Centre staff with Janelle Saffin MP and Nick C...
Centre staff with Janelle Saffin MP and Nick Champion MP (Photo credit: Australian Civil-Military Centre)

Peoples voice for Kevin

This is a GREAT site. It is helping to give those of us we WANT and feel that the only person that can and should RUN the country is Kevin Rudd. Its been a real experience and a BIG learning curve just getting my head around all the parliament stuff here.

Being born in OHIO in the USA I never much paid attention to the political game and all. No interest really, mostly because the accessibility of those in office was like getting out of Alcatraz. It just didn’t happen, but here in Australia boy did I get a wake up. Let me explain what I am getting at.

Phil and I had started watching Question Time on ABCnews24. He ask me what I wanted to do for me birthday and I jokingly told him to go to Canberra to see Question Time for real.  Nick Champion is our current sitting member for the seat of Wakefield of South Australia. After an exchange of emails, Phil told me that when we get to Parliament House in Canberra we would be able to have coffee with Nick. I was totally floored by that and was so looking forward to the experience that was heading our way.