Being an American, its taken a bit to fully understand why it’s so important here on ANZAC day. War is a difficult time anywhere in the world but here especially i have come to discover. Aussies are an extremely proud bunch, just as the Americans are but for some reason the value and history is the difference. History is the key i am beginning to discover. Sure in school we learn about the wars and everything that has taken place and all but how many of us have truly gone to the places that we have studied in school. The knowledge that the guys and gals have about that time is invaluable. Sure in America we take the time, to stop and remember those we have lost but how much do we honestly know about that time?

I think that time is the key to all of this, its events in history that have changed the way we think, how we feel and what we know. It’s what we have learned, who we have lost and have we taken those stories and ideas and passed them down through the ages to those younger ones who are connected to the history from their grand-parents and great grandparents. In the USA, the older folks of that time are not really valued, talked with or their stories recorded for future generations. I truly think that is sad because of the lost knowledge that is dying with each digger that we lose. It’s those men and woman who have shaped out country. Why is it that the most important people, with the most important information about our history are not valued more?

It’s the stories of those people who were there when history was made. No matter what part they played, it’s those stories that tell the history of what happened. The medals and what they stand for, if they were on the front line or just a cook in the mess, all of the stories are important. Those stories need documented in books, blog, videos any way to safe them for future generations to learn. The medals need to be passed down, along with photos to preserve those memories. My husband Phil served as a cook in 3 battalion and shares stories with me about things he did and places he went. Those stories are as important as those who served on the front line in any war.

The two places I would love to visit are Pearl Harbour and Gallipoli, two places steeped in history and full of stories. I can’t even begin to imagine what those men and woman went through in those places. The stories that need told, but all of those involved. It’s not only the people who were there but those waiting at home, Fathers and Mothers, extended families and what they went through waiting for news of their loved ones. I can’t even begin to imagine what they went through just waiting for word. How priceless those letters from home would really be.

This piece started out one way and has turned to another, it has become a reflection of questions that need ask and things that need to be recorded for future generations Stories and places that need to be preserved for the future generations to come. WE are all connected to history in many ways, I don’t know how or what history I am really connected to but here’s the question…..

How well do you really know your country’s history and can you pass it on to future generations?