Pothole garden
Pothole garden (Photo credit: thepotholegardener)

Life’s a journey we can interpreted in many ways. There are hills and valleys, potholes and smooth asphalt. We get stop lights for a while and forks in the road with decisions we have to stop and make on which way to go. It’s those twists and turns that have to be navigated that determine how the journey will go and the possible outcome. Weather we go it alone or allow those we take with us to help us in those decisions. It’s also the outcome of those decisions that influence what happens next.

My life road is full of exactly all those things. Early on there were many valleys and potholes. My lack of self-confidence and feeling like the ugly duck played on the decisions as a nerdy kid. I was primarily raised by my Mom. Had a Dad but he seemed to never be around when I needed that fatherly influence. Mom did the best she could to arm me with the needed knowledge for the world outside the front door. Unfortunately I was forced to learn a lot on my own. It wasn’t Moms fault, she did the best she could. I just found my way by trial and error. I seemed to attract the party animal types. Never got invited out much in High School but College was another story. That seemed to be when my road had forks that started appearing and decisions I had to make. With having no support, I didn’t make great decisions. Found myself in more trouble at times more than I wanted and no way of getting out.

In my late teens and early 20’s I ran many life stop signs. Never stopped to make the decisions and even had a few wrecks. Some of those potholes were massive and I found myself having to stop and heal from the injuries I had received. There were times where I needed a panel beater(crash repairers) to help remove some of the dents. As much as I wanted to go back and take the other road I had missed, I realize now that the outcome could have been the same or possibly worse. The big question was could I learn from the mistakes and move on or was a spinning my wheels in a mud hole?

I knew I had to do something to get off the road I was on. I just couldn’t see that I was headed for another crash. I had the blinders on and never saw the on coming traffic. I had no clue how to be a life defensive driver. Through a series of running stop signs I found myself in a pretty deep valley with no hope (I thought) of making it up the mountain to see the sunrise. It was only when I took the blinders off and allowed those on the side of the road to give me a hand did I find myself able to start climbing up the mountain towards the sun.

My first marriage was a road of stops lights, forks in the road with many decisions to make. The biggest stop light was the day one of my children became critically ill. I found myself on a round-a-bout making that continuous right turn. I finally got off that circle and had to hit the brakes before making a huge driving error.

That stop sign has brought me to here and now. I hit the occasional pothole. Have some smooth road and still have to deal with the forks in the road. I have had people who have veered on to the road who have stopped to give directions. Some were helpful and others pointed me in the opposite direction. Some of them found the off ramp and others are still here on the road trip with me. I have no clue what the road in to the future looks like or how its paved. I have learned to pay attention to the signs and lights along the way. Listen to the guidance that given and if I chose to accept it great,if not I find a rest area til I get my directions better sorted.

Heres the question……Are you a life defensive driver or do you need to find a panel beater?