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Harry and Meghan — Royal Wedding Stuff

With the news of the royal wedding it was finally something positive. I know people are tired of it or don’t like the royal family or whatever but its positive and I think a needed change. Of late the news has been depressing, Phil and I have not watched most night because of all the negative.

It’s taken a bit for Prince Harry to find the right woman for him. She is 3 years older and is stunning. He sees some wonderful stuff in her, wonder if he sees a bit of Diana in her. Meghan is already adapting to certain royal things as they are making appearances. It’s good to see her getting on the kids level as she chats to them. Think we might see more of a wardrobe change, but I think you will still see her come through. She has a great eye for what works well for her.

I am not sure if I could give up my life as Catherine has done and Meghan is starting to do. It was the Queen who wished for Will and Harry to date as long as possible so, the girls could see what life would be like if they did marry into the family. I read with Cate they took great care not to make mistakes that was made with Diana. From what I read the press almost cost Will and Catherine their relationship. I am happy that she decided it was worth it.

Been watching video from Will and Cate’s wedding. Remembering those little things that they shared with us, the kiss on the balcony. Will driving the decorated Aston Martin back to Clarence House, for a clothes change for the evenings events.

Can’t wait for Saturday to see Meghan’s dress. I heard that it was a pair of Australian designers that got the nod but we will know soon.

I’m a little sad that things with her Dad going go London didn’t work out. My first marriage it was very important to have my Dad there and all. I heard that her Mom could give her away and even Prince Charles could. Meghan could walk the aisle alone but I can’t see that happening.

Phil and I will be having what we call a nibbles dinner and have a bottle of bubbly ready to crack on Saturday night as we settle in to attend the wedding.

With everything going on in the world its time for some happy.


Just Stuff

Writing this with the “Dear Evan Hansen” sound track playing.

Thursday here and emotions have been hard.

Reminders that life is fragile, life can change in the blink of an eye.

I got to talk to a mate of ours who doesn’t have much time left. The damn cancer is winning.  I found a dragonfly pattern in crochet and I finally got a baby blanket started. I’m making it in her honour. Hoping to remind people to make sure to take the time and enjoy life.

the lady I did knitting for , her health has declined. She made a comment that really caught me off guard. “I’m no good to anyone.” I tried to reassure her that she was.

I must admit, I have felt that way myself. I think that was a lot of self-doubt letting get the better of me. I am my own worse enemy, not giving myself the credit I deserve.

Its been the last couple of years that finding those things helped me to see that I really am pretty cool. I have done things in my life I never thought I would get to do, had dreams come true. Have gotten to meet people, publish books, go places that I never dreamed of.

Sure life has thrown me my share of curves, some big and at times I never thought I would find my way though. Other times, I managed, no clue how but I made it. Just doing what needed done. Not stopping to think. I call that survival mode.

To quote Even Hansen:

“Dear Evan Hansen, today is gong to be a good day and here’s why, today your you and that’s enough.

When you get out of bed tomorrow jsut remember, Today is going to be a good day, because your you and that’s enough

Dear Benj and Justin

How can I say “Thank You” for what you do.

As I write this I have “Dear Evan Hansen” playing, It will get me through my day, to be honest its gotten me through alot of my days since I discovered the track.

I saw the Greatest Showman twice and cant wait for it to come on DVD here in Australia.

As Keala said in an interview, and I totally agree with her, you 2 take us to that place past narrative and find your way to my soul, to give that courage that I really am OK, or that I’m not alone. (You will be found is playing now)

Keep doing what you do, we need the musical more than ever these days, it’s not corny to be happy now. You help us find that bit that we didn’t know was missing.

Growing up I called myself the “Ugly Duck”. Yes, I am my own worse enemy. After seeing Greatest Showman, hearing Keala and discovering Dear Evan Hanson, “This is Me” and Dear Evan Hansen:

Today is a good day, this is me and that’s Enough

Watching to see what you do next because I cant wait.


Greatest Showman — Music

Sometimes a song or a score  is written that creates so much of an impact that it takes a life of its own on.

That seems to be what Benj Pasek and Justin Paul do.


The music for this show is amazing to say the least but it was Keala who described that Benj  and Justin writing coming from a place that they can reach to get past the narrative, helping everyone connect.

The Original song was written for the Oddities to sing, but Justin and Benj decided to write This is me was written for Keala. the boys took their inspiration from her. You can watch the video on You Tube of the work shop and what happened when Keala stepped out from behind the music stand.

Head of Fox walked up to Keala after the workshop and said “I don’t know who you are but your staring in the movie”

Emotionally Raw — some how Benj and Justin go beyond the narrative to connect us with music. They boys had no clue how many lives they have touched with Greatest Showman, Dear Even Hanson.

Music is a big part of life. At times, the sound track can even make or break the movie.

The soundtrack to this movie, at least for me, I have been able to find self courage. (I know its been there but I am starting to trust it more and more) I have been more accepting of who I am, with my faults, I am OK.

Being different is OK, Life would be boring if we were all similar.

Dear Justin and Benj:

How can we say “Thank You” for writing such an amazing score.

I grew up on the classic Hollywood Musical, finding for those couple of hours, I was sharing the same experience as others in the theatre.

You may be young in your career but your writing is something amazing. you tap into that place that is helping those who need to hear your work.

I know this might be wondering a bit but how do I say thank you for giving myself (and friends) the gift of being able to stand on our own and that maybe the world is OK. At least in our corner of it anyway.

I know this was a risk before La La Land and Dear Even Hanson, but it was worth it. My copy of Dear Even Hanson is getting a real workout. It gets me through the day.

I cant wait to see what you do next. I know it will be amazing

Thanks Again

Cricket and many fans of The Greatest Showman









Greatest Showman — My Take on Why it Worked — Background


“No one ever made a difference, by being like everyone else”

P.T Barnum



2009 — Where were you?

Slumdog Millionaire was best picture at the Oscars

The last live action musical was 23 years ago called “Newsies”

Reason I’m asking you that,  it’s the year pre production started on the movie. Listening to Hugh Jackman and Michael Gracey in interviews, talking about Hugh’s passion of making this movie, his research and trying to convince people to take a chance.

Michael Gracey, (with his trademark beanie)  who gave 8 years of his life to this project, whose vision was stunning. He turned down a lot of other projects during that time, a few that went on and got made. Michael had been Hugh’s director on a commercial when they originally met. Michael’s vision, his attention to detail, was beyond anything in my book. Every part of the movie mattered, not just the sets but all the little things, details that made each scene, or song that much better.

Michael  even worked with Benj Pasek and Jason Paul to create the most amazing sound track. (reading the comments, the kids under 10 are asking for the sound track to be played over and over.) Hugh said its a good song if you wake up the next morning and the song is till in your head. The boys started writing for the project in 2013 (Argo was the best picture from the Oscars) The boys went  on to write “Dear Even Hanson” in 2016  (which you need to listen to, it will change you), they won the Oscar for “La La Land” also in 2016

Keala was on Broadway and picking up the workshops as extra money, in 2015 Keala had a minor role in the Meryl Streep movie “Ricki and the Flash”


Why did I tell you all of that?


I wanted to show you a bit of why it took so long to get to us, the public. For some reason the suits of the studio’s where not sure that they wanted to take a chance on this. The movie was slow getting started, the reviewers didn’t know anything. The movie started catching on turning out it was a place we could go to shut out the outside world for a couple of hours. Word of mouth is great advertising. I don’t know about anyone else but I walked out happy, finding some confidence to take on my part of the world.

I think we just need some positive in the world today. At times the world can be so overwhelming, hard to figure out whats gong on. Those of us who hide from the world, at times are more alike than we understand. This movie gives us a family of sorts.

Head to the theatres if you have not seen the movie. Hubby and I are going again. Hugh tweeted again that if there is enough interest they will send out the sing a long version again. Call your local theatres, show them that you want to have the experience of the sing a long. (they are so much fun. I went, hubby got upset with me for not getting him a ticket but I will get him one when it’s out again)

Maybe this was the right time Greatest Showman was supposed to be made?


The Oscars got it wrong once again

As I know many fans of “The Greatest Showman” were disappointed in the lack of nominations the movie got from the Oscars, it is still playing and still blowing people away. the movie is the #1 sound track and Keala tweeted the morning after the Oscars “This is Me” was #1 on iTunes.

It’s time the academy came out of the dark ages and created a category for musicals and comedy’s. With the world so full of crap now, why can you, The Academy understand we want stories that are uplifting, encouraging and that empower.

We, the fans have watched all the extra You Tube video’s that we can find, that give us the behind the scenes of what it took to get this movie made. 7 years, Hugh had finished the movie “Pan” and started to work shop this movie.

Justin Paul and Benj Pasek had started on this long before “La La Land” (peaked at #2)  and Dear Evan Hanson (peaked at #8) were holding on for the ride of a lifetime. Peaking at #1 when the film opened December 20th.

The roll of the beard woman was written for Keala. No one else could have delivered the performance and the vulnerability in the video workshop, spoke volumes to all of us who have that moment of being so scared to stand up and go look “I’m here and Like it or not I’m not leaving”

How can we the fans ever say “Thanks” to the cast and crew for making this movie. For the voice it has given those of us who felt we had no one.

Can’t wait for the DVD to come out. Hope they will put in the complete workshops of Keala and Hugh, we want to cheer with those who were in the room getting to see all of this fall into place.

I know your out there, lets smash all records for first day release of the DVD.

I cant wait.

This is Me

It has taken a life time to feel comfortable in my skin and I have been working on being accepting of this im part to help from a song from Greatest Showman called “This is me.”

The movie tells the story of P.T Barnum with Hugh Jackman in the lead role,  how the start of the Barnum and Bailey circus came to be. P.T had a unique view on the world and everyone no matter what you looked like have a place in the world.

By the reviews I knew it would be good, well, anything with Hugh usually is. I love musicals and this was an original score, taking 7 years to get it made.

“This is me” was one of the final songs written a week before the final workshop.

By the end of the scene in the movie I was in tears, every word Keala Settle (bearded women) sang,  I could relate to. If you don’t have a voice yet, let this song be your voice.

I don’t have doubts about who I am. Its taken a life time to finally be OK with who I am. I am bruised and battered but here I am.

Now it’s your turn, You are here for a reason, be proud of who you are. Don’t let them bring you down. Break the barricades down. Beat your own drum. (dance like no one is looking)

Good see the movie, there are special “Sing a long” shows this coming weekend here in Australia. I have my ticket and I cant wait to go. Phil downloaded the sound track, and It gets played quiet a bit.

Here is the scene from the movie:

Dr. George

How do you describe him in one word — you don’t

I discovered Doc George over on Periscope. He had that great calm voice, that put you at ease. You could ask him anything and he would explain it in such a way that you got it.

Anytime you felt down or a negative would creep up on you he would give you suggestions to keep that negative at bay and find the positive you need.

Find the positive, its hard to do that now but I think it is what he would want us to do

When someone passes we all struggle in how to remember, well with George we would remember him how he was. That calm voice in the storm. George even held talks when he was riding his bike.

Thank you for all the time you spent with us. Teaching us the tools we need to be the best we can.

Because we knew you, we have been changed for good.

Welcome to 2018

I don’t know about you but the new year slapped me on the back as it ran past me.

Time to get my butt in gear and make those new years plans. Good and bad.

A bout of depression slowed me up for the last of the year. I didn’t get nearly the amount of work done that I was planning on. The new year and getting rid of some baggage is helping to lighten the load.

Being organised is my goal at this point. Taking it a day at a time and just feeling productive is my daily goal.

The 2 big projects in my life, writing and my knit/crochet life.

My blogs have gone quiet for a bit but I am trying to get the consistency back on track. That is the key to getting my career back on track. Also writing the squeal to my first novel.

The other consistency I need to get better at taking care of myself. Drinking more water, taking care of my face, watching what I eat. Just over all, feeling better. Trying to get rid of that 10 kilos of cruise weight still hanging around. Back to running might be a good idea.

I had some time with a life coach, one of the things she suggested was to take a block of time for me. That was over a year ago and today it still going strong today. We even have date-night (even during football season we still date once a week) and Phil has his own blocked out time.

The biggest job is sorting out the positive and ignoring the negative.

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