Perigirls are Amazing

20140822_214419OK, so I can see that your asking what Perigirls is all about. So, will do my best to explain.

It is a community of strong, passionate, supportive woman who just plain rock. We all met on Periscope, which is owned by Twitter. It is a live streaming application. I had seen people talking about it in my Twitter feed and so I checked it out.

Now I cant get enough. I love scoping and all but there is a point when it gets too much. It is called trolls, who come in to your scope and do everything possible to disrupt things and make it difficult for you to continue. I have had some really rude, idiots if you want to call them that. They have told me everything from ” You’re an ugly bitch” to “Your boring”.

For those of you who have never seen me, I feel like I am a plain, and I have curves but you don’t get the right to come to my scopes and say mean thing. You don’t get to ask to see my “bobs” or my feet. You do not get the right to tear me down. They can get really mean and nasty, I just do not understand why people are so mean and that hiding behind their keyboard is fun?

The Perigirls have taught me, that I am stunning and strong and I do not have to take crap from anyone.

They help you with idea on what to scope, and give you support. There is always someone to answer your questions and there are so many new girls to meet and make new friends. There are daily scoping suggestions and there is a place to leave your link, so other girls can find you and stop by and leave some love. There are ladies from all over the world there and some I am very proud to call my mates.

THANK YOU Joanne for creating a wonderful and safe place FREE of trolls and to all of those wonderful girls who also look after the community.

To all the wonderful new ladies I have met, I cant wait to catch up with you soon.



Dear Coach Walsh — September 30, 2015

Rob Chapman at the Brownlow medal awards

Rob Chapman at the Brownlow medal awards

Patrick is leaving to go home. It was hard to hear that the staff knew the news but we do understand why they kept the news quiet. I do not think we would have gotten as far as we did if that news had been out. It is sad that he is leaving but I do understand why.

Rod Chapman paid tribute to you on Monday night at the Brownlow The look on Tex face, as Rod talked about you, we could all see how much he still misses you. As they panned around the Adelaide Table, we could see that they still miss you and now, not having football they are really dealing with the feelings that they had put on hold.

To be honest we have all put feelings on hold until now and are starting to deal with things. We had football to keep us going but now it is tough. We are supporting each other during this time. There was a beautiful tribute to you and the AFL got a haunting picture which I will include this letter.

It had been a tough time, I won’t deny that and it is time we finally got a break. The Coaches Association has created a scholarship in your honor and they made sure that Meredith was OK with it.

I wish I had more news to share now. The boys are off on holidays which will be good for them. the National Draft is in November here in Adelaide and I know a few of us are planning to go.

Say Hi to Coach Dean for us and we will stop by again soon.

As Always

The 19th Man

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WWE Monday Night Raw

John Cena has opened the show with an US Open Challenge. The New Day has come out and I am just not sure what is going on, this wont end pretty for New Day. 3 on 1 never ends well and lets hope John can handle this one.

***Story line today — Corporate Kane getting an evaluation from Human Resources. Just as she was about to give her report, Seth comes out and shows a video showing the evil Kane. Seth just used the pedigree on Kane. Seth has just turned MASSIVE heal and I really cant wait for Seth to kick his arse. Seth has managed to piss off Demon Kane

**John Cena/Xavier Woods — Someone needs to shove that trombone where the sun doesn’t shine. The other members of new day were ejected from ring side. I am glad for that one, the numbers game never plays well for the single person. Woods is actually making John work for this one. John got Woods in the finishing hold about to tap out and here comes the rescue party. A rescue party for John showed up in the form of the Dudley Boys.

**John Cena and Dudley Boys/New Day — in prompt to tag team match.

**Big Show/Mark Henry — Big fist get in the way

**Miz TV — With Charlotte and Becky Lynch. Team Bella has shown up and Nikki is bragging about its all about her. We got bodies flying everywhere.

**6 Diva tag team — Team PCB/Team Bella — Let’s see how well, Paige, Charlotte and Becky can work together?

**Bray Wyatt/Roman Reigns — It is Bray and Roman on their own. Roman says that it finishes tonight. Bray went the family back to the locker room. The match is called thanks to a double count out. They are Still beating the crap out of each other.

**Stardust/Neville — King Barrett showed up and crashed the party

**Randy Orton/Bo Dallas — Go for it Randy, shut Bo up

**Kevin Owens/Rusev — with Ryback sitting at ring side. Talk about a set up. Here comes Dolph to help out and there goes Owens again. the Pansy chicken boy

Lillian Garcia has just introduced Paul Hayman.



Dear Coach Walsh — September 13, 2015

10004054_665874523482085_6027783041008951465_nThis letter was written after the Crows beat the Western Bulldogs in a real nail biter. The was exhausting watching the game. My partner and I went to The Alma. It was packed but we had a ball and the food was really good. Want to go back for a regular meal when it’s not so crowded.

Dear Coach Walsh

I had to come by this morning, I know that you and Coach Dean are grinning from ear to ear after that amazing win last night.

The boys played with their hearts and souls and left everything they had on the field. I know there are little things to work on this week but we have taken that next step. There were parties all over the city last night and I bet you heard they whole city cheer and the siren blew.

I know that you were with the boys last night. All they want is to make you PROUD and I can tell you that WE, the 19th man are so proud of each one of the men who put on the Crows colors last night and stood tall.

It is back to the MCG next week and Hawthorne. They boys are up for the challenge and they will do all that it takes. We will look after the boys no matter what the outcome.

We miss you like mad but know you are with us. You will always be a member of the 19th man.

Talk soon

19th man

WWE — Night of Champions

In Houston, Texas and it is going to be a wild night.

There are two matches tonight that have my interest more than anything. First is Seth Rollins with two matches and all. I really hope John Cena gets the USA title back. Seth has no clue how important that title is and John is the one person, to me that is what that title is all about.

The other match is Charlotte against Nikki Bella, I don’t really care that she is the longest running Diva, Nikki has liked, used Twin Magic and everything else to hold on to the title when she should have lost it months ago. Love Charlotte, and was a fan of her Dad’s.

Lillian Garcia is your announcer for the opening

*Preshow — Lucha Dragons/Neville against Stardust/The Ascension — Stardust and The Ascension stole the win.

**Seth Rollins/John Cena(Match#6 – Eden is your announcer)/Sting(Match#7 – Lillian is your Announcer) — Back to Back matches. Just a reminder that Sheamus with that Money in the Bank brief case is lurking. Seth and John are leaving it all in the ring, another classic match by both.  One hell of a match but John gets back what was stolen from him, the US title.  Here comes Sting, Seth tried to run but John hit an AA and carried Seth back to the ring. I do not know how Seth pulled out that win but it was another great Sting match. Sheamus tried to cash in, the brief case but it was Kane who has returned to cause issues. Talk about Karma…….

**(Match#4)(Eden is your announcer) Nikki Bella/Charlotte — Nikki is in no way the one who gave us the revolution. It was time for some new blood, and In my opinion the Divas were dying a slow death and nothing needed to happen. Nikki did everything possible with the help of Twin Magic to keep the belt to make sure she was the longest reigning diva. Tonight is payback, Nikki is going down. FINALLY the title has changed hands. Congrats Charlotte. Her Dad Ric is so proud.

**(1st match of the night)Ryback/Kevin Owens — Owens being self-centered as usual. Bet he is the same in real life. No wonder he’s hated. Kevin Owens just STOLE the belt, Raking the eyes that the Ref never saw. I see a rematch coming and it wont end the same way.

**(Match#3)(Lillian is your announcer)New Day/Dudley Boys — How many tables will be lost in this match…HA   Thanks to a D Q by the New day they keep the belts but the Dudley’s get the win. It was a good match til Woods got involved.

**(Match #2)(Eden is your announcer for this match)Dolph/Rusev — Lana home recovering from wrist surgery, Summer Rae is wearing the earrings that Dolph gave her. this is so one-sided, with Rusev strength and all. It is turning into a good match, they are both gong to the well and some way they both are kicking out before 3. Rusev tried to finish Dolph off but Dolph suckered him in and they are still going out it. Summer just got tossed,throwing shoes and it hit Rusev not Dolph. Dolph took advantage and got the win in the end.

**(Match#5)(Lillian is your announcer for this match) Wyatt Family against Roman Reigns/Dean Ambrose/unknown partner — We still do not know the partner for Roman and Dean in this match. Their partner is no other than Y2J Chris Jericho. this has turned in to a free for all, the Ref is giving a lot of leeway. Once again the Black sheep wins.



Adelaide Crows — How to say good bye to 2015

11811302_1149861665028898_3214740393978757312_nAt the start of the season we were full of hope and so excited. We had a new CEO and a new coach and everything was in place for what was to be our year. We had overcome many issues and found our way back. We had some exciting wins and even sat on top of the ladder for 3 weeks.

For a moment I am going to play “What if”….the events on July 3rd had never taken place. What if Coach Walsh was still here, would the outcome of been different? Those and many more questions will never have answers.

March 15 and July 3 will always be hard days for Crows fans. March 15 is Coach Walsh birthday and well, we all know about 3 July, the day our football world was ripped apart.

My partner and I have met many new Crows fans and we call you family. How can we ever say “Thanks” for the support that you gave us as we grieved. After Coach Walsh’s passing, I had no expectations, all I could do was to be there and cheer the boys on. We got there, doing things that no one expected us to do.

Now that they siren has blown, it is time to wash the gurneys and scarfs and put them away. It is time to reflect and to work through the grief that has been on hold. It is time to rally around those who have put their life on hold to run our club. We need to help them now, when they have helped us during this last 77 days.

A mate of mine, Ambrose summed up things the best when he said:

What if I told you your team was to miss a GF by less than a kick? What if I was to tell they’d lose one of there best players and then get caught up in a major controversy? What if I was to tell you your teams HC would have a great first season then fall well below expectations and your team would miss 2 finals series in a row after only just missing out on a GF? What if I told you your HC would be sacked and a controversy about your best players contract was everywhere over the news? What if I told you your club would turn it all around with a new HC and CEO? What if I told you your team would start a new season strongly and look like a top 8 team again under there new HC? What if I told you that your team was well on its way back only to go through the tragedy of a horrible murder of there HC that was doing a great job? Surely you’d think that they’d give up? Oh it’d be much to hard! To see all the hard work they put in, just to take a major step back. But no, your team fought! They were brave! They made finals for the first time since they only just missed out on a GF! And then would you believe me if your team would win a finals game after all they’d been through?

Would you believe me?

Bakery on O’Connell have moved

20150704_035003My much favorite place has moved.

At first it was a little disheartening but when they were just moving up the street and to a bigger place, needless to say hubby Phil and I were thrilled.

It’s a bigger place with restrooms, no more going to the pub…(hehe)

It is a bigger place with lots of room and seating outside. In the old place at lunch you could not even get a table a lot of the time, which is a great problem to have.

Good memorizes of the old place, gathering with friends and all to create good times. They even had their tribute to Coach Walsh when he passed.

It is a great place and I wish all of you would come and visit me, I would take you there for a Pie Floater and a Nutella bomb

Stop in and see the new shop, Tell them Cricket sent you