The Chair of Dreams, Duck-napped and a Camel Latte

This is a sneak peek of a chapter of my new book which is called “The View Outside my Window”


A Chair of Dreams – The nightly visit with the #Waxnation and being #ducknapped with Dickie and coffee with #booptroop

I can see you and you are really wondering about the title to this chapter. I am very active on Twitter and there is this new app capped “Periscope”. It is a live streaming app that you can travel around the world and never lead your house.

Screenshot_2015-12-04-17-45-53     One of the places I love going is to a rooftop in New York City. It is 33 floors up and the view is breath-taking. I never get tired of seeing it. The view always reminds me that my dreams are real and that I can achieve anything. Ron Waxman is our nightly host from his rooftop in New York City. Ron is a sports agent in Football or soccer. He is funny, extremely smart, but can also be serious and is always supportive of those of us in Waxnation. That is what we call ourselves who meet on Ron’s rooftop on a regular basis. We have some great conservation, deep and meaningful, when events took place in Paris, we gathered, on Ron’s roof. I remember how much the comments flowed fast that night. It was good to be with friends who were also trying to make sense of what had happened. What got us the most was that Ron was supposed to be in Paris at the very game that was targeted that night.

Ron takes us all over New York City with him and I have fallen in love with the city. This past Christmas we went to all the stores around New York to show us how they decorated for Christmas time. We spent time at Rockefeller Centre, The American Museum of Natural History where “Night at the Museum was filmed and The National Library where “Day after Tomorrow” was filmed.

I want to take this paragraph to say “Thanks” Ron for have a safe place to hang out on your roof. For all the laughs but also being able to discuss anything with you. We can always tweet you at any time, you always let us know that you have seen things. You support us in all that we do, I fell in love with New York because of you and the chair of dreams. Just to meet up with you, and have a scope in Time Square is on my bucket list.

Screenshot_2015-12-04-21-50-44   Dickie Armour is one funny guy, but he is also very smart and has a great business sense. I learn something new every time I am on his scope. Dickie lives in England and sells speciality emails and web sites. Dickie introduced me to Grant Cardone, which was great. Grant is a real go getter, getting you excited about business and how you can make your business the best. I usually never try for anything on periscope because of living overseas and no one usually wants to shop to me. This was everything I could do on-line and it was great. Dickie is so funny but he also uses humour to teach us, Donald Duck makes an appearance and one-day Dickie had to take care of a knock at the door and it took longer than we expected. We thought he had been ducked napped because it took so long for him to return. He teaches us simple things about business and how we can just be better people on this journey. Dickie takes us with him when he goes to conferences or to shows dealing with web sites and all. It is great to watch him do a cold call, making the connection and watching how he hooks in the client he is trying to bring on board.

Thank You Dickie for making business fun, and showing us that we can have a successful business with a bit of work. Thank you for all your support, with my running journey. It does so much to know that even from England you are cheering me on. I can’t wait to catch up soon and see how life is going.

Screenshot_2015-12-11-18-28-38  A Caramel Latte to go is the standard coffee order for Bec Boop as she is on her way to work. Bec is a stunning lady from Ireland working in London. Bec greets everyone, making sure we all feel welcome in her scopes.  She takes us everywhere and I have seen many places in real time I had only seen in pictures. Bec also has a beauty blog which I love reading. Bec is raising money for the Teenage Cancer Trust, a cause close to my heart with my oldest daughter who had cancer at age 13. I was never really taught about makeup and things growing up, reading Bec’s blog has encouraged me to keep trying things and to find what works for me.

During Christmas time, on the morning coffee catch up we had a mascot, his name is Wilford and he is a penguin. It was the take away coffee cup when Bec got her coffee. Christmas time in London was great, with all the lights and special events to go and see with Bec.

Thank you Bec for teaching me about your home city, London is amazing and I can’t wait to see it in person. There are many tourist places to see but also those out-of-the-way places to find. You have taught me that simple beauty is the best, it is OK to try new products and colours. Your blog is amazing and I cannot wait to see where your journey takes you, I can say, “I knew Bec when she was just starting out”



Happy Australia Day 2016

Happy Australia Day

20150618_191551As I was looking through my Face Book Memories for today, I was reminded of this day in 2010. It is when I became an Australian Citizen. It was an amazing day, with Phil proudly watching on.

Since that day many really cool things,  I have been able to do here, that I would never have gotten to back in America. I have to volunteer for our State and Federal member of Parliament. It is something that Phil and I have done together and we have made a difference. We have to meet former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and have a sit down chat with some other close mates. It was amazing and he knew so much about my home state of Ohio. He is a very smart guy, very funny and it is one memory that I will have forever. Thanks Katherine.

I have taken part in a 6 kilometer Fun Run, or Race, Phil thinks I am nuts for doing it but it has made a difference in my health. I missed last years race due to a broken toe, but this year will be doing the second Bay to City which  is 4.5 kilometers on March 20th,  and back for the City to Bay in September, which is 6 kilometers.

I published my first book just after Australia Day last year, which was something on my bucket list and I am getting ready to do it again this year, I have one book in the works for sure , but also a second one. Only time will tell, how things all fall into place.

I always get ask what is the best thing about being an Aussie, and that  is the mate ship. Knowing that I have people there who have my back. We laugh at ourselves but we party safe. We are safe drivers, who are learning better at not texting and driving and not on Periscope and driving. I always think of Maria and how we will never really know what happened that night. I don’t drive anymore, but I do all I can to be a defensive passenger so I do not distract Phil, and help us get to where we need to be safely.

If you know of any Aussie in your part of the world, say, “G’Day” and wish them Happy Australia Day.

If you can, Save a Lamb and eat a Kiwi. . . HA

New Years Mistakes

This is how I feel today, now at least

I was able to get out and train today which was good, but I did not go out in the right mindset. That was the first mistake. I let what I was upset about play on my thoughts and not focusing at the task at hand. Even being in a crap mood I still managed a personal best. I have no clue how I managed that one.

Mindset is the key, I think to getting anything done but also getting results that you want. I should have taken a step back and cleared my head before I hit go on the program that I use. I guess that mind-set is the key to anything really. I know when I work on a knit or crochet pattern I need to have the mind-set, especially when its a hard pattern that I need to pay attention. When I have done this, too many mistakes were make and I had to give up til I could pay attention and get it right. Going in with the right mindset, things went much better and I got through the hard pattern.

I am my own worse enemy in this case, I have no clue what I am supposed to do. I need to get my head back in the game but how am I suppose to do it. There is plenty to do today but I just want to curl up in a ball and cry. This is a human blog today, showing you that I am vulnerable and I don’t do it very often. I know I should ask for some help but how do you do that when there is no one there?

I have no clue if any of this is making sense to anyone. I’s going to end it here and see if I can get my head back in the game, I need to be productive today but now I have no clue how I am going to do it.

#powerwalking Its Check up Day

8 weeks ago I did an overhaul of my exercise routine and all. It was a big change but I jumped in with both feet and decided that enough is enough.

Today is check up day. Here in Australia, hubby and I do what we call a wellness check up. We see the Doctor every couple of months, I always get a check up before training for a race. With menopause throwing me a curve it was time for the guidance of how to handle all the changes the body is going through.

I know the sleep has been crap of late and the heat wave we have now in Adelaide is not helping. Mood swings was another issue that I needed to address. If I have been snarly with any of you, please forgive me during this time. I figure I have been pretty lucky if I make it through this time and not kill anyone. . . . HA

It is back on schedule today, watching the water and food, trying to be as active as I can with this heat. Sunday is my day I do not worry too much but I managed to eek out 2 kilometers walking around the house yesterday.

The clothes are a little looser and hubby says you can really see the difference, even  a couple of my girlfriends are said that I am looking good, lets hope that the Doctor has the good news to go along with all the work I have put in so far.


Life Style Change is Paying Off

Bay to City 2014After breaking my toe in June and not being able to do the Adelaide City to Bay, I felt like I had really slid and I needed to do something. I spent almost a month with my feet up not being able to wear a shoe let alone go out and walk.

I bought myself a fitbit, hoping that the motivation of wearing it would get my back side up and moving again. I started really looking at how much I was moving and even how well I was sleeping and could see that things needed to change and it was up to me to make sure they change. I started looking around fit bit on the web site and all the things that I could follow to help me get better. I now long my water intake and what I eat. Just keeping track of my calories intake has been a real eye opener of my diet. I now pay better attention to size portions and getting better at trying to not over eat. I am a comfort food eater, when I get stressed and all, I eat. My comfort meal is 600 mil of Coke, a bag of Chicken flavored potato chips and a block of Cadbury’s chocolate.

Teamed up with my Fit-bit is my walk program, Endomondo which I so totally could not do with out. I get the premium service so I can set the voice coaching. I have set up this time a training plan to help me get ready for the first race in March of 2016. It has been a real experience to throw myself into training of this type. I train 4 days a week, (Tuesday to Friday). I actually look forward to getting out there and getting a good session in but also clearing the head out. At first is was hard to just let the body do its thing but I am training it and I really get surprised how I am going. There are times that I do have to think and hold myself back.

Even Phil is noticing more and more that, he can see the changes. Which really makes me smile, and know that the work is paying off. The shorts are loser and before long I have a feeling I will need a new pair.The new walking shoes are in lay by and I should have those by the end of January so they are broken in well before race day.

I see the doctor on Monday so it is the first check in to see how well my work is finally paying off.

Losing a Part of Your Soul

20150802_151819During coffee time at St.Peters Cathedral where Phil and I go, Josh who is one of our amazing organist, shared with us about the status of the pipe organ. To give you a small bit of history, the organ is almost 100 years old and it’s time had come to an end. There was hope that, the repair process could hold off a little longer, but the ghost of the organ told us in their way that it was time for them to leave us, just for now.

Talking to Josh is amazing, he is so passionate about everything to do with the organ from the sound to presentation of a particular piece to, well, just talking to him you can see how his face lights up. Each set up on the organ has to have just the right tone, pitch and he will work with it until it meets his standards.

Phil and I were able to catch up with Josh this past week and we got a chance to share with him that things just do not feel right.That a little piece of the soul of St.Peters was missing during they morning service and he was very understanding of where we were coming from.

Back to morning tea for the next part of this story, Josh, was with the organ as it sang out the final notes of its time in this life with us. As he turned off each button or flipped each switch for the last time, it was a bittersweet moment.Before turning off the organ, he stopped and said a simple “Thank you” and turned the final switch to off. It was a simple organ who had seen many wonderful years of service, celebrations of marriage and special events and was there to help us say “Goodbye” to friends and family who had gone on to better places. (exactly what we do when we say good-bye to friends and family, we celebrate the good times, Remembering those amazing experiences we shared and to say “Thank You” for making our life a little better while they were in it.)

Josh went back up to the organ to do something and  went to turn it on and there was nothing. No life left in this beautiful creature. I wonder . . That when Josh said Thanks and turned off the organ for the final time, that the essence of our beautiful create knew it was OK to leave this wonderful place. I can’t even begin to imagine what Josh felt at that very moment realizing that this wonderful creature had left us. As he shared with Phil and I you cold see the grief, that part of his soul was gone. You never really get completely over losing something or someone who has changed your life, someone who you are so passionate about, that they take a part of your soul with them.

One Sunday while Phil and I were on duty welcoming, Josh came into practice for the service that evening. I always wanted to see the organ and the view from up there. I got to see the organ and listen a little as Josh played, even got a couple of pictures from up in the air. Thank you Josh for that few minutes of wonderful, I will always cherish climbing those stairs that day.

It is dark and quiet now when you look up there, it is sad and you know that piece is missing, but we know that one day she will return to life, renewed by craftsman who understand how special this part of history is. We have to trust that they will do their very best to look after her, as they bring her back to life.


It will be a bittersweet moment when Josh turns her on for the first time after the repairs have been made. I would love to be there for that moment, to watch Josh as this journey is complete but to also share in that moment when our beautiful pipe organ is reborn.


I have to admit I am in LOVE . . . . with my FitBit

OK, I hear you laughing but let me explain some stuff that should help.

I got my Fit bit back in July and it took me a bit to really get use to it and all it can do. I had heard a lot of good stuff about it and I knew I needed help.  I had broken my toe and was not able to do the Adelaide City to Bay this year. Once healed and able to start walking again I needed something help.

I am 52 and have hit the dreaded “M” word . . . . Menopause. After a visit with the Doctor and a long talk about how to manage things. It was time to really explore what my band could help me do. I could see my steps for each day but I knew I needed to up my activity, being a writer , I sit way too much. Being able to go to the phone app and see how active I have been has encouraged me to step up and get moving. One of things that the Doctor and I talked about was my diet and how to try and eat cleaner, watching what I eat.

I started using the Diet part of fitbit. It has made me aware of how much I do eat and that by watching what I do have can have a big effect on getting this weight off. I have a goal but I am not willing to share it just yet. I know that for my health but also self-confidence I need to get this weight off. Doing it slowly I know that I can keep it off. It is a way of life, and tracking my food has shown me that I can make better choices.

I have not been a big water drinker but seeing that feature is a help. Yesterday I got the green tick of making my goal for the day. Have never been a real water drinker but I am doing all I can to give it a go. I know that it is good for me and I can see some changes already with the increased intake.

Let’s talk about sleep. It was a real eye opener to set the sleep part, and to look the next morning. looking at how much I am restless compared to really sleep. What gets me is the restless measurement/ minutes awake. I now kind of understand why I wake up tired at times.

I have a fit bit flex but will be doing an upgrade when I can afford to.

Thanks Fit Bit for getting me on the road to becoming healthier and around longer.