Dear Crow Ninja’s — the true story

I can tell you the true story of my death and it bloody hurt!

Kevin made my base out of love and care. He has done so much for the club and he will be missed with his time is over.

I loved the laughter and silliness as You created me, the tape tickled and it did hurt at times with you pulled it up to re tape the letters. Nice job with the backward “N”. I cant believe no one caught it. Who was drinking that night?

To be raised as a part of history, I was so proud but whoever kicked the balls through me for &^%$%&*, it freaking hurt. I saw a couple of the Ninja’s cringing that repairs would need made.

It was amazing to see the shed and hear the tunes. I was dancing like no one was watching. The Lady Crows helped take of the letters from the banner so the Ninja’s could replace them with a new message. The holes from the balls got repaired and a new message attached.  I hear someone yell, “Check the bloody “N” to make sure they are facing the right way.” Who ever had pizza, I wanted a piece, it smelled so good.

The night ended as you folded me up for my first road trip to Melbourne, the least you would’ve done was packed a cut lunch, bottle of water and some glow sticks so I could read The Grapes of Wrath on the flight over.

No clue who picked me up at the airport but I made it to the field. I was unzipped and taken out and I was scared because I didn’t know anyone. they started taking scissors and doing things to me, It was bad enough they put holes in me, they didn’t even take care in doing it, *&*^&%^&* for crying out loud I have feelings here.  They cut 2 more gates in me but the biggest horror was they defaced me by taking the sponsors off me.

I did my best to show the girls the inspiration  you sent me, but the wind was too much.

I was crammed back in the bag with the ropes to be shipped home

I barely remember being loaded on the flight home.

I lit my final glow stick as I drifted off to sleep. All I could think about was the Ninja’s waiting for me home. I know they will be devastated by my passing but I hope they will rest assured that I did one thing to the best of my ability

To stand tall and encourage the girls to bring home the win.




Birthday Week Once Again

Where has the year gone!

I am doing all I can to create the positives especially this week. I love learning and researching new patterns. How can you grow if you don’t learn?

I think we all get to safe and happy inside our comfort zones and when we try to take that step outside, we are scared of the changes?

We get in our lives and daily routines, at times getting to the point of feeling stuck, and then what? Well, it’s time for a change. Sure, it is a scary thought to take that first step outside the box, but it is actually OK. Life can get stale at times and we have to be brave enough to shake things up.

I am shaking things up again.

I ran screaming outside the zone and have written my first novel which will be about soon. Talk about a scary process. Being totally responsible for the characters, story line. The big thing about all of it was I had no word constraint and could be as descriptive as I wanted to hopefully create a picture for me reader.

The big thing this year is trying to not start new projects and finish what I have going. It is going to be a great year, lets hope I can actually finish some stuff

2017 is here, now where do I start?

20150830_154056That folks is the biggest question of all – Where do I start?

I know some of the goals for this year is to be more organized, look after myself just a bit better than last year.

I am still trying to find a balance of work and play. The Hub has said on many occasions that I work too hard but n waves it is starting to pay off.

I have the basic goals of losing more weight, walking even more, drinking water and all of that but it’s the work I think that needs the most help. I have given myself a day off each week and I stick to it. That is me time, I work on what projects I want to, play catch up on whats sitting on the DVR, stuff like that. The question is can my day off survive or will I become a workaholic again?

The hub and I have date night on the calendar and we are doing pretty well sticking to it. Sometimes date night is just at home, special meal and something we have taped.

The yarn projects need a big overhaul. Still have way too much stuff going on. Fingers crossed I can knock off some of what is sitting around before new stuff gets started.

Some things have become routine already, can I add a few more things to the daily run of life.

Only time will tell.

Bugger off 2016

20160520_091808It has been an amazing year but its also been crap!

We have lost way too many famous people who had an influence on our lives and it is a real reality check when that happens.

I know Phil and I were totally stunned when Carrie Fisher passed, she has been apart of all of your lives in some way. From the jilted girlfriend in Blues Brothers to Princess Leia. Who knew 25 some years ago that a little movie called Star Wars would become a phenomenon, and a part of today’s culture. When word arrived that Debbie Reynolds has passed 24 hours later, it was devastating news. I , like many others wonder if she died of a broken heart.

There were some really great memories also that Phil and I have, lots of them involving the Adelaide Crows and the events of the season.  Can’t wait to see what is in store for 2017. There will be lots of Crows stuff for sure, plenty of White Sox baseball and a ton of NFL. With plenty of yarn thrown in the mix.

The writing is getting better, jobs and getting paid comes in cycles. I think a little bit of how I am feeling today is burnout. Saying that if I can get better organized, and still take care of my mental/emotional stuff then I should be good to go.

I wrote my first novel, which is scary but also quite the experience. I was hoping to publish it this year but it was not meant to be, so early 2017 it will arrive.

The biggest thing I would like for the new year is to just be more positive. Get rid of the negative stuff or people cluttering up life. Doing the best I can to find a positive to hold on to when the negative rears its ugly head.

How can I ever say “THANKS” to all of you who have read anything I have written, given feed back or shared with me how I have touched your life with what I have written.

Phil and I can’t wait for the new memories to be created



Merry Christmas Kids

13220612_1267108243299776_508470623998151614_o-copyWhat a year it’s been

Didn’t go quite as I had planned but when does it.

I just wanted to take this time to say “THANKS” for all your love and support throughout 2016. It has been a wild ride full of some great surprises

I am taking a break over the holidays to spend some extra time with Phil and to just have a veg out.

Stay safe over the New Year’s celebrations.

See you in 2017

Taking Time to be Grateful


The photo is of a year long project, you write down all the good stuff that happens and put it in a jar. On New Year’s Eve you open the papers.


It is that time of year when some things start slowing down and we all wonder one thing “Where has the year gone?”

That is a great question, it just seems like the year started.

Each year has its up’s and downs but I think we had some really great stuff this year. We really got involved with the Crows, and I opened a blog called the 19th floor dedicated to them which will return next season. We even got to do some Crow’s Ninja stuff as we call it, special events which was great. Getting to spend some time with some of our favorite players was the highlight of the season I think. Phil and I each took turns going on the field with the banner for the boys to run through, It is a whole different world down there.

We take the time to reflect on those we have lost, many famous people have left us, who had a real influence on our lives. David Bowie and Alan Rickman are 2 that I will miss. My Brother introduced me to Ziggy Stardust and watching Harry Potter will never be the same.

I published my second book and working on my 3rd book which is a novel. My first at a romantic comedy, and I am pretty happy with out it has turned out. Will be out early next year.

I am grateful for friends and family, for your support and love throughout the year. Hugs prayers and love to those I miss and are struggling right now.

Time to get set to party like its 2017 It is going to be a kick ass year.


Finding My MOJO again

What do you do when you feel like you’re in a rut, that  you have lost your mojo to do anything really?

Well, that is me now.

I was doing great, felt really productive every day but for some reason after the Sox and Giants closed for the season and the Crows finished. It wa like what now?  I have not been getting many of the Ohio State games so work with football games has been reduced this year.

I have a new book coming out in a few weeks and it is a real step outside of my comfort zone. In some ways it is scary, it is a total departure from what I am use to doing.

I use to get up early and get stuck into stuff. I made my to do list and get stuck into things. I have no clue why I stopped. Everything that worked I stopped doing and to be honest I have no clue why.

OK, now I am trying to get it going again but the question is where to start?

I see people who I admire and they inspire me so much but how do you ask for advice?

Being a writer and working for myself is hard at times, there is no instant feedback. Struggling writers get paid in all sorts of ways. I know that might seem weird but I have kept an open mind in all of this, getting a retweet is payment to me, or seeing that someone favorites one of my tweets or Instagram.

I know this might not make a lot of sense but I can see it’s time to start climbing out of the hole I have dug myself and get back to enjoying life. I have great friends, a career that I love.

I am holding myself back and it is time I strapped on the nikes and took off.