Footprints from Westhaven. Looking back along ...
Footprints from Westhaven. Looking back along the beach to Westhaven. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Living in South Australia we have some beautiful beaches here. I love going down just before sunset and having a walk, just enjoying the sights and sounds. Phil proposed to me just as it was raining at the beach just after I got here. Can’t get any more romantic than that.

When we go walking on the beach I try to walk in the water. I have really rough feet and the salt water and sand make a good natural scrub for dead skin. Stopping to let the sand and water rush over my feet I always leave my footprints in the sand for a short time. Phil and I would continue to walk, maybe stop to watch the sunset and keep going. At each stop I left my footprints but only for a short time. When we starting walking back my footprint from before was gone. I left a new print but it would soon disappear. Walks on the beach always remind me of the poem about Jesus and footprints. Some times there are 2 sets and some time there is just one.

Phil will walk in the more firm sand but he’s still leaving his footprints along the way. His might stay behind a little longer but they will also fade at some point. I think that is one choice we all make at some point. How firm is the sand we decide to take our life journey on? Matthew 7:24 to 28 Talks about the wise man and the foolish man and the foundation they chose to build their house on.

I think we make those life choices by, our parents giving us the tools to build the trust and faith as we grow up. To take those tools with us as we chose the friends we keep, those who become husbands and wives. We find how strong those tool are when the times get tough. How strong is the foundation we have built to with-stand the floods and storms that life puts in our path?

As we take that walk along the beach,we see people who are exercising, walking dogs,having a swim or just enjoying each other after a long day. A long day of footprints. What do we really know about the story of those left? Are they walking alone in their journey or allowing trusted friends and family to help carry the load for a while. To make repairs to damaged foundations, so that they can rest and gain strength to carry the load. To continue the journey with their help or to move on alone. Leaving that single set of prints in the sand.

In the past few months I have made choices that have damaged my foundation. I have discovered my tools of trust and faith were not as strong as I thought they were. My footprints are not strong, the flood waters have come and gone, and I have gotten wet. Right now,I find myself with more than one set of footprints taking the life journey with me. Those who have stopped to help me rebuild my foundation, help me to strengthen my faith and trust. I sometimes have gotten stubborn and had to give in to letting those carry my load for a while. I don’t think that proper repairs can begin until you finally admit that you need the help.

Due to a series of events Phil and I have found our foundation damaged. Trust and faith have lessened and we have gotten wet from the rain and standing waters that have risen. We tried to make repairs but have given into the fact that we need the help. A close mate of our is helping to carry the load at times and assist with repairs for both of us. Three sets of footprints have become 2 at times. Whether it’s the guys walking and carrying the load for me or we are carrying the load for Phil. His footprints will forever be a part of our lives.

We are need to have a strong foundation to get through life’s events. Its how we chose to use those tools that determines the outcome. There is nothing wrong in asking for help in carrying the load. It shows that we REALLY are human. I would rather have someone around to share that great sunset with then to see it alone.

Here’s the question — How many sets of Footprints are walking with you in your beach journey?