Time to Freshen up

Hey All,

Sorry it has been a bit since I have checked in but had heaps going on.

Had a bit of a down time, not really sure what caused it, missing my girls and the grandbabies, or just missing home in general. It was 4th of July and I wanted to be home to see everyone, especially my girls and all, Sorority Sisters. The same weekend as the anniversary celebrations in Chicago for the 2005 World series win, the Brown family reunion. It was a tough weekend and I didn’t think that it bothered me as much as it did.

Just when I thought I was getting back on my feet and into fighting form, tragedy struck again. I follow a team in the Australian rules Football League called the Adelaide Crows and through a series of events, our Coach, Phil Walsh was murdered by his son. We don’t know the complete story but it was a complete shock, to say the least. Talk about being at a loss for words, that was hubby and I both. Just no words, not knowing what to do, or to say. all we could do was just comfort each other the best we could. We finally got to meet up with close friends and it helped a lot.

I am now on Periscope and I am loving it. Finding all sorts of interesting people. Two of the people who I really have learned heaps from is Katie Lance and Robert Stern and they are amazing. The both work in social media and give lots of great tips. I have learned so much and am applying it to my business. So, you will see new blog themes and other new or freshened up.

I am still crocheting and knitting like mad and still designing for clients.

Getting ready for NFL season and still keeping an eye on the White Sox and hoping that maybe they can make it past September.

WWE Raw — Kansas City Missouri

This will be fall out from Battleground last night. the next big Pay Per View will be at Summer Slam in August just 5 weeks away. August 23

The show is opening with those chilling gong sounds, returning to the ring dressed is his hat and coat as he walks out of the fog, This has turned everything on it head, and I can’t wait to see whats up. (Rumor – Kane will return in the mask as the red beast) He is being well received by the crowd. (His real first name is Micheal). Under is talking about that he has had enough about Brock going on and on about how he beat him at Wrestlemania. Last night was the undertakers return, and he is coming for Brock.

We have our first match for Summer Slam – Brock against Undertaker.

*We have a rematch from Battle Ground, Charlotte against Brie. Loving Charlotte, on her own NOT because of her Dad. Loving that figure 8, Brie taps out again.

*The Miz walks into the office and starts complaining to Triple H about last night and finds himself in a match with the Big Show. Here comes Big Show and you know that this will not end well.

*Paul Heyman in the ring talking about the loss last night and who is NOT happy about the Undertaker returning. OK, Paul just had a screaming temper tantrum and the lights went off, here is Undertaker in the ring with Paul, here is Brock in the ring we they are beating the crap out of each other, looks like this match had better be a hell in the cell match. I have never seen crap hit the fan like this, the whole locker room is trying to keep them apart and nothing is working. Triple H is PISSED. Got to give credit to the camera guys, they did a hell of a job. The called the cops (hehe) 15 months in the making. guess who just showed up in The Authority office, Seth Rollins — geesh what now, another whiny fit by Seth.

*It was Luke Harper who helped Bray Wyatt beat Roman last night, hoping for some payback here because Roman was on the verge of winning and it fell apart. Even Lillian is keeping her distance. It was supposed to be Luke against Roman but here comes Dean so now its even. Fans chanting support for Roman. Roman got out-of-the-way buying him some time as Luke when flying. Just as Roman went to win, Bray pulled Roman out of the ring. Love that Buckeye Lunatic.

*Well, here is Seth and any guesses that he will brag about still being Champion. I did read that he could hold the belt until Wrestlemania next year, but as I said, I read it so I am going to put this in the rumor column. Anyone know who the #1 contender is for the belt, since Roman was told to go to the back of the line? He is complaining that he is the most under appreciated champion, well kids, I wonder why. He has lied, stole and ran like a girl to keep the belt. I do not see him putting the belt up week after week, like John Cena. Seth says he feels like he was robbed last night, just asking Lillian to come into the ring. OK, just as Lillian finished the announcement, here comes John Cena. WHY, who knows, John turns to Lillian and says “Thank you Lillian, you no longer have to put up with his crap.” John Cena just said everything we have all been thinking since Seth won, well stole the title. Well, guess what, the pansy boy just ran off again as usual. (John is right, Seth is a joke..he does everything possible to keep the title at all cost.)

*Divas Tag Team action – Paige and Becky Lynch against Sasha Banks and Naomi. The new girls from NXT are just what the division needs.

*Lana with an update on Dolph. He is resting and waiting to be medically cleared to return. Summer Rae just showed up dressed similar to Lana.

*6 man tag team – Cesaro, Randy Orton and John Cena to face Rusev, Kevin Owens and Sheamus. smart arse Owens started out against John but then tags out. Not quite sure why this match was set up. everyone on each side has a beef with someone else, so it will be interesting to see how this ends. Sheamus has taken his brief case and is walking, It’s now a 3 on 2 match. Kevin Owens has had enough and he has also walked leaving Rusev on his own. I feel an RKO coming on, here comes Lana after Summer Rae, and its Lana who has the last laugh. I wont spoil who won but, let’s say karma is giggling again.



























































































































































































































Battleground — WWE

Battle Ground is taking place tonight from St.Louis Missouri.

****SUMMER SLAM — August 23

Q and A with Paul Heyman about Brock. Questions from Twitter. (remember, it was Seth who pinned ROMAN, NOT Brock for the title)

The pre show match is a Crown against Crown match as R Truth goes up against Bad News Barrett. With the bull hammer, Barrett keeps the Crown.

This week, 3 of the top Diva’s from NXT have made an appearance on RAW, and Stephanie has requested that all 9 Divas are at Battleground. Becky Lynch, Charlotte(Rick Flair’s Daughter)and Sasha Banks.

Settle in Gang, here we go:

Sheamus and Randy Orton to kick things off tonight. I liked Sheamus until his return and became is smart arse. Randy is my pick for this one. 3 Irish curses on Randy has slowed things to Sheamus speed. Took a bit for the crowd to finally get in the match, the mike is picking up[ some nasty hits. Talk about being suckered, I have no clue how after the 4 leaf clover that Randy managed to win. It was an amazing defensive match.

JoJo interviewing Stephanie – JoJo is tiny, but she is holding herself well. Each of the 3 teams from the Divas have been told to pick a rep for a triple threat match tonight.

*Tag Team Belts on the line – New day against Prime Time Players.   My chest hears after hearing those slaps from Titus O’Neil. Damn that has to hurt.  That was a wild match but Prime Time Players keep the belts.

*Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt (my mistake in calling him Ray) I still do not get this one at all. It could go either way. My pick is Roman but I just do not trust Bray. Question for you —  is Bray Wyatt the newer version of The Undertaker? After Roman hit the the outside steps, it has been a Bray. Wyatt throw his body at his opponent, with no regard for himself. Roman tried to work his way back but Bray slowed Roman down again. What the HELL — beating the Sister Abigail and a superman punch and this match is STILL going. What the HELL now, family help and Bray gets the win. This will NOT be over by any means.

*Divas Triple Threat Match — Brie, Sasha and Charlotte  to do battle. My pick to watch is Charlotte, you might want to compare her to her Dad but don’t. She is amazing in her own right.

*United States Championship – John Cena against Kevin Owens. I cant STAND Owens from day one. I guess that is the part he is supposed to play. Well, he is playing the part well. I hope that Cena beats the crap out of Owens. It’s a mixed crowd tonight. Owens is getting pissed, he is giving John everything he has and John is still coming back. This is going to be one of John’s most classic matches. What a hell of a match, Kevin Owens had nothing left and tapped out.

*The Miz just running off at the mouth, having a temper tantrum since Ryback is off with his knee injury. Big Show just came out and bitch slapped the Miz.

*Seth against Brock for the Heavyweight Title. It was a sea-saw match with Seth getting the snot beat out of him. I don’t want to give anything, especially if you have yet to see this,  but there is a surprise ending to this match. Let’s just say Karma is involved and you will not believe the end to all this.





Grieving at Your Pace.

As many of you know and are fans of the Adelaide Football Club we have been dealing with the loss of our Coach, Phil Walsh due to tragic circumstances. It has been a difficult time for everyone, even for my hubby(Pj) and myself during this time.

There have been many time over the fortnight that we have both found ourselves in tears over, photos we have seen, or videos. The blog I wrote earlier, brought Pj to tears. I think I found the words that he needed to put to his feelings.

Everyone is at different places in this journey and as much as we know its time to move on, we need to remember those who are still having a hard time. I read one post that a lady had lost her Dad a couple of weeks ago and losing Coach has helped her to finally grieve for her Dad. I want to send her hugs and love. Things will get better in time. When I lost my Dad I saw a sign on a trip about grapefruit and I burst into tears. My Dad loved grapefruit and had it almost every morning for breakfast.

Yes, in a lot of ways it is time to move on but please support those who are still making the journey, everyone will catch up at some point. Look to the players for cues, take whatever you can from them to help move on. They have said, that Coach Walsh would say, “Just get on with the Job”

That is what we need to do I think, to the best of our ability. If you need something to do, adopt a player for the rest of the year. Find out their birthday or something special. Richard Douglas is my birthday twin, so I will be supporting him the rest of the season.

I can’t wait til showdown, it is going to be tough but amazing and I can’t wait to see what happens.

As Patty Dangerfield said, “When the horn blows, it is war”

2015 ESPYS

Just a last-minute decision to do the ESPY awards on ESPN. Should be fun, but will be interesting also, the Arthur Ashe Award to Caitlyn Jenner.

*Best Record Breaking Performance — Payton Manning

*Best Breakthrough — Mo’ne Davis

*Pat Tillman — Danielle Green

*Best Championship Performance — LeBron James

*Best Moment in Sports —  Lauren Hill – get in the game now and Kick Cancer’s butt.

*Robin Roberts to honor Stuart Scott who passed away 3 months ago from Cancer.

**In memory of those we lost during the year

*Best Female Athlete — Ronda Rousey

*Best Comeback — Rob Gronkowski

*The V Foundation — Devin and Leah Steele

*Best Play — Odell Beckham Jr

*ICON Award — Derek Jeter

*Arthur Ashe Award for Courage — Caitlyn Jenner ( I am impressed, what a well spoken beautiful speech and I hope that it will help those who are trans)

*Best Male Athlete — Stephen Curry

*Best Team — U.S Woman’s Soccer





Monday Night Raw in Atlanta

Here comes Brock Lesnar with Paul Heyman, sitting there in the arena is the smashed car that Brock demolished last week. J and J Security are out injured so that will leave Seth Rollins on his own. (Battleground is Sunday). in mid sentence here comes Seth with Kane who has returned from holidays. Seth is having a temper tantrum, going on and on about how he is what the WWE is all about. Contract signing at the end of the show. Let’s see how civil it can really be.

*Tag Team Match — Ryback and Randy Orton against Big Show and Sheamus. this should be interesting and how much you want to be that The Miz shows up. (Randy Orton and Sheamus to go at it at Battleground announced on WWE Network) Randy usually does not do tag teams so it will be interesting to see how he and Ryback get along today. Well, thanks to The Miz sticking his nose in, Randy managed to turn a boring match into a few minutes of fun.

*Dean Ambrose and Ray Wyatt to go at it. Wishful thinking here, Roman to screw with Ray. Well kids, I got my wish. Out of nowhere here is Roman beating the snot out of Ray. Not sure what happened to Dean though.

*Diva Division – here is the Bella bragging talk. How she has taken all comers on and defeated them. Let’s talk about  the human version of the Mean Girls. Nikki bragging how she along with Bree and Alicia Fox make all the decisions. Guess who arrived, Stephanie McMahon. Someone is getting put into their place. Stephanie is talking about how woman are making their mark in sports and it is time for the women of WWE to do the same. Stephanie brought out Paige, talking about having back up,from NXT here come Becky Lynch, but also backing up with Charlotte (Rick Flair’s daughter) Now it’s finally a fair fight,just the shake up the Diva’s division needed. OK, Naomi has her knickers in a knot, the Current NXT Woman’s Champion Sasha Banks. We got a free for all. The NXT ladies showing that they are not to be messed with.

*John Cena – What a hell of a match with Cesaro week. Look for Kevin Owens to stick his nose in. this close to Battleground I would be on anything. Here is Rusev going on and on about how it was Lana’s fault he lost the title. Well, I told you so, Owens not happy that Rusev has come out to challenge, now we have Rusev, Owns and Cesaro in the ring. John just gets out-of-the-way and lets the 3 of them sort it out. OK, it’s a triple threat match, to see who faces John tonight for the title. You need to look up this match, it will blow you away, it is a war. Cesaro is blowing me away with how much he has changed. Owens is walking away, He has had enough. It is now down to Cesaro and Rusev for the right to meet John for the title. Holy Crap, Cesaro took Rusev for a swing. Some how Rusev won that but I am becoming a fan of Cesaro. Would have been a good match til Owens decided to screw it up, that no one will take the title away from John but him. He screamed that it’s HIS title. (IMO – John has to win Sunday, Owens needs put in his place.)

*Time for the contract signing — Seth is whining about the footage about Brock destroying the car, over and over all night. Seth is still bragging about what he did to him a couple of weeks ago. It is too polite and all. I love how Paul Heyman is being polite and telling it like it is, I don’t like Brock but I will be cheering for him on Sunday. OK, this just got interesting and I wont tell you where the axe handle was hidden. I told you this would not end well.

The emotions are still RAW

20150705_130355It has been a week since the nightmare started for the Crows Nation

A week ago the news came that our beloved Coach Phil Walsh had been taken from us is circumstances that have left us numb and speechless. Trying to make sense of those events and what had taken place. It has been a week of searching for answers, grieving, more tears than I can remember, being strong for those who needed extra support  and even I have broken down and let those around me, take care of me for a bit.

The tributes have been amazing this week, from the clubs with a minute’s silence and on last Friday night when the first ring of honor was formed at the end of the Hawks and Pies game and My Phil and I sobbing. As we watched each game and saw the tributes across the weekend, I could see and feel how much Coach Walsh was loved.

Something Rob Chapman said has stuck with me, there is no book or anything for such a tragedy of this nature. You have to figure out things as you go and just hope you get it right to the best of your ability.  I think the one scene that really got me, BUT it really showed that he was affected also was when Andrew Fagan put out a scarf out on the railing at the club, on the balcony outside the training room on the second floor.

Tomorrow afternoon as I call them, the baby Crows from the SANFL return to the field to take on Central Districts. It is only a walk up the street. The need our support also. Tomorrow night all over Adelaide will be what I call watch parties for the game. My Phil and I decided that it was important to gather with other friends and fans to watch the game and cheer on our boys.

Watching the Port game last night I ask Phil if it was wrong to work on our Crows blanket that I am crocheting and he said “No, not at all”.  A little later on Phil said, “You know you need to take it with us to watch the game tomorrow night you always work on it when the boys play, so for the first time the blanket will travel.

The ashes are stirring, we are starting to stretch our wings, we will FLY again

Try not to worry Coach Walsh, we will finish what you started