole life with this as long as it is managed. Some good news today that things are a little better, which is a positive that  I will take. I can’t go home now to be with her and help with my grand kids, I can only listen to her as she talks about stuff, her marriage and all, about treatment and other life stuff. Love you Sparky and we will do this together.

There is one thing I wish I could do, have a long chat with someone who has been supportive and has let me just write when I need to. He listens, no matter if it makes sense or not and how can I say “Thanks” to him for that.  He has given me great advice in the past and it just hit me, something that he said. It is more simple then I realize at times. Thanks, you have been a blessing and a huge support. One day I will get to meet you in person and tell you.

Here’s the question — How simple is it really to go back to the beginning and just Waffle up?

Checking In

securedownload (4)Morning

Hope everyone is well and getting settled back in a routine after the holidays.

Lots have been going on there and its kept me busy. Have hit a bit of a downer but I am on my way back up and getting a routine going again.

I published my first book and I am thrilled about that. You can find the link to my book on my website

The knitting and crocheting are going well, I have really cut down on projects and even put a few on the shelf for now. Trying to keep it down to no more than 3 projects. I did make a decision to start a mystery afghan and it is interesting to say the least. I am still looking for new patterns to try to have had a few suggestions sent my way which I am looking at with great interest.

Phil and I renewed our wedding vows and I am loving my new ring he got me for my birthday. It is an infinity ring.

The weather here has been hard to handle at times but it’s getting better. We finally got a cool few days and I am hoping to get some house work caught up.

I am still taking a little time to rest up and get some other things done before baseball season starts in April

Take care


A Dream Come True

You know, when you have that one dream and you work what seems like your whole life to make it happen,

Well today that happened. I published my book.


It is not available on Amazon as the time of this posting. The standard they email told me would be 3 to 5 business days. A mate who self published, his book was available in roughly 24 hours.

Thank you for your love and support during this crazy time.