We all have our bucket list in life but this one is different. This is about wanting to experience all those things BUCKEYE. A one-off piece has turned into something so much more,  it has helped me to remember how PROUD I am to be from Ohio. Remember the good times watching and being a part of a way of life.  Writing about Coach Hayes, reminds me about respect and tradition. Pride in my heritage and a better understanding of that I really did grow up part of something special.   This list is things that a lot of you have either done or been able to experience. I just want to be able to share in those things that take place in Columbus on a Saturday.  A couple of the things might seem silly but as the saying goes: Ohio by BIRTH, BUCKEYE by the grace of God.

A) TO GO TO A GAME IN THE HORSESHOE. What can be better than having a hot breakfast in the parking lot cooked over a mini grill and moving inside the shoe to cheer on the bucks to another victory. I can’t even imagine the electricity inside, waiting for the game to start. Have watched many a game on the television, the sea of RED that just engulfs a place so steeped in history and tradition. Hearing the announcer say “The Pride of the Buckeyes. The Ohio State Marching Band.” as they begin their ramp entrance. To see the boys run out of the tunnel. Hey, got a question for who ever? Some one PLEASE explain to  me the BEEHIVE??

Ohio State

B) TBDBITL — The Best Damn Band In The Land. 225 members strong. On my You Tube list is the ramp entrance. I was in marching band in high school and this is one that is on the list for lots of reasons, to put on the uniform, the pride and excitement. We learned the music for script and from what I remember it was damn hard but it was worth it in the end. We did a salute to Ohio State and did our version called “Script Vikes” (Northridge High School Vikings in Licking County) I can remember hearing the cheer go up when the song started. I can’t even imagine what its like in the shoe. The marching band gave a concert after the season ended one year and a few of us got to go. OMG what a blast we had on that trip, I remember some of the tuba players, getting together during intermission playing the theme to Charlie Brown. Also on my You Tube list is the band going in for a skull session. The band dates back to 1878 and was created to give the ROTC music to march to, 1936 saw the very FIRST time “Script Ohio” performed. The original music was a French march which has been adapted to what we know now as Script Ohio music. It was an ALL MALE band until 1973 when women were finally allowed to try out. Just to ONCE put on the uniform and take part in ramp would be hoping for a lot I know. Even to just play percussion during skull session would help me tick this one-off my list.

C) Coach Tressel — OK, I know you are wondering WHY this choice. Let me explain. Coach was the one who took us to a National Championship and the perfect season in 2002. Would love to be able to talk to him about that time. Each step along the way. How tough was the game with that team up North that year. That one game could seal our destiny.  I can’t even imagine what that 6 week wait was like waiting  to play that one final game that had everything riding on it. To be able to talk about what it was like for him and the boys that year. I have watched that final play of the game Fiesta Bowl game, I catch myself holding my breath even though I have seen it a 100 times.

Yes, I know……would I ask about that time one and question we all want answered…..WHY?  Why didn’t he speak up when he had the chance? Along with all those other questions we all want the answers to.

D) Coach Urban Meyer — Here again lots of questions, the main one being “What was it that brought you home to Ohio and to this job?” What does he see in this program that he can turn around and get us back on top, the place where the buckeyes are used to being.  Haven’t been able to find much in the way of interviews but I do follow the Coach on twitter. I saw the circle drill from the spring game, HOLY CRAP the intensity of just that alone. If Coach Meyer can do that at spring game whats the week going to be like in November with that team up North? I dreamed that Coach Meyer had seen my piece on “Missing Ohio in the Fall” and had read the team the last part of the piece. “Its going to be a long year not being able to really compete for the Big Ten Title or a Bowl bid but consider this a warning to the Big Ten and the rest of the world. No matter what is thrown at us, no matter how you try to hold us back……………..we will get past it, we will survive and we will rise again taller and stronger than ever……………..we are the OHIO STATE BUCKEYES“……In my dream, I could hear him reading that part..How proud and how strong and so much belief in those words.

E) Stepping on to the hallowed turf of the shoe. I left this one for last for lots of reasons.  In a way I have already done that when Coach Hayes passed away. My daughter Kendria was just 4 months old at the time and I would love to be able to take Kendria, along with her sister Alisha and my grand-children to center field and show them what I saw that night. It’s hard to put feeling into words but I would love for the experience to be a happy one. Give my girls that feeling of pride and the sense of tradition that comes from that wonderful place. For them to be able to just be able to stand there in the silence of the stadium and really listen and feel ghost of buckeyes past.

I call myself a “Woody Hayes Kid”. I was born and raised in his era at Ohio State, and was taught well. Pride, tradition and respect were all things taught by my parents but it wasn’t until really starting this series of pieces for the blog that those things have become strong anchors in my life again. To be anchored in an era with a culture, a way of life on a Saturday afternoon, to be a part of tradition and something that I was able to pass on to my daughters and hope they will continue with their families.  I am so proud to call OHIO home, my home town is Columbus. I wear the colors of SCARLET and GREY with a real sense of pride. Alisha sent me a new OSU jersey and I am just waiting for that first game in August so I can wear it. I have questioned for a long time trying to figure out WHO I am? I am from a large family who believe in pride, tradition, heritage and RESPECT.

So, Here is the simple question……What is on YOUR OSU bucket list?