Summer Slam 2015 from Brooklyn

The biggest show of the season, Summer Slam 2015. Jon Stewart is the host. Be prepared for anything to happen today.

**Randy Orton and Sheamus to open the show. Thanks to the Bro Kick, Sheamus gets the win. It was tough, Randy was bleeding but give it a good go. It was on OK match, typical Randy Sheamus fight.

**Fatal Four Way for the Tag Team Belts: The New Day, Prime Time Players, Lucha Dragons, Los Matadors. First team to get a pin fall or submission take the belts. You can tag anyone in or yourself in. There are bodies everywhere, if you blink your going to miss something. Holy Cow if New Day didn’t pull off the win.

**Rusev and Dolph: Lana is looking great, she is out of the usual business suit tonight. I am going with Dolph on this one. Never was a fan of Rusev from the start, I never liked Lana at first but when the story line changed and Lana walked away and stood up to him, I became a fan. Summer Rae and Lana factor has come into play. Double count out, I think this will continue, it’s not over be any means.

**Neville/Stephen Amell against Stardust/King Barrett: Stephen is holding his own. Sort of but he is going OK. Stephen Amell can fly. I wont spoil this match, it was great.

**Triple Threat:The Big Show/Ryback/The Miz for the Intercontinental Belt.  The Miz is from my home state of Ohio but I am NOT a fan of his. Miz has been really good at reinventing himself to keep his career going. Ryback did the one thing that he needed, got The Big Show out of the ring and pinned The Miz for the win.

**Roman Reigns/Dean Ambrose Against Bray Wyatt/Luke Harper: This is going to get ugly to say the least. Thank you Roman.

**John Cena/Seth Rollins: This one will go any way. It’s time for Seth to put up or shut up. Never have liked Seth and never will. How can he think that just breaking John’s nose will stop him? Seth has been a joke to that title and it is time for him to lose it. Remember the last match these two had, John made Seth tap out.This fan is NOT HAPPY!!!,

**Divas Division: I am so happy to see the changes that have taken place. I was getting board and losing interest. It is a 3 way elimination, once a team member is pinned, submits the whole team is out. First team out is Team B.A.D. Way to go Team PCB

**Cesaro/Kevin Owens: My question is how is Kevin Owens after his match with Finn Balor at NXT last night?Cesaro is my pick to win. How did Owens manage to survive that one.

**The Undertaker/Brock Lesnar: The Undertake does now how to make an entrance. They are tearing the arena apart. Well, the Karma train just left and The Undertake took everything Brock had and he is the last man standing.

Being Grateful – Thanks Daniel Schwab

20150618_191551For those of you on Periscope, Daniel does an evening Inspire-cast. Last nights scope got me thinking and I wanted to share my thoughts.

We always say “Thank you” and all but, how often do we really stop and pay attention?

Here is why I am asking….We get so busy in everyday life and all to stop and realize how blessed we are. I know I am guilty of it and this was a real wake up call. When I moved from Ohio to Australia it was tough. I felt so broken and was not even sure I would survive. Hubby was amazing and so patient with me as I put life back together. I have put him through a lot but he still is hanging in with me. It has been a long road to get where we are now, lots of tears and struggles. As much as I struggled to fit in, little things started happening that showed me that in time I would be OK.

Little blessings along the way showed me that we would be OK. I just needed to pay better attention. All this time, I had a roof over my head, food in the pantry and kept warm. I never really said it out loud but they were there and still are today. The jobs that hubby had come and went, usually at the wrong time. One year it was “Happy Birthday Honey, we are unemployed.”

Friends have come and gone but there have been stable things in my life, I have come to realize that I am so blessed. Hubby and I have had some real challenges, especially after his accident. I really had to take over running the house and all, I still have to do that today at times.

When I had my accident a couple of years ago, it was a real wake up for hubby and he is now coming to Mass with me and I am over the moon for that. It is great to be able to share our faith again. The support has been great especially in the crappy times. It was tough asking for help but we did. It is OK to be human and ask, you never know who might ask you one day.

Of late, having plenty of “Me” time I have realized how lucky I am, I live in a safe community, roof over my head and food. Hubby is still able to move but a little slower. Our hard work is paying off and next year we will be debit FREE. It had taken a lot of work, and going with out but we made it.

I have a great core of friends, I have a great job and doing what I love more.

Thanks Daniel for reminding me how lucky and thankful I am for my life and the gifts I have been given. I had great adopted parents and my Sorority Sisters are amazing. The two best things in my life are my girls, love you heaps.

Here’s the Question – When is the last time you really gave thanks?


Last Raw Before Summer Slam

Morning all

It’s the final Monday before Summer Slam, so it should be interesting. The final card should be set for this coming Sundays show. Stephanie and Triple H giving the whole card. It is one of those, anything can happen days

Hosting Summer Slam will be: Jon Stewart

*Undertaker against Brock Lesnar, *Seth Rollins against John Cena (title for title), *Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose against Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, *Diva’s 3 team elimination match, *Randy Orton Against Sheamus, *Neville, Stephen Amell against King Barrett, Stardust, *Rusev against Dolph, *Fatal 4 way for the Tag Team Belts, *Kevin Owens against Cesaro, *Ryback, The Big Show,The MIz for the Intercontinental Belt

**Tag Team Match – Randy Orton,Cesaro against Sheamus, Kevin Owens – I am becoming more of a fan of Cesaro. I have a feeling that one day he will be holding the world title. I’m just going to put it out there, to me, Kevin Owens is a cocky, self-centered prick, if he is that way in real life or not I don’t care, He only cares about himself and he is nothing without a belt. I am so glad that Finn Baylor beat him and I hope that Finn can hold on to it. Since Sheamus returned, he has played a real heal, I use to like him but no more.

**Roman against Luke Harper but Bray and Dean are both at ringside.

**Divas are in action in 2 matches – Becky beat Tomina, Sash will go up against Nikki

**Mark Henry against Rusev but there is a twist, Lana calls out Summer Rae and it is a set up, guess who has returned?

**Ryback against The Miz with The Big Show at ring side. This wont end well.

**Contract signing between John Cena and Seth Rollins.

**Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar to talk about Sundays match. Guess who shows up?

See you 9 am Sunday Morning Australia time for Summer Slam


WWE Raw in Seattle

2 weeks before Summer Slam and it is going to be interesting. The final card should be set tonight along with the NXT card. The NXT event is a sell out the night before Summer Slam.

Stephen Amell from the show Arrow is in the building tonight. For a possible face off against Stardust.

Here comes Seth Rollins and who knows what garbage is coming today. Seth bringing up his challenge for Summer Slam. Winner takes all, both belts up for grabs and the winner takes both. I do realize that Seth is playing a character of sorts but he is really making it easy to really dislike him. Here comes Cesaro, to put a stop to the jokes, Finally. Now, Kevin Owens has walked out and is running his mouth about how Cesaro has not earned a challenge. Now, lets throw Randy Orton into the mix. Triple H has come out and told that John Cena is 50/50 at best to make Slam in 2 weeks.

Cesaro/Kevin Owns/Randy Orton – triple threat to face Seth Rollins for the WWE title tonight. Seth is fuming. this match is massive, they are trying everything in the book to beat the other for the chance to face Seth.Seth is in trouble, here comes Randy. Randy won the triple threat and is facing Seth now.

Team Bad against Team Bella – 6 woman tag team. Charlotte, Paige and Becky are sitting at ringside. Sasha Banks will put the Woman’s title on the line at the NXT event the night before Summer Slam. Becky Lynch will be gong for the #1 contender to see who faces Sasha.

Dean Ambrose/Roman Reigns vs Luke Harper/Bray Wyatt – it’s a one on one match between Luke and Dean but I have a feeling that its going to be more than that.

The Miz with Daniel Bryan on Miz TV. Who knows where this one will go. Will be nice to see Daniel and get an update on how he is going. Daniel is not cleared medically at this time to return. Miz doing what he always does. making it all about himself. The Big Show just called the Miz, a cross dressing manure spreader. Oh Crap…..Ryback just showed up on the scene. Ryback hit Miz with a clothesline so hard that his shoe flew off.

Lana humiliated by Summer Rae, with Rusev teacher her his submission move, this is going to have a massive outcome at some time I think.

Neville and Stephen Amell just signed against King Barrett and Stardust just signed at Summer Slam.

Randy against Seth – good think Lillian saw what was coming and got out-of-the-way. Seth tried to grab his belt and run away but Randy caught him. Seth is trying to beat Randy at his own game with his own moves. 1 count from beating Seth and Sheamus pulls Randy out of the ring. Sheamus tried to cash in the brief case but Orton put a stop to it.


I am on the Wrong Side of the World and what a Case of Frustration

06d5f0d09293f5254207fb55ec911a3fThe statement above is exactly how I feel today. I can see so much and I feel like I am drowning and I want to ask but being in the wrong time zone on the wrong side of the world is the two biggest things I have working against me.

I am on Periscope and I am loving it. The downfall for me is that I have met some great people and learned so much but to try to just get a connection built let alone to try to ask questions is like root canal, it hurts like hell. I know I need the help and I would give anything for just a Skype for an hour would get up at 2 am for just one session.

I don’t know, maybe it me missing home and envy of those who have the great chances, I guess I just want the same thing. I want those chances also.

Right now I am feeling stuck, I do not know where to go, let alone what to do.

I feel like I just need to reinvent myself but what do I do, where do I start. Do I do a complete overhaul of stuff and make things simpler or what?

These are the questions that I would love to ask. Walk through my web site and find out what needs changed and whats OK, I know the marketing basics but is there anything I could be doing better. I live in Australia but most of my audience is in the USA.

Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do and I just want to do it better. I want to learn, especially from the people I met on Periscope and learn more from them on how I can get better by taking what they are sharing and apply it to what I do.

Guess it back to struggling on my own.


WWE — #RIPHotRod

cropped-cropped-021.jpgIt was sad to learn the news over the weekend on the passing of Hot Rod Piper. I do know that the opening tonight will pay respects to Hot Rod. Everyone is wearing “Hot Rod” t-shirts tonight. The tribute oped with a single shot of a kilt hanging on a directors chair that said “Hot Rod”. It was fitting that they showed a picture of Hot Rod with Dusty.

Brock Lesnar is back on Raw tonight but it could be explosive, it is only 3 weeks from this Sunday and it will be interesting. Will be interesting for an update on John Cena. Hoping that more of Summer Slam stories will start to appear.

After that beautiful tribute, here comes Seth Rollins to run his mouth. John had to have surgery to repair his nose. Check out the new t-shirt. “Never shuts up” is right. For the next 5 minutes we have to listen to him brag about it. OK, I know it’s a story line but, Seth is all full of crap.OK, Seth just proposed that he and John go at it again, title for title at Summer Slam. Seth just pulled a John Cena and made a World Title open challenge. Here comes Neville and Seth is crapping himself. Lillian making the intros. All I have to say is Seth is LUCKY tonight.

Diva Division – the Bella Twins against Submission Sorority (Charlotte and Becky Lynch) Paige is at ringside. Charlotte and Becky are my favorites with Paige. They are have something special and they stay true to themselves and that is one thing I am learning to do that more. It is a good name that the ladies chose, Submission Sorority…..any clues to who one this one. Naomi has challenged Paige to a match and Paige has accepted. There has to be at least a couple of Divas matches at Summer Slam

Miz TV – He paid a nice tribute to Hot Rod. His guest is Kevin Owens and Cesaro. This should be interesting and most likely wont end well. As you know I don’t like Owens at all. Too much ego for me. Cesaro in a suit, very nice and Cesaro is jealous of Owens is a real laugh. OK, get your feet up it’s getting deep in here now with all the crap coming out of Owens mouth. Owens has said that the fight will be on his terms, when he is ready and not before but he is all for the blindsided.

Mark Henry and Rusev – I am not really sure who is more angry.

A nervous Paul Heyman in the ring to discuss with Brock Lesnar about The Undertaker and the match at Summer Slam. Well, that was 10 minutes of nothing new. It is going to be the match of the summer, I will give you that.

Interesting 6 man tag team, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Randy Orton up against Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper and Sheamus. I am loving it tonight. everyone is Hot Rod shirts chewing bubble gum and raising hell, just what Hot Rod did every time he was around. I call this a karma match, but I do not think it will end here tonight, I think there will be some combination of this at Summer Slam. Where the hell did Roman just come from? Talk about flying fast, what ever you do, don’t blink.

If you have WWE network Paige is on with Stone Cold, tune in if you can.

All I Want to do is See

20150705_155303OK, that title might seem a little off to you but let me explain things.

I love living overseas. Really , but it come with some major drawbacks and I am suffering through those now. It is summer in the USA and everyone is out and about at different events and all. I would love to see where they go or to hear how the concert was. Everyone is having a great summer and I wish I was there.

My Sorority Sisters are at the ball park and at times, I would give anything to be with them, to be able to see what they see. The different views and all. To hear about the sights and sounds.

Holidays are the worse, mind you I do not normally talk about this, but yesterday it really got to me. Thanksgiving is so hard, I turn on my Skype waiting and hoping that someone, might remember and take a few minutes to Skype, OK, I know that sounds selfish but what you do think is about all of us overseas wishing we were home for the holidays. A lot of countries do not understand Thanksgiving and all that goes with it, only other Americans can say, “I understand” and I know they get what is going on. Yea, you eat yourself silly and watch football all day but when you don’t have that fun and miss things that are so simple, it makes you want them more. I can’t wait til we are home at Thanksgiving, to have those experiences that I have missed with friends and family. My Skype never does ring as much as I will it to, I usually wind up going to sleep in tears, after a day of hoping for just one person to remember that my Skype is on. To not deal with it, I just hide, I don’t go to Facebook so I don’t have to face it.

I can probably hear some of you thinking that this all sound selfish and OK, I will give you that. When is the last time you stopped going fast forward to see what you are missing?

You know, when your friends are all going to that one place, or event but they don’t ask you. Then they come back and go on about how much of a great time they had and you sit quiet listening to all the stories about the night, well, that is me. I sit here and wait as all of you go off, hoping for that picture of that check in, just to be included even though I am not really there. I wish people could understand what that would mean. I have one Sorority Sister who checks me in with her and the other Sister who lives outside the country, I have never told her what that means to me. It is something simple that she does but it means the world. I wish more people would do it, sounds silly but those of us overseas would love it. I have done it for my Crow brothers and sisters, so I get it.

All I am trying to do is to get you to have  a stop and think about your oversea friends if you have them, doing something special for them. You have no clue how much a couple of pictures or a check in would go a long way. This is probably all over but thanks for giving me a chance to put words to feelings and get this out.

Here’s the Question?   When is the last time you took a picture so someone far away, could just see what you see?