Losing a Part of Your Soul

20150802_151819During coffee time at St.Peters Cathedral where Phil and I go, Josh who is one of our amazing organist, shared with us about the status of the pipe organ. To give you a small bit of history, the organ is almost 100 years old and it’s time had come to an end. There was hope that, the repair process could hold off a little longer, but the ghost of the organ told us in their way that it was time for them to leave us, just for now.

Talking to Josh is amazing, he is so passionate about everything to do with the organ from the sound to presentation of a particular piece to, well, just talking to him you can see how his face lights up. Each set up on the organ has to have just the right tone, pitch and he will work with it until it meets his standards.

Phil and I were able to catch up with Josh this past week and we got a chance to share with him that things just do not feel right.That a little piece of the soul of St.Peters was missing during they morning service and he was very understanding of where we were coming from.

Back to morning tea for the next part of this story, Josh, was with the organ as it sang out the final notes of its time in this life with us. As he turned off each button or flipped each switch for the last time, it was a bittersweet moment.Before turning off the organ, he stopped and said a simple “Thank you” and turned the final switch to off. It was a simple organ who had seen many wonderful years of service, celebrations of marriage and special events and was there to help us say “Goodbye” to friends and family who had gone on to better places. (exactly what we do when we say good-bye to friends and family, we celebrate the good times, Remembering those amazing experiences we shared and to say “Thank You” for making our life a little better while they were in it.)

Josh went back up to the organ to do something and  went to turn it on and there was nothing. No life left in this beautiful creature. I wonder . . That when Josh said Thanks and turned off the organ for the final time, that the essence of our beautiful create knew it was OK to leave this wonderful place. I can’t even begin to imagine what Josh felt at that very moment realizing that this wonderful creature had left us. As he shared with Phil and I you cold see the grief, that part of his soul was gone. You never really get completely over losing something or someone who has changed your life, someone who you are so passionate about, that they take a part of your soul with them.

One Sunday while Phil and I were on duty welcoming, Josh came into practice for the service that evening. I always wanted to see the organ and the view from up there. I got to see the organ and listen a little as Josh played, even got a couple of pictures from up in the air. Thank you Josh for that few minutes of wonderful, I will always cherish climbing those stairs that day.

It is dark and quiet now when you look up there, it is sad and you know that piece is missing, but we know that one day she will return to life, renewed by craftsman who understand how special this part of history is. We have to trust that they will do their very best to look after her, as they bring her back to life.


It will be a bittersweet moment when Josh turns her on for the first time after the repairs have been made. I would love to be there for that moment, to watch Josh as this journey is complete but to also share in that moment when our beautiful pipe organ is reborn.


I have to admit I am in LOVE . . . . with my FitBit

OK, I hear you laughing but let me explain some stuff that should help.

I got my Fit bit back in July and it took me a bit to really get use to it and all it can do. I had heard a lot of good stuff about it and I knew I needed help.  I had broken my toe and was not able to do the Adelaide City to Bay this year. Once healed and able to start walking again I needed something help.

I am 52 and have hit the dreaded “M” word . . . . Menopause. After a visit with the Doctor and a long talk about how to manage things. It was time to really explore what my band could help me do. I could see my steps for each day but I knew I needed to up my activity, being a writer , I sit way too much. Being able to go to the phone app and see how active I have been has encouraged me to step up and get moving. One of things that the Doctor and I talked about was my diet and how to try and eat cleaner, watching what I eat.

I started using the Diet part of fitbit. It has made me aware of how much I do eat and that by watching what I do have can have a big effect on getting this weight off. I have a goal but I am not willing to share it just yet. I know that for my health but also self-confidence I need to get this weight off. Doing it slowly I know that I can keep it off. It is a way of life, and tracking my food has shown me that I can make better choices.

I have not been a big water drinker but seeing that feature is a help. Yesterday I got the green tick of making my goal for the day. Have never been a real water drinker but I am doing all I can to give it a go. I know that it is good for me and I can see some changes already with the increased intake.

Let’s talk about sleep. It was a real eye opener to set the sleep part, and to look the next morning. looking at how much I am restless compared to really sleep. What gets me is the restless measurement/ minutes awake. I now kind of understand why I wake up tired at times.

I have a fit bit flex but will be doing an upgrade when I can afford to.

Thanks Fit Bit for getting me on the road to becoming healthier and around longer.

WWE in Chicago

Morning Kids,

Raw Pre Show is now on the WWE Network. The New Day: I am no fan of theirs. They play the numbers games very well but they are so annoying as hell. I wish someone would break that trombone which is annoying. They do play hardball very well but how long can the survive with the numbers.

Lana and Rusev are engaged, YES you ready that right. How will Dolph handle things from here?

Things are starting to take shape for “Hell in a Cell” The biggest match I think will be Seth Rollins against Demon Kane. Other matches that are set for the night: The Undertaker/Brock Lesnar, Charlotte/Nikki Bella for the Diva’s Title. Roman Reigns/Bray Wyatt, The New Day/Dudley Boys for the Tag Belts, Randy Orton/Dean Ambrose against Luke Harper/Bron Strowman,


Dean Ambrose — Opening the show, Dean gives the standard welcome to Raw and said that he was looking for a fight. Out walks Randy Orton. After Randy and Dean cut a promo, The New Day have stuck their noses where they don’t belong. Kane turns up on the jumbo tron and made a match. Love vintage Orton.

Time out to look back at the history of The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar that will conclude at Hell in a Cell

Nikki Bella/Naomi : The crowd calling for Sasha. Divide and conquer got the job done and Nikki takes the win.

John Cena is issuing another United States Challenge tonight. Wondering if The New Day will cause issues again. Remember that Dolph inadvertently super kicked John. Hoping that Dolph gets another chance. Dolph answered the call, in the middle of the match you all of a sudden John spotted something in the crowd as Dolph rolled out of the ring. Asking for the mike” I told you we would make history tonight, She said YES”, there was a marriage proposal. Another great classic Cena match with Dolph. These guys have taken everything the other has thrown at them. The boys are exhausted, John held on but lots of respect to Dolph for one hell of a fight

Dudley Boys/The Ascension — It was all Dudley Boys from the word go.

Neville/Cesaro against Barrett/Sheamus : thanks to the bull hammer that the ref never saw, Barrett and Sheamus steal the win.

Roman Reigns/Strom Strowman: Roman cutting a promo for  Hell in a Cell. Roman is somehow managing to hold his own. Roman tried a Samoan drop. Roman with the win, thanks to a count out.

Ryback/Rusev : Summer Rae told Rusev to get stuffed and walked out on him.

Lumber jack match: Kane/Seth Rollins: Demon Kane replaced Corporate Kane in the ring. Rollins tried to run away but Cesaro caught him and carried him back. Even with the Lumberjacks some how Kane managed to take a real beating and still manage to win.

Hell in a Cell is 13 days away


How Soon is Too Soon?

11935115_964366926917837_603132982619726874_nThat was a question ask the other night in a show here in Australia called “800 Words”. The story line was how the Dad was moving on after his wife had passed away but the kids were not ready. They did not want a new Mom.

What I am wondering is this, When is it right to finally move on? Bear with me as, I work through this.

In our life time we will all experience the loss of family, friends, those close to us but how do you figure out when its OK to move on? It just seems like everyone has their own idea and speed for getting over loss. They want you to do it in “Their” time, not yours. How do we find our voice to speak up?

Losing parents is tough, they have taking care of you, given you, your life skills and all. With their passing they leave a real hole in your life. Both of my adopted parents are no longer walking this earth and I have no clue if my biological parents are still alive. Basically when people talk about their origins, what mix they are, I am an orphan of the world. I have holes in my life I wish I could fill but those questions will never have answers. I can share with friends and all when they lose a parent because I understand the loss and all.

When you lose a husband or wife, I can’t even to begin to understand anything about how much of a hole that leaves in someone’s life. All I can do is say that “I am sorry” for your loss. I don’t understand the pain you are feeling. I know when my Dad died I watched my Mom and how she dealt with the loss. I ask Mom how she was able to move on, she told me that she had a 9 months to grieve, in that time she had left with Dad she was able to ask a lot of questions about finances and other stuff. She had stayed with my brother and his family in the days after Dad’s passing but went back home after the funeral. My Brother, Tim, wanted her to come back with them to stay longer, but she said “I have to face it at some point so why not now.” I can see now that she was telling us she would do this in her time.

I cant even begin to understand the loss of a life partner (hubby or wife). What an empty space that would leave in your life. This person who has been around for years is no longer there when you wake up in the morning. How do you find the courage to step into the light and start to move on? How do you tell people who I have to do it when “I am ready” not when you are ready for me to be? When is the right time to past up those memories and start making new ones?

Most of you know from previous post that the Adelaide Football Club lost the head coach is tragic circumstances earlier this year. We had football to keep us busy and now that the season is over, fans are discovering that we are still at different places. We know its time to move on and look forward to 2016. There will be reminders about those special days and we will be sad but know that Coach would tell us to “Get on with the Job”. We are all moving at our speed but we will eventually get on the same page.

Love your friend and family who have suffered a loss, let them set the pace, and if it takes them a little longer to get to where they need to, love and support them. They have to do what is right for them, not for you. Be there if they need to talk, let them love you and be there for you as you set the pace for your recovery. Only you can set the pace and do not let anyone tell you any different.

So, Here’s the Question?  . . . . . . How soon is too soon to find your light and move on after a loss?



Periscope — WaxNation

OK, I know your looking at the title and thinking I am nuts. Hear me out, OK.

I am on a new app called Periscope which is a live streaming app, brought to you by the good folks at Twitter. It’s like a video diary that people can come and talk to you.

Ron Waxman is so amazing and we have the best time in there. He shows all over New York and we can talk about everything. Ron treats everyone with respect and does not tolerate trolls or anyone who causes issues. It is a wonderful place to hang out and just have some real giggles. It makes my day to just hang out, he responds to all this comments, pokes fun at those that need it but is also very helpful getting folks in the right direction if they need helps.

One of the risk with scope is getting trolled and the comments are really rude, I am already self-conscious enough and I do not need reminded of that. What you see in my scopes is what you get. By people being rude, males asking for “Open Bobs” or just saying “Your Boring”, had other comments but i wont repeat them here.  Normally I do not challenge them but I did, and he left. I have also been told I was “Fucking Ugly” and needles to say I blocked him. You do not have to take anyone coming in and treating you like that. It really is OK to block them, to stand up to them. If you miss anything in your scope you can go back and watch it again and block them.

I have made connections with certain scopers and know the safe places. I have made connections and I  still going to their scopes today and others I have checked out and either never made a connection or there was not much interesting so I have stopped going.

Ron just scoped the toilet but there is a wonderful story involved with it but your going to have to go to katch.me/RonWaxman

I am sitting here listening to Ron’s scope and laughing myself silly. The day is just not the same with out Ron on Periscope. So, what are you waiting for, go check him out and I can promise you will be hooked.

I am proud to say that I am a member of the Waxman Nation.

WWE in Boston

Found a great new show on WWE Network, Table for 3. The show I caught today was with Daniel Bryant, Dolph and Ryback. It was great to hear the stories and have a few giggles at some of the what life is like being a wrestler and what they go through on the road.

**Fallout from Madison Square Gardens will be on the front tonight. no titles changed hands, which I am not really surprised. Look for titles to possibly change hands at Hell in a Cell. John Cena kept the United States title, which makes me happy. Thanks to Kane John is still holding the belt. Brock Lesnar put away the Big Show and that is no surprise. Show has been around as long as I can remember.

***Hell in the Cell Matches — Roman Reigns/Bray Wyatt, Brock Lesnar/Undertaker, Charlotte/Nikki Bella for the Diva’s Title, Seth Rollins(WWE Title on the line)/Kane, New Day(Tag Belts on-line)/Dudley Boys

**Randy Orton/Dean Ambrose/Roman Reigns against the Wyatt family — Once again all hell breaking loose but Dean,Randy and Roman pulled off another classic win.

**The Big Show(taken out by Brock)/Seth Rollins against Dudley Boys —  Kane left due to injury and the Dudley’s bombed Seth and Seth now talks like a girl.(hehe) Dudley’s just gave Kane a 3D. Do you really think Seth would be smart enough to just walk away? Well, Seth with a table and Demon Kane all in the same ring, this wont end well.

Paul Heyman and Brock to open the show. The cut a promo and talk about how Brock beat him in New York and in mid sentence The Big Show has walked out. Show told Brock is arrogant and hope that he loses to The Undertake…again.

**Sheamus on the way to the ring. Neville in the ring waiting for the match. King Barrett at ring side to call this match. Well, Barrett just screwed Neville and Sheamus steals the win.

**Corporate Kane in the ring, wearing a moon boot. Seth has come out and told Kane to get stuff and he was not getting in the ring with him tonight. Stephanie McMahon has come to the ring,very annoyed. Evil Kane has to win at Hell in a Cell for Corporate Kane to keep his job.

**Natalya/Paige in Diva action. — Nattie with the win. You could see bits of family heritage with the sharp shooter being used.

**Kevin Owens/Sincaria — Match made after some mouthing off during the Raw pre show. Ryback comes out and pansy boy Owens walks again

**John Cena United States Open Challenge — Dolph’s Music started but New Day walked out dragging Dolph after he looked like he has the crap beaten out of him.Big E taking the challenge, once again this smells of a set up. Dolph accidentally kicked John but here comes the Dudley’s.

Perigirls are Amazing

20140822_214419OK, so I can see that your asking what Perigirls is all about. So, will do my best to explain.

It is a community of strong, passionate, supportive woman who just plain rock. We all met on Periscope, which is owned by Twitter. It is a live streaming application. I had seen people talking about it in my Twitter feed and so I checked it out.

Now I cant get enough. I love scoping and all but there is a point when it gets too much. It is called trolls, who come in to your scope and do everything possible to disrupt things and make it difficult for you to continue. I have had some really rude, idiots if you want to call them that. They have told me everything from ” You’re an ugly bitch” to “Your boring”.

For those of you who have never seen me, I feel like I am a plain, and I have curves but you don’t get the right to come to my scopes and say mean thing. You don’t get to ask to see my “bobs” or my feet. You do not get the right to tear me down. They can get really mean and nasty, I just do not understand why people are so mean and that hiding behind their keyboard is fun?

The Perigirls have taught me, that I am stunning and strong and I do not have to take crap from anyone.

They help you with idea on what to scope, and give you support. There is always someone to answer your questions and there are so many new girls to meet and make new friends. There are daily scoping suggestions and there is a place to leave your link, so other girls can find you and stop by and leave some love. There are ladies from all over the world there and some I am very proud to call my mates.

THANK YOU Joanne for creating a wonderful and safe place FREE of trolls and to all of those wonderful girls who also look after the community.

To all the wonderful new ladies I have met, I cant wait to catch up with you soon.