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It’s Been Awhile

Life has kept me on my toes of late. Lots going on but I also need to get my career back up and going.

We finally made it to the Cathedral 150th celebrations, It was an amazing weekend. You can check out more of what happened over at

I am turning that blog into a book to present to the church community to be placed in the church archives.

We are off again in December on a 3 day cruise. After the move and some other issues, Phil and I decided we needed a break. We started planning over a year ago. Check out my new blog:

Phil was in the hospital in June for 4 days, it was Pneumonia. We thought he has gotten rid of it but it hung on enough to cause issues. He has now been diagnosed with COPD, He has quit smoking 3 months ago but the main damage has been done. Once he has had his next round of test, they will send him to Pulmonary Rehab. He is getting better but its a slow process. We just have to be extra careful now, especially in the winter.

I am knitting and crocheting like a mad woman. Trying to finish some of my Works in Progress but am guilty of having “Squirrel” and starting new stuff. It was really hot, with not being able to hold stuff it was time for something small. With the Crows having babies, some blankets are in order. hehe

I am doing my best to have some me time, selfish knitting and binge watching. It’s been hard to realize that I need to be nicer to me.

Take care of each other and dont be afraid to say “I Love You” You never know, it might be the last thing someone hears.


I gave up bread, well sort of

Been trying to get my diet back in some kind of order since life as finally settled down. Self care has not been a strong suit of mine but I am finding late in life I have to start putting myself first. I am no good to anyone if I dont take care of me.

I have set myself some small goals each day. I allow myself 2 pieces of bread a day, no more than 4. some days I have had none. its been a bit of an adjustment but its OK, the body is starting to show the change.

I am also trying to walk 2,000 steps per day. Living in an actual house now is helping that. The bedroom alone is 40 meters from the lounge room which helps. Anything over 2,000 is a plus, also the QANTAS wellness app is good incentive. Walking 2,000 steps per day gets you 0.6 of a point. They have also added a Sleep Health Challenge. If you put your phone down between the hours you have set you can earn 0.5 of a point. If you can get both of those for a week that is 7.7 frequent flier points. Provided I can say on target everyday for the month of May I will have earned 31 points. When your saving everything for a trip to Disney World you work your backside off.

I know I don’t do a great job at drinking water like I should, so I am trying to keep Soda, Cordial and the sweet drinks to before 7 p.m. by 8 I am on just water. Last check up at the Doctor’s I had lost 7 kilos. Totally blown away by that. Phil said the other day he could see a difference. My shorts are looser and I may need to go shopping sooner than planned.

Just doing what I have been has made a difference, now if I could get get my sleep sorted.

A 5 Year Anniversary and A Hand Over

Cathedral 150 - a 5 year journey

According to my facebook memories, 5 years ago today this project was created. It’s been a long soul-searching journey. finding new views. Exploring places I had not gone before.

In 87 days the official anniversary will take place. Its going to be a full on celebration which I can’t wait. Lots of pictures, along with things to write about. It has been a year-long celebration which will continue past the anniversary. More news as the anniversary plans are known.

Vestry Meeting will be held on Sunday April 7 after Mass in the Cynthia Poulton Hall. (time change this weekend)

We have many events taking place over the Easter holidays. don’t forget to check those services times out on our website

The handover needs some explaining. Roughly over the last month I have been working on a project to donate to St.Peters. I have been wanting to do my part…

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Finally, Finding that new Normal

It’s taken a while but I am finally finding my feet. The move to the new house was quick, today it feels like a blur. We missed our Thanksgiving dinner and before we knew it, it was Christmas time. We actually got a tree up this year, just a string of lights and a couple of ornaments. but it was there. Then came the heat waves, 2 to be exact. Slowing down the unpacking process even more.

The Knit/Crochet projects are making progress. I have allowed only 3 to 4 projects next to my chair, doing everything I can to get them finished. I started a couple of new projects because of the heat, everything I have going at this point was too big to hold. My bag of stash busters is close by so I can keep the stash low. That has always been a hard one for me but I have learned over the years, that even scraps can make beautiful creations.

I don’t miss the old place, too much bad stuff happened there. This has been a fresh start, It’s a little more work to stay on top of things but I am getting there. AS long as I can accomplish 3 things a day, I feel productive. If more gets done the better. With no carpet, I think a steam mop is in order.

I’m doing OK, working my self care. That is my biggest issue. I need to do a better job looking after me. Drinking more water, watching when I eat. Getting out to walk. I ‘m not doing the city to bay this year so that money can be spent for our bit trip in December.

OK, I better get back to it

The Oscar Goes To

Queen with Adam Lambert opening the show. (There is no real host this year so, it should be interesting to see how it goes. )

Supporting Actress — Regina King for If Beale Street Could Talk.

Documentary Feature — Free Solo

Best Makeup and Hair — Vice

Costume Design — Ruth Carter for Black Panther. Black Panther also received an Oscar for Production Design. B.P have also picked up the Oscar for Best Original Score

Cinematography — Roma. Roma also wins the Foreign Language Oscar.

Sound Editing — Bohemian Rhapsody. Also take the Oscar for Sound Mixing. Filming Editing also taking out by the movie.

WOW — Bette Midler looking pretty good there, for 73.

Supporting Actor — Mahershala Ali for Green Book

Animated Feature — Spiderman: Into the Spider-verse

Animated Short — Bao

Documentary Short Subject — Period. End of Sentence

Visual Effects — First Man

Live Action Short — Skin

Original Screenplay — Green Book

Adapted Screenplay — BlacKkKlanman

Best Original Score — Shallow from A Start is Born

Actor in a Leading Roll — Rami Malek for Bohemian Rhapsody

Actress in a Lead Roll — Oliva Coleman for The Favorite.

Best Director — ROMA

Best Picture — Green Book

The moment that stole the show was Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga for me. I was really surprised by Green Book taking the Best Picture Oscar.

Letters To Juliet

I love those movies that are simple and no one really knows about but you find it and it turns to speak to you in such a way that you dont realize its changed you. This is one of those movies.

In 2010 this lovely movie appeared starring Amanda Seyfried and Vanessa Redgrave. They are wonderful together, I wish there had been more scenes of just the two of them. In the end I think Claire became the Mother that sophie never had. (I dont want to give too much away so you will go find the movie and watch it)

What got me the most was he letter that Sophie wrote to Claire after finding her letter after 50 years. It was those to little words “what” and “if”

Apart they are simple words but its when you put them together that everything changes “What If”. It really does get you to think What If . . . . .

Again, I dont want to give too much away but, I hope it will get you thinking, about “What If”. . . Follow your heart, Have the courage to follow through, Seize the moment. You never know, the thing you are looking for could right right outside your comfort zone.That is when we grow the most I think, taking the courage to make that step. Claire took that step, at Juliet’s House in Varona.

Don’t spend the rest of your life wondering . . . . What If?

Golden Globes 2019

Welcome back.

It’s been awhile since I have covered an awards show but I am interested in some of the nominations and looking forward to some of the movies that are out.

Michael Douglas at 74 just won best actor in a drama on television. No clue he was still acting.

Best animated feature film — Spiderman — into the spiderverse

Actor in a Drama T.V series — Richard Madden in Bodyguard.

Best T.V series Drama — The Americans

Supporting Actor series — limited series or Drama — Ben Whishaw

Actress — limited Series or Drama — Patricia Arquette

Cecil B Demille — Jeff Bridges. Presented by Chris Pratt. (Filmology narrated by Sam Elliot)

Carol Burnett Award for Television — 1st time to be awarded. Carol is 85 years young.

Best original Score — First Man

Original Song — Shallow — A Star is Born.

Supporting Actress in a Movie — Regina King for If Beale Street Could Talk

Actress in a T.V series — Sandra Oh for Killing Eve.

Supporting Actor in a Movie — Mahershala Ali for Green Book

Best Screenplay for Motion Picture — Green Book

Best supporting Actress in a Supporting Role — Series or T.V Movie — Patricia Clarkson for Sharp Objects.

Actor in a Movie Musical or Comedy — Christian Bale for Vice

Actor in a Limited Series or T.V Movie — Darren Criss The assassination of Gianni Versace. American Crime Story

Best Director — Alfonso Cuaron for Roma

Best Actress T.V series or Musical — Rachel Brosnahan for the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Best T.V Series Musical or Comedy — The Komisky Method

Emily Blunt and Dick Van Dyke presenting Mary Poppins

Best Limited Series or made for T.V Movie —
The Assassination of Gianni Versace. American Crime Story

Best Actress Musical or Comedy — Olivia Colman for The Favorite

Best Movie Musical or Comedy — Green Book

Best Actress in a Movie Drama — Glenn Close in the Wife

Best Actor in Movie Drama — Rami Malek for Bohemian Rhapsody (Rami told the producers he would need a year to get ready for this role and they gave him the time he needed)

Best Movie Drama — Bohemian Rhapsody

Finally Moved

It’s been a whirlwind 6 weeks or so but at least we are settled and trying to find a routine. Still got plenty of boxes to sort through but we are able to at least cook a meal.

The move happened in a blink of an eye but we are loving it here. Almost like living in the country, sleeping great at night. Things are a little more relaxed but there is still heaps to do. Trying to enjoy the holidays of sorts before its really back to work in January.

Plenty of writing to catch up on but have been watching lots of NFL and College football. Took a little to get the Foxtel sorted out but finally got it. It’s what I get for being a tech geek and being able to sort out our own stuff. Had to be independent when Phil had his accident and still am independent to this day. I would rather take care of things on my own, hate asking for help. I had to do that though, we needed petrol money and some food. It was hard to swallow my pride and ask but we made it though.

Have a safe and Happy New Year, 2018 was hell, 2019 I am giving it my best to reach some goal I have set for myself. See you soon

Packing to Move

Have found some interesting things as we are packing for a move. We finally got a house. 

Besides finding dirt and dust, I found about $4.00 in American change from our last trip home in 2005. Also, found a heap of pictures and other stuff to go through at the new place. 

It’s a little overwhelming to see your life in boxes. 

I will be back with you as soon as we are settled and I have my office area set up. 

stay safe til then

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