Checking In

securedownload (4)Morning

Hope everyone is well and getting settled back in a routine after the holidays.

Lots have been going on there and its kept me busy. Have hit a bit of a downer but I am on my way back up and getting a routine going again.

I published my first book and I am thrilled about that. You can find the link to my book on my website

The knitting and crocheting are going well, I have really cut down on projects and even put a few on the shelf for now. Trying to keep it down to no more than 3 projects. I did make a decision to start a mystery afghan and it is interesting to say the least. I am still looking for new patterns to try to have had a few suggestions sent my way which I am looking at with great interest.

Phil and I renewed our wedding vows and I am loving my new ring he got me for my birthday. It is an infinity ring.

The weather here has been hard to handle at times but it’s getting better. We finally got a cool few days and I am hoping to get some house work caught up.

I am still taking a little time to rest up and get some other things done before baseball season starts in April

Take care


A Dream Come True

You know, when you have that one dream and you work what seems like your whole life to make it happen,

Well today that happened. I published my book.


It is not available on Amazon as the time of this posting. The standard they email told me would be 3 to 5 business days. A mate who self published, his book was available in roughly 24 hours.

Thank you for your love and support during this crazy time.

An Explosion of WOW

It comes in big moments or small ones. Have you watched a movie called Miracle about the 1980 US Hockey Team winning the gold against all odds. I could tell you were I was during the event, ON that Friday night when the team won against Russia and  on Sunday when they wont the gold  Norway, and how life changed in those two events BAM, the was a wow explosion. I could not contain my excitement. A line that stuck out was ” Do you believe in miracles?

The WOW told me I did.

It is now the beginning of 2015 and I have been thinking about how fast last year passed. As you moved though the year you never know what the outcome of events will be and how you will be affected. We spend time over the holidays reflecting on events of the year, paying tributes to those we have lost, events in the world that have made us stop and think. Along the way have we truly missed those little miracles that renew our belief? How we become too busy to note those small moments? The question is do we miss those little movements that make us stop and go WOW, a notion that something is still right in the world even for just a few minutes. Some events we don’t think ab out and than other we stop and reflect on. This is where I was when Steve Jobs passed away, even though it was expected I still found myself sad and grieving. It wasn’t until the days following that he full impact of just how profound an effect he had on my life without realizing it. For all of us that have used a computer or listen to music, for all of us that find our banking easier, entertainment closer and the ability to have a closer relationship with those we hold dear. Steve and his magic changed our lives.

Then there are miracles – those little things that occur over the years that have surprised us, things that have helped us to realize some dreams and to let go of others. My daughter Alisha has given me two beautiful grand children. She had given up on the idea of becoming a Mom and I had secretly given up on being a Grandma. The Skype calls with the kids are silly and fun, Talking about cats and what I call silly Grandma dancing.

My early days were spent in exploring college, then exploring the rest of the world and producing a family with the sure knowledge that I would return to college life to take those classes that would finally allow me the degree that I have always wanted: to be come a writer. I have always carried a notebook with me and written short stories and romance, whatever bounced into the moment demanding to be told, those things that moved me, another of life’s miracles. I have taken copious notes about special times and how I was affected by them. Since the grandkids have arrived, I will write them a litter about who their grandma is and what a huge miracle and a WOW moment her life is to me.

With the New Year brings life miles stones, 14 years marriage to Phil. It has been many ups and downs but we have manged to work through them and become like mates then husband and wife. We love traveling together and sports and have done some amazing stuff together. Australia Day is special as always, it is when I got my Australian Citizenship. I had always wanted to get it on Australia Day, but I had never told anyone til it happened. Life here is so much more laid back, people are accessible and easy to talk to .  It was a simple process but I had worked hard to get my residency and it all felt like normal, like I had come home after being gone for years. I always dreamed of coming to Australia but never imagined I would live here. Dreams come true and I see and live in the same country as the Opera House and have driven across the Sydney Harbor Bridge. These are places I Have seen in pictures my whole life and could only aspire to see. Now I am honored to live on their soil.

Australia has taught me about mate ship and the game of cricket. Watched AFL football and see the players take nasty hits and not get up. but also take hits and get up like its nothing. Learned to eat a meat pie and Vegemite, learned about the ANZAC’s and how special the boys overseas really are.

The Aussies are a bunch of fun loving, bear drinking, and cricket loving, true blue mates that would do anything to help you out when you’re in a jam. Aussie know how to throw a great party, but still keep safe doing it. This Australia Day I hope you have great dreams for the new year ahead and hope that one thing that helps you still believe in that one moment to go WOW: everything with the world is really OK.

So, Here’s the Question – Do you still believe in Miracles?



Football in Australia

Thank God for Foxtel. We made the switch so I was able to record a lot of the games over the holidays.

Some of the Bowl games I wanted just the first half, some where interesting and then there was the Bahamas Bowl with Central Michigan and Western Kentucky. The second half was a “What the Hell” as Central Michigan fought their way back but they were not able to get the two point conversion to steal the win.

One of the games that I watched all the way was the New Era Pinstripe Bowl that had Penn State of the Big 10 against Boston College, with identical season records it was going to be interesting. I wanted to see how Penn State would do with everything that the program has been through. IN overtime, Boston College scored to take a 6 point lead but missed the extra point. Penn State held their nerve and got the touch down, just needing the extra point, they got it to sneak in win.

With the new playoffs for the National Championship there is what they call the Pick Six. To make it to one of these is great but you need to be in the ones that are the playoff games. Orange Bowl winner this year was Georgia Tech who looked so strong and was not going to be denied. Fiesta Bowl winner this year was Boise State, Looked amazing in the first quarter and I honestly thought would demolish Arizona but mistakes took it down to the final quarter and the Broncos were able to hold on and win.  Cotton Bowl winner was Michigan State, with a touch down in the dying minutes stole the win from Baylor. Peach Bowl winner was TCU who demolished Ole Miss. Ole Miss handled Alabama their only loss of the season. TCU will be a force to be watching next year.

Getting ready for the Rose Bowl with Florida State and Oregon, hoping that Oregon and get up over FSU. Never have been a fan, and as far as I am concerned their quarterback is not as good as he thinks he is.

Later on it will be Alabama and Ohio State, needless to say it is my Buckeyes to win. We have worked hard and with all the stuff that has been thrown at us, we have become even stronger .

Only time will tell the answer to this question

Who are the first two teams to play for the National Championship in the new era of college football?

Happy 2015 from Australia

c2d6884f65d029472122ffeef79d28f5Morning crew from Australia

2015 is looking OK but its a few hours old so, we are just getting started here in Oz.

On the telly is the first of the Pick Six games in college football, we are in Arizona at the Fiesta Bowl, Watching Boise State against Arizona. The start of the 4th quarter it is 38 to 27 in Boise State favor.  A huge mistake of offensive pass interference cost a touchdown for BSU. (BSU wound up winning 38 to 30)

Will start the process of looking at my wool(yard) stash and see how I need to organize for the new year. I still have too many projects that need finished and I really want to make that a priority this year. I have a goal to get a little on-line shop going and maybe sell a few things. It is an idea I need to look into more but I am interesting to see what road that this idea takes.

I am self publishing my first book in February. I am really excited and scared at the same time. I have great support and what ever happens I make that tick off my bucket list.

I have a you tube channel I will be adding to more this year. Hoping to try some new things and show a bit of life here in Australia.

All the regular blogs will return this year. “Yards of Dreams” is making it return starting at the playoffs. It suffered this year because of some other issues and I was not able to keep it going as I would have like. The Ohio State blog will have its final game for the season, at this point when they go against Alabama for the right to play for a National Championship Title. “A Year with the Chicago White Sox” will return when spring training starts.

As a lot of you know I do the Adelaide City to Bay each September, this year they have added a Bay to City in April and I will be doing that. It is only a 5 kilometer for me but that should be easy, I can get it done and still go to Mass at St.Peters Cathedral

Stay safe out there and will catch up soon



Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2015

It has been an amazing year here and we have been through a lot.

We have celebrated a lot of amazing times and we have also had to say God’s Speed to friends and family, some we knew and others we were caught off guard by their being called home.

I will be in and out during the holidays, taking some time to spend with Phil and all but there is plenty of football to watch and talk with you about and just some time to be silly

Please stay safe out there and be a defense driver. Take your time in your travels and get there safe. If you need to talk on the phone or answer a text message PLEASE, pull off where it is safe to do so. Remember to get out and stretch for a few minutes every couple of hours.

THANK YOU to everyone who has sent comments and support over the year, I can not put into words how much it means that you take the time to share your life with me.

Have a great Christmas and a safe New Years 2015

Catch up soon