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It’s Time for a Holiday

Phil and I decided months ago it was time for a holiday. The big question was where to go. We wanted some place new that neither of us have been, and seeing friends was out. This trip is for us.

Phil has never been on a cruise, so the decision was made. Off on a cruise but it was trying to find what would fit our needs the best.

I have been on Carnival before in the USA and it was time to give them a try here.

With limited expenses we settled on a 3 day. All food and activities are included. We just had to work out airfare.

We are flying with QANTAS, only paying for 1 way, using what points we had saved up to take care of the other way.

We also weeded through the mess of travel insurance.

Over the next couple of weeks before we depart for some sun and fun I will share with you some of the things that we had to work through.

It’s 29 days and counting.


My mate Craig needs your help

With Phil and I in the photo is Jamie (beard) and Craig.


At 1 time or another in our lives we come in contact with someone who suffers from Depression and or Anxiety.  It could be a family member, someone  you work with or you have gone through depression yourself.

Each year here in Adelaide is the City to Bay fun run. You can walk or run for fun or you can do it to raise money. My Crow brother Craig is raising money for BeyondBlue. It is a great community who do a lot to get the word out and give help to those in need.

The above link is to Craig’s City to Bay page, please stop by and make a donation to help him reach his goal. I know that Craig will make the distance, let’s help him reach his goal. He has another goal involving some of his Country Music mates. Help Craig get them to open their wallets also.

Go Craig, you got this.

It’s Been Awhile

I know its been ages since I checked in but with lots going on quite a few things have gotten put on the shelf.

Hubby and I are still making banners for the Adelaide Crows. This past weekend was round 17, including the girls season we have made a total of 24 banners. Once had 1 week off during the season.

I finally published my first novel and it has been well received. More info soon on that front.

The knitting and crocheting have got me as busy as ever. Way to many projects on the go and not nearly enough time.

The writing has been slow but its time to get it back in dear, getting inspired through events and I need to get it on paper, well the computer screen.

Working on the final steps of a trip for September and to be honest I can’t wait. some real time to disconnect and recharge.

More soon

Hey Tex, Thats Eddie’s Pocket

The 19th Floor Blog

On Thursday’s game against Hawthorne, Tex kicked a great goal from the pocket. It was an ugly game which we should have won. The first game back after the bye round always is a hard one. It was a cold one, no rain. I was out on banner and it was a good night. The Megary Room was empty as usual, not sure if it was due to the loss or being a weeknight.

Once again round 13 passed us quietly by. That’s OK, really. They say that time heals and in this case I am trusting on that. I do get teary when I hear “Forever Young”. Phil finally went to Coach’s tree a few weeks ago. I stepped back and let him have his time. I know there are many of you who have yet to go or may never go. That’s OK too. Go when your ready.

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Saying Goodbye – at Least for Now

Cathedral 150 - a 5 year journey

Photo Courtesy of Andrew Victorsen

As Phil and I wandered into St.Peters on Sunday night our hearts leapt with joy as she had returned even just for one night. Listening to Josh play her was like old times. For just a few hours all was right in the life of S.Peters. 

Her family had gathered one last time as she would soon be turned off for good, so she could be taken apart and packed for her trip to England.

Having the chance to say goodbye but safe journey till you return home. She will be gone for over a year. Tonight its hard to imagine that but the work needed on her will take time.

We are also saying Thank You to Josh as he departs for a new job with Co-Opera. I know he will be amazing. Josh has give me a new outlook at music, the value…

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TGIF – Let’s Party Phil

I didn’t get a lot done on the list but that’s ok

Phil turns 65 today and I have been trying each day this week to make it a little special. Tonight is the Crows match at Adelaide Oval against St.Kilda. After last weeks loss we need a good solid win tonight.

Tomorrow is an event at St. Peters, and birthday party. Sunday is a birthday lunch at The Alma Tavern.

Hoping to sneak a little knitting on National Knit in Public day on Saturday.

Get your dancing shoes on and help us celebrate.


Busy Week Ahead

Lots of things in store for this week.

Hoping to get at least 1 Periscope this week.

Lots of writing to get done, blogs and work on the new book

Lots of knitting and crocheting also. Plenty of orders that need worked on.

The main thing is Phil’s  Birthday on Friday.

the to do list is long, lets see what gets done


Time for a Catch Up

It has been awhile and much has been going on since I last checked in.

I finished my first novel and have published it. Hope you will check it out.

It was an experience itself but also a huge challenge. I will be writing the sequel, to be released next year.

I am still working as a sports analyst, covering the White Sox and Giants. Also working hard during College football season and NFL.

Right now most of my time is taken with banner building for the Adelaide Crows and attending games.

Crocheting and Knitting are still my passions and with many projects on the go.

You can always find me on Instagram and I am hoping to make a regular return to Periscope soon.

The Organ will leave us soon

Cathedral 150 - a 5 year journey

It has been a huge project to get to this point but we have a long way to go. We have secured a loan IF NEEDED to help with things. As of the writing of this post, $700,000 has been raised but we still need 1.4million dollars to complete the project.

You can tell there is something missing on Sunday Mornings as the service is taking place.

In a conservation with Shirley who use to play the organ, she shared some interesting facts with me. Did you know that the organ was built for St. Peters?

I ask her what she missed about playing the organ, Shirley shared with me that she misses the essence of the organ. The feelings that each piece had as you played it. The new organ is getting the job done but it is all-electric.

In June the construction of the scaffolding will start. That…

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