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Post Run Notes

1 hour 14 minutes 31 

That was my time and for not being as prepared as I could of and should of been, I will take it. 

It was good weather, not to hot, I still wore a baseball hat and sunglasses. 

I ran the best I could but mainly speed walked, I guess is what you could call it. 

A couple of issues of my own doing, the T shirt I wore was too short and I had to keep pulling it down, wrong ear phones, I borrowed Phil’s but should of wore proper head phone. Over my baseball cap. I also have a pocket full of Barley sugar. partly for energy and helped keep my mouth moist til i could get water. 

What I found missing along the way was a kilometer marker, I had it in my ear but a visible marker would of helped. Also missed was the sunscreen before starting out, the Cancer Council was not there. 

The water stations and mist tunnel are always much appreciated and the frozen ice block helped also. 

To those runners along the way, who gave me a pat on the back, a thumps up or verbal encouragement, THANK YOU. It always seems to come at the time I needed it. Still new to running, I have a lot to learn but the running community is a great bunch of support folks. 

West Pac was the main sponsor this year, a little tweaking of things and next year should be a ripper. 


Time to Run Again

It’s that time of year. . City to Bay

Yes kids, that’s right I entered the 6 kilometers of torture as I call it. Not as prepared for this but that is my own fault in a lot of ways.  Weather didn’t help much but also my lack of focus is to blame. 

I got it into my head that I needed my running coach in my ear, calling my stats and all but I had forgotten that I was doing this for the most important person . . ME

I didn’t enter the run as year, as we were leaving on Friday for our weekend trip in Sydney. Knowing full well that when it rolled around this year, ready or not I was going for it. 

Going again as a runner, which is OK, its not pretty but it gets the job done. 

I set my music list last night, I had to redo it thanks to a Samsung hiccup, but I needed to refresh it. I know at some point I am going to need a song or two, my encouragement to keep going. 

Phil will be at his usual spot waiting for me to arrive. Phil is a big help, he cooks me a high protein dinner the night before.  The left over I have for breakfast. 

I get up extra early on Sunday morning, just to have some me time, to get focused, taking time to eat and mentally get ready. I always lay out what I am wearing the night before, even my baseball cap. 

Phil and I don’t normally chat alot in the car on the way, once he is close as he can get to the shopping center where I start, the knots in the my tummy usually start, no turning back. 

After a nerves bathroom stop, its on to sunscreen, always use it no matter how the sky is looking. I usually don’t stretch alot but I do just enough for me to warm the body up. 

My best time is 1 hour 7 minutes. Who knows what Sunday will bring. 

Will let you know next week

Booking our own Trip

Gang Way Down Under

451 days and 21 hours

That is how long before we board Carnival Cruise for our next trip.

Yes, It seems like a long time but those days will tick off. This will be a different trip in a few ways, We are driving to Sydney. Packing will be different and even boarding.

We have decided to book this trip on our own and it will be a bit of a challenge but also a learning curve that I am up for.

It has been awhile since we have driven to Sydney, you miss stuff when you fly instead of driving. We will go the same way we always do but I am looking forward to see the changes.

I will be looking to book as much as I can through Qantas. We have memberships there and any miles I can add, will do. We are saving them up for…

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Being at Peace

**April 9th Katherine lost her battle with Cancer on Tuesday morning 3:30 am. Our hearts are sad but we know she is finally at peace and not suffering any more.



I think at some point I had shared about my close mate Katherine, that her cancer had returned. The doctor’s had told her that there was not much they could do this time. Best they could do was to make her comfortable when the time came.

“When the time comes” That’s like asking how long is a piece of string? Katherine had a party for those could visit and we sent notes and videos. I was having to make the most of our little visits because I know one day they would stop. I would tag Katherine in Instagram photos, to make sure she saw them. We played Words with Friends on Facebook, knowing that one day those special games would stop.

That day has come.

Brad told me that our Katherine has been moved to palliative care. All they can do is to make her as comfortable as possible. Bard and I got to spend some time together yesterday on Facebook messenger, “Katherine was the sister that I never had,” Brad told me. His wedding is in a couple of weeks. Kat wanted to know but we all knew that she might not be strong enough to travel.

I told Brad he should get a picture of Katherine and have it at the wedding, she would love that, it’s taking her with us on our journey. Helping Kat with her bucket list. I downloaded a picture of Katherine so we can take her with us also.

I think what has helped me grieve in a way is that a story line on a television show has had a character who recently passed away. At first I thought I was just grieving for the loss of the character on they show but many I was really grieving for Katherine.

She was very open about being at peace with things, she made the most of the time.

I know she wouldn’t want us to get down and wallow in it all. That is human nature I think, the part of saying see you later that we all do when someone passes.

Thank you Katherine for making our lives better.

being more consistant

Being an independent author/publisher has its good and bad points.

I kind of lost my way a while back. I forgot why I love writing.

Being an independent blogger, you don’t get alot of feedback. Even when my books I have not gotten alot of feedback. That is hard at time because its a lonely job a good part of the time. They say to write what you know and that is what I do. It take a while to find an audience for those things but by being consistent you will find them.

I stopped using my voice because I thought I was not being heard but I am, I have my readers for my various blogs but also when I tweet my pieces out I have no idea who is reading them.

This may not make a lot of sense but it reminds me not to give up. At some point my work is going to pay off, I just need to keep it going. Being consistent and even resilient will pay off.

Don’t give up

Finally got my Fit Bit

Got my fitbit up and going.

Boy have I missed it. I know they say that the info is not reliable and all but I think of it in a different way. I try to use it to inspire me, to get moving. Drink more water. Work on my sleep.

I chose the fitbit Alta with out the heart rate feature. The Alta is more compact. Its like wearing a bracelet. The main reason I chose the Alta was for the feature if you sit for too long it gives you a nudge to get up and move. 250 steps in 1 hour is what they say is average. You can set it for however many hours you want to have the nudge during your day. I have 13 hours, from 8 am to 9 pm.

I kept the water widget also to try and get me back to drinking more water.

I got it in black but I can buy other bands as I feel a need for a change.

Doing the Adelaide City to Bay in a few weeks. My personal best is one hour 7 minutes.

Time to get healthy again and get moving


Self Pity Party

Besides brain freeze, meaning writers block, yesterday was a day of self-pity. I am my own worse enemy.

I knew becoming a writer was a lonely job but at times is it wrong to wish for some feed back?

to really be successful at this I need to really work at it. Get my name out there. So, why am I holding myself back from it. I keep setting myself up with plans but I can never seem to get things going in the right direction. It can work, I can make this work but what am I so scared of?

I just looked at my web site, which I need to work on and update. I published a book last year under my pen name and that is not even there.

There are times where I just feel so lonely and have no clue how to fix things. Just wishing that I felt like i Had some support would be better than nothing. I hate this feeling and at times I let it get the better of me.

I have all the control to make this happen, I just have to do it.

So, what is holding me back?

Is There Anybody Out There?

I wondered that the other day. I was having one of those times wondering if anyone was there or was I really alone in this journey called life?

One of my jobs is being a carer to hubby. You would think at times it might get easier but it actually get harder. This winter has been really hard on him, hard on me also but I find myself on my own that bit more now. sure its frustrating and all. There are days when I wish I could pic up the phone to call someone to have a little counselling session with.

I looked up something about getting some help being a carer and they only offered 6 sessions. Seriously? Only 6. Caring is an ongoing job and there is not much help along the way out there. Hubby is still able to be independent most of the time. There are those days though, that he needs the help or would like me closer to home.

I use to think I couldn’t live alone but after this, I have figured out that I live alone in alot of ways already. Being forced to become self-sufficient really changes you and gives you plenty of challenges. You discover how strong you truly are and that you can find your way. Company is nice though at times. It’s hard though when you really need a cuddle or two and no one is there.

To keep from going around the twist (driving myself silly) I created my job, becoming a writer. It doesn’t pay much if anything at times but I love what I do. Have even published a couple of books. I have sold a few copies but nothing to write home about. I work my arse off and at times I just wish someone would notice, just a bit of positive feedback would go along way but some people just don’t get it.

Well, time to create some positive and get back to this journey called life. Gotten refueled at this rest stop and time to get on the back on the road.

See you at the next rest stop


New Project in the Works

Hubby and I have a new project in the works.

Since we have become cruise nerds and are planning for more trips, we want to pass on stuff that we have learned to those who are just starting out.

We had so much fun on our first cruise and are saving to go again.

More coming your way

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