Growing up in Ohio I learned at a young age about being a buckeye and the history behind it all. I grew up under the Woody Hayes era. Each Saturday the scarlet and grey came out and you proudly wore it all day long. It was that way each season UNTIL it was beat Michigan week. That is a week unto itself. Even in my house growing up that state up north was a dirty word in our house.

Monday morning the colors of OSU began to appear. Even when I was in high school we had beat Michigan week. There were parties on Saturday to watch the game, it was like time stopped for those few hours on Saturday afternoon. Ohio State wins and the whole state goes mad and parties late into the night. We lose and drowned our sorrows well into the night and by Monday morning there was no evidence of what had taken place over the weekend.

When Woody Hayes passed away, the House of Buckeye (horseshoe) was open to the public. You were able to actually go down to the field to the exact centre, 50 yard line. Running on the score board was scenes from Coach Woody’s life and times at OSU. People had come and left flowers, notes, hats to pay respect to a great coach.

Then came Earl Bruce and his hat, John Cooper and his sweaters. Jim Tressell and his sweater vests. Each had their own style of coaching, finding that winning way bringing respect to a big 10 program that is known in the country for all it stands for. Once the winning is gone, losing that one big game everything is calling for the coaches head on a platter. Just one small mistake, and eventually its the coach who pays with his job.

Once again that has happened with Coach Tressell, because of NOT following the letter of the law, so to speak. Coach Tressell was looking out for his players and didn’t do what was expected of him. So, in the end we lost as great coach and 6 players forced us to deal with a season we should never have. Coach Luke Fickell carried the weight of a buckeye nation on his shoulders this season, and with all that I am so proud to STILL call myself a buckeye. He has one game left, taking the boys to the Sugar Bowl in January 2012. Makes me happy to know that he will stay on with the new coach.

How the managed to lure Urban Meyer out of retirement and back to coaching is beyond me at this point. He took the Florida Gators to TWO national championships and from what I have read was very well liked and well-respected. Now he has come home to Ohio and to a job that is demanding and represents a proud state, full of passion and respect. Just wonder what the rest of the Big Ten is thinking when he put the pen to paper and signed the contract?

I am so thankful for Twitter, am able to get the scores and keep up to date with all that is happening. I have met fellow buckeyes who do their best to keep me up to date on things as I live in Australia. I miss those Saturdays in the fall, putting on the colors, hearing the band and heading off to watch the game. Even my daughters were raised correctly and wear the scarlet and grey proudly. The next generation of the family arrives soon and she will be given the scarlet and grey to wear.

No matter where I am in the world, i will always proudly wear the Scarlet and Grey forever.