World Series Game 1 — In Cleveland

cleveland-indians-mlb-picks-corey-kluber*Welcome to Weaver’s Sports Center*

My name is Cricket Fox’s and I will be with you at the sports desk for games 1 and 2 of the World Series.

This will be the first time that Cleveland has play host city to the Series.

In the office today for the Indians will be Corey Kluber, with John Lester in the Cubs office.

For those who could not see the game, the Indians are wearing white pants with navy jerseys and red trim, the Cubs are in their dirty gray away jerseys

**1st Inning — Corey has struck out the 1st 2 batters.***Bottom of inning with 2 outs,  Francisco Lindor opens the pond with a single and steals 2nd. Mike Napoli walks. Carlos Santana waked to fill the bases. Jose Ramirez on a single to 3rd gets Francisco home for the 1st score of the game,  Brandon Guyer hit by a pitch, bringing home Mike for a 2 to 0 lead.

**Bottom of 3rd — Carlos Santana on run to 2nd,(cramp, dehydrated )

**Bottom of 4th — Roberto Perez goes YARD for a 3 to 0 Tribe lead

**Top of 7th — Corey leaves the keys with Terry as its “Miller Time” Andrew Miller on the way to the office.

**Bottom of 8th — Brandon Guyer walks to open the pond in the inning, Lonnie Chisenhall singles getting Brandon to 2nd, Roberto goes YARD again for a 6 to 0 Tribe lead, (Roberto is the 1st Multi home run post season by an Indian since 1999 A L D S game 5 (Jim Thome) )

**Top of 9th — Andrew Miller has done a key flip and Cody Allen is the winner and is in the office to close it up. Lights out with Cody’s first strike out, Cody’s 2nd strike out closes the office door and he puts the key in the lock, Cody locks the door with this 3rd strike out and this game is OVA


Indians 6 and Cubs 0



Cleveland and Blue Jays in Game 2

Morning from Australia

Kendria’s Mom Cricket here filling in for Kendria at Weavers Sports Desk.

In the office today for Cleveland is Josh Tomlin with J.A Happ in the office for the Blue Jays

Those not able to see today the game today the Tribe are wearing navy jerseys with white pants and red t-shirts, Blue Jays back in the dirty grays with blue jerseys

*Bottom of 2nd — Carlos Santana with a solo Yard shot for a 1 to 0 Indians lead.

*Top of 3rd — The Jays open the pond with a single, Jays batter with a double brings home the run and a tie score at 1 all.

*Bottom of 3rd — Rajai Davis with a lead off walk, safe at 2nd on the steal, wild pitch gets Rajai to 3rd, Francisco Lindor with a single gets Rajai home for a 2 to 1 Tribe lead.

*Bottom of 5th and Lonnie Chisenhall on with a single, Lonnie out on the force but Rajai safe, pick off throw gets away from 1st baseman and Rajai is safe at 2nd.

Bryan Shaw caught the keys from Josh as he headed to the showers.

*Top of 7th and Andrew Miller in the office.

*Top of 9th — Andrew has turned off the office lights with that strike out (1 out), Andrew just shut the office door and put the key in (2 outs) Rajai just helped Andrew lock the door (3 outs)

**Final Score

Cleveland — 2 and Blue Jays — 1

Pack your travel bag it’s a travel day tomorrow as the series moves to Toronto for games 3 through 5.

Kendria will be back at the desk when the series continues.


Cleveland and Toronto in Game 1

Good Morning from Weavers Sports Desk

I am Kendria’s Mom Cricket and I am filling in for her for the first 2 games in the series with the Blue Jays

Corey Kluber in the office for the Tribe with Marco Estrada in the office for the Jays.

For those who can’t thee the game today the Tribe is wearing white pants, navy jerseys with red long sleeve t-shirts, The Blue Jays in dirty gray pants with their blue jerseys.

*Top of 1st and the Jays open the pond with a single, runners at 2nd and 3rd with 1 out.

*Top of 2nd and Kluber has allowed base runners again, a single and a walk but a rack’em up (double play) helps get out of the jam

*Bottom of 2nd and Chisenhall with a single to reach the pond.

*Top of 3rd and Kluber at 50 pitches already, 3 inning with 2 base runners and 2 outs.

*Bottom of 5th sees Chisenhall with a lead off single. Crisp with a bunt to move Lonnie to second. Tyler Naquin ground out to the pitcher to get Lonnie to 3rd who gets left on the pond.

*Bottom of 6th and Jason Kipnis finally on with a walk, (fingers crossed the dreaded leadoff walk will bite the pitcher.) Lindor goes “YARD” with Jason on for a 2 to 0 Indians lead.

Corey is done for the day leaving the office keys for Andrew Miller,

*7th inning with Lonnie on with a single, Coco with another sacrifice moving Lonnie to 2nd.

9th inning — Miller has the lights out (1 out), with that strikeout Miller shut the office door and put the key in the lock, (2 outs) with a ground out to shortstop, Miller locks up the office for the final out of the game


Cleveland 2 and Blue Jays 0

**Cleveland lead the series 1 to 0. In the office tomorrow night will be Josh Tomlin for the Indians and he will be facing off against J.A Happ

Milestone — NEW Book Published

As many of you know, Phil and I are diehard Adelaide Crows fans.

After Coach Walsh passing I wrote a series of letters to help with the grieving process and turned that tie into a blog called The 19th floor.

It was a journey through the 2016 season, of getting to work on the banners, meeting players and some other very cool Crow Ninja missions as I call them.

It has been a very emotional journey over this past season.

Dear Coach Walsh is the journey of the year and how we are rising from the ashes, we are a strong family.

Until the 9th of October the book is FREE on Amazon along with my first book “Here’s the Question”

You can find the link to both books on my website


thanks for your love and support through both of these projects

The life of a Carer

It’s a lonely life.

Carers give up alot and go without to make sure the person they are taking care of has all they need.

Carers spend many hours alone waiting and worrying if the hubby or wife or child is ok.

Carers miss out on dinners with friends, going shopping. They have to juggle the lawyers and figuring out how to get places if they don’t drive.

Carers miss having someone to talk to , to ask them “How are you?” and to really interested in how things are going.

Carers need positives to help them also when the times get tough.

Sometimes Carers don’t need respite they need someone at the end of the phone.

Why did I just tell you all of that, To tell you this. . .

I am a carer. Been Phil’s carer since his accident almost 10 years now. I have had to juggle the lawyers, getting appointments scheduled. spending hours on my own with Phil in bed because of his back. Helping him to get dressed and shower, help with his shaving. I have been out shopping and had to hurry home because Phil woke up early and couldn’t get out of bed. I use to go to Mass on my own and hoped he would stay asleep til I got back.

I turned to writing to basically save my sanity, it was a way that I could express myself, to get out those feelings of loneliness, at times wishing for some company or the phone to ring.

I live in Australia and I work on USA time. I love writing don’t get me wrong but there are times I sit at my keyboard and struggle in silence.

I search for that positive but people don’t understand how much having that positive to focus on would help. Swimming in a seas of negative gets tiring. Ya, I know, keep on keeping on but you know what, I am tired and it would help to have someone carry a bit of the load so I wouldn’t feel so overwhelmed.

When Phil had his accident, people wondered why I didn’t leave? For starters where am I going to go, I am married to the man and he needs me. He is pretty self-sufficient at time but there are those times where he needs me. I know his condition and how to get him moving or what needs done. Sure things have changed and that makes me sad, but we decided to figure out how to make it work and we do. People look at me funny when I tell them I am married but live as a single.

I know there are many carers out there with similar stories, quietly going about things but needing a little extra support. They don’t need respite but just someone to check on them and see how they are. Carers do it tough, someone needs to step up and remember that we are out here.

Just a 5 minute chat or a positive project  could change the whole day for someone like me, so we don’t feel so overwhelmed or alone.