Its been an interesting day watching Kevin Rudd take on the leadership challenge. There have been problems since is a stealth manner he was removed from the top job. In our house, we have never trusted the current leadership and we do not now.

When Kevin resigned a couple of days ago, we just didn’t know what to think. Kevin was positive and urging us to be positive and not to stoop to all the mudslinging. He talking about issues that needed to be fixed, admitting that he had made some mistakes but it was time to fix it. A lot of people I have talked to and things I have read is that the Labour party is falling apart. We need someone who has the trust and belief of the people and we can defeat the Liberals at the next election.

When I joined the Facebook page for Kevin’s support, I have not been this passionate in ages. Keeping in check those things that I am angry about but also being positive and getting the word out.

Kevin Rudd is the ONLY person who can win the next election and we need to get the word out to everyone in the Senate and House of Reps that he is the right choice. He will make some of the things right that he changed when in office before. One thing that I really like about him is that he takes the time to explain things, and why he has made those choices. He has my trust, the trust of a nation behind him.

It’s the first time in ages I really feel like my voice is being heard. People are getting up and emailing their representatives and making their voice heard. Finally having the courage to stand up and say “WE ARE TIRED OF THIS AND ITS TIME FOR A CHANGE”.

At the time of writing this Ms.Gillard is on the telly saying that she will deliver a Labour win, the thing about that, which everyone knows and realizes but her is this……SHE CANT WIN. A lot of those who helped put her there wont have a job after the next election. Her rating has bottomed out since the 2010 mess and has never recovered from that.

I am trying to do the best to keep positive here, doing what Kevin has ask us to do. Not to stoop to the level of calling names, throwing mud and being negative. We need a positive environment, encouraging, stable and getting things done. Listening to those we have given our voice to by those we chose to represent us.

This might be a bit all over the place but its a lot to take in and process. Life keeps changing on us at a moments notice and we have to find our way in all of this, to my friends out there working to get Kevin over the line, keep fighting, keep positive and email, call, post whatever it takes to get him across the line. this change needs to happen and our VOICES ARE BEING HEARD