Paying it forward

Today in my Monday coffee scope I was asked if moving to Australia helped me, sure it did.

The biggest life lesson I learned was from a wonderful gentleman that I never got to meet in real life.

Gary taught me, when the sun comes up, the high powers give us for the day all that we can handle. When the sun goes down, we cant change anything that happened. Let it go. It’s time to take care of you. Recharge your batteries and get ready for tomorrow.

I never realized how much I was holding on too until I learned that. I also discovered that at night it really is OK, to just sit and watch television.

Letting go of the little things that waste time and energy, your missing the little things in your life journey.

When is the last time you noticed how blue the sky is, how green the grass is, how bright the sunshine is?



Why should I continue to Periscope?

I use to love the app and all, catching up with friends and visiting the world but now, why should I?

I have over 1700 followers, I did a sunrise scope today and I 7 viewers, you read that right, SEVEN. Half the time I have to restart my scope because I am not on the map, and if I do turn map on I run the risk of trolls and being bullied in my scope. I try to be consistent in my time and all but it still does not make a bit of difference

Look, I know I am never going to be a quality scoper, I don’t have the content to do it. I do the best I can with what I have to work with. I just want the level playing field. I have friends who have more followers than me, who do great quality scopes and they are struggling but other scopers notice them. OK, yea, it probably sounds like I am crappy about it, is it wrong to just want to be mentioned with those scopers just once. Yea, ok, maybe I am a little envious of them, what am I doing wrong?

I love my friends and Periscope family but maybe its time to walk away for a while?

What Breaks Me at Times:

20140822_214419Living in Australia is great don’t get me wrong but what you don’t see is: ME in real time. You see me on Facebook or Twitter or Periscope but you don’t see me away from that life.

You don’t see me when my heart is breaking for friends and family who are struggling and I am so helpless. You don’t see the tears when I get a Skype call from my grand babies and I hear “Love you Grandma” and I have never got to hold them.

You don’t how sad I get watching negative post about the White Sox and I would give anything to go to the park and have that experience just once.

You don’t know the hours I spend sitting at my computer early of a morning to watch the boys play, to just be a part of the game experience. I just want to see my favorite players do well, I would love to have a picture or get an autograph from them. Living in Australia, I would settle for twitter follows from them, it is simple but you have no idea how happy I would be.

You don’t see me when I hear news of people who have passed, like Prince, David Bowie and others, who have been apart of my life and there is no one to really to grieve with.

You don’t see how hard I work to produce good quality work, hoping that I can build an audience and maybe get noticed. Being an independent write, alot of the time , just getting acknowledged is the only payment.

I get up each morning and put up the brave face. Checking on friend and family, send up prayers when I read request or hear of sad news.

I may be brave and tell you I am OK, and just get on with it. There are times when I just need someone to listen. I know I can fix things and I need to just get them go, but once in a while I would give anything for someone to ask me

“Are you really OK?”

Frustrated by Periscope

Periscope is an amazing app, with great potential but now it’s broken and it feels like no one has any clue how to fix it.

People who need to be featured and who are damn good at scoping are getting lost, and it is getting hard and harder to find them. Ron Waxman scopes every night at the same time so we can find him. Those of us in Waxnation share to help everyone find Ron but we should not have to . He should be showing up in the global list and he is not. The map is not working either, it says Ron is on place but he’s really another. (Thanks Ron for letting me share)

The trending list really gives me the craps, its full of things I don’t want to see or care about. I want to see things that are relevant to me.

Periscope was a great app starting out but now they have lost the way. Simple things that use to work don’t. I just want notifications when my favorite scopers come on so I can watch them. The connection of Periscope to Twitter notification is just not cutting it. Some days I get notices, other days I might, some days I must have the app open and refresh it to see who I want.

I know I will never be a top scoper, I won’t get a mention or anything like that, I just want a level playing field. I would give anything just once to trend, just once to have a mention. I work hard but when the high ups decide that my content is not worth, they lose me in the shuffle. It really doesn’t make me want to stay on. I have over 1,700 followers but I am lucky to get maybe 50 when I come on to scope. My Periscope family gives good content, we don’t cross any lines.

I just want the same chance as everyone else, I’m the little guy, how about give us a fair go.

Thank You Periscope

As many of you know I am active on an app called “Periscope” and I have a great community there. Many great friends who I adore. I have been seeing scopes all over, with everyone talking about what Periscope has given them and since I am better at writing it, here goes:

I love scoping and I know I need to be more consistent but, I have learned alot from the people whose scopes I visit. My scopes are not good enough to get noticed and talked about by top scopers and that’s OK, I have worked hard to build my own little community, showing life outside my window here in Australia. I love to cook, knit and crochet and I try to share that. I scoped my training for the 4.5  kilometer  Bay to City here in Adelaide. I started training in November of  2015 and the final race was last weekend. I had a lot of response that people were getting up and moving from watching what I did. I cant even find the words to tell you how that good that makes me feel. Soon I will be back training for the 6 kilometer City to Bay and I will be documenting that once again.

What you see is what you get in my scopes, I bear my soul at times and yes I have even cried on Periscope. I share my struggles, celebrate the good stuff. This is who I am, and yes I know I am not as pretty as some people out there and I have crappy dental and all but I don’t need you coming in and tell me things I already know. ( you don’t like it you can leave my scope, cal you tell I hate trolls)

Now time for some Thank You:

To all my girlfriends: I love you guys, your amazing and we have had some great times together and there are great times ahead. We laugh together, have cried together. I am going though Menopause and its great to have those of you who understand that journey

Dany: OMG you so amazing and watching you cook the other night, that was some serious food porn. I cant wait to get to know you even better. Italy was never on my list to visit until now.

Jon: you put our screen shots together in such a creative and amazing way. You always capture the essence of who host the scope. One day mate, let’s have a coffee

Bec Boop: you are inspiring to me in so many way. You give a new and simple way of looking at beauty, you keep it simple but it works. Congrats on being named #4 beauty blogger in London. My wish is to meet Bec and see London with her.

Last but never least

Ron Waxman: You sir are an amazing human being. I have learned so much from you, we all have. I have picked up tips about scoping from you. I had a scoper the other day tell me that they really like that I greeted everyone who came in, I learned that from Ron. Waxnation is a super community of love and support. We laugh together, we grieve together, we have amazing discussion about everything and nothing. There is a joke that I am Ron’s press agent and you know, I don’t mind, because I want those who come to visit to have time with Ron, getting to know him. I knitted Ron a “Cricket Original” and it was fun, and in his favorite colors. I love doing that for close mates, designing something special and just sending it off. I enjoy looking after Ron, even from half way around the world. I fell in love with New York, thanks to Ron. I can’t wait to see all the places he takes us and have those experiences. On my bucket list is a scope in time square with Ron. One day, I will get there.

Thanks Periscope for my extended family, 2016 will be an amazing year.



Here’s the Question?

The title of my first book currently on Kindle.

Someone ask me what my book was about and I have actually struggled to answer that question but I am going to give it a go.

My daughter Alisha called it “Chicken soup for the soul crossed with life experience”

The book is about stuff I figured out, at least for me and how things like knitting and crocheting is like making decisions, making choices.

For those who know me, they know my love of sports, especially Ohio State and what they taught me. That tradition and your roots are important, they make up who you are.

My faith is important to me and the chapters sharing St.Peters Cathedral with you, I love to travel and I wanted to show you some of my new homeland.

I tried to come one sentence that said it all and for me I think this was it. . . .

“When Life’s Journey give’s you so much unexpected high’s and low’s, it’s what you do next that can change everything.  

You can find the book here:


Inspiration and Milestones

It has been an interesting few days. I can say at least for now I am in a good place. It was a totally different place a few days ago.

I had just finished a run and was on Periscope talking about my run but all of a sudden the trolls showed up and it was terrible, putting me down for how I look and telling me I was ugly. There were other comments made that I will not repeat. I stopped the scope and deleted it. It took a few minutes before I could go back on-line and get it done. I had always turned on my location, and that was the draw of the trolls. After that I do NOT turn it on. If you are a female and on Periscope I beg you PLEASE do not turn on your location. When I did the second scope and did not turn on location, I had no trolls. No one came to the scope but that was OK, I just wanted to get it done.

After getting settled and fluid, I got angry and had a huge rant/cry, about the events. Thank you to my knights in shinning armour who came and stay with me, let me cry and cheered me you. You kind sirs are amazing and I can’t say thank you enough. The trolls won’t win, I won’t let them

Now, yesterday a set of events took place but it was really scary and was also a real wake up call about internet safety. The Periscope family I am a part of rallied around and we made it. Strength in numbers.

40,000 Tweets and 250,00 periscope hearts yesterday – THANK YOU for your love and support

Now for the Inspiration.

Screenshot_2015-12-11-18-28-38I call her my mate and she is so special. Her name is Bec, she is a beauty blogger and accountant. She inspires me by her love of life and just having fun. She is not afraid to try new things, we have coffee with her in the morning and she shows us around London. I can’t wait to see London.

THANK YOU Bec for showing me that life is still fun, trying new things is OK and London is an amazing place.

You have taught this 53-year-old that there is so much more to investigate in this journey we call life