Just in Time

It seems like nowadays everything has to do with time. We spend time waiting to see the doctor, having tests, to catch the bus. We do things to pass the time. Read; listen to music, knit, and watch TV. There are all these polls about how much we spend time doing this or that. Lately I have been looking at my life and seeing how elements of time have played a part. I find that I do the waiting game rather well but what is missing by doing that?

Growing up you can’t wait for those special events to happen. Going to high school, and getting your driver’s license. When I graduated from high school, life changed. Time was changing. College life and work were on the horizon. Time changes when you change jobs, start school, decide to get married, have kids. As adults we wait for the kids to move out or arrival of grand babies.

The first time I can remember things really changing is when I met my first husband. At first I didn’t think I was ready to have a relationship with someone but I found that I just needed to take time to get to know him. We eventually married and began a life together. Just when a life routine had been established, time changed again with the news we were expecting our first child. Telling my Dad I was expecting made me realize the time they took with me. The tools they had given me, it was time for me to pass those along to my children. Time changed again when our second child arrived. Here I had these two little lives depending on me to given them the tools that I had learned about time and life. Now my girls are grown and I am awaiting the arrival of the second grand baby.

You really don’t notice time passing until you have kids. When you see them start to reach the life miles stones as you did, you stop and hope you can remember those special moments for whatever time you have left on earth. You hope that you give them enough knowledge about the world outside, for them to make the good decisions. As much as you want to wrap them in cotton wool, its letting them finds their own way that’s painful. You have to step back and give them time and space, are there to love and support them. That is the hard part, to keep that step back and let them make the mistakes. All you can do is be there if they ask for help, or advice.

They say “Time Heals all Wounds”. I never really understood the meaning, until I got older. There are physical wounds, emotional wounds, wounds of the soul. With the physical wounds, they force us to stop and take time to heal. We might have to go at simple things another way to get them accomplished but with time, we manage til the cast and bandages come off. It might take a little for the use to come back but it does. Emotional wounds can take years to heal. The loss of someone close, scars from bad relationships, being so hurt by someone you just can’t forgive them. The loss of someone close can fad over time. Keeping pictures of them or gifts.  Their birthday each year can be difficult but if you stop for a moment and remember them, they are looking down on you. The scars from bad relationship, traumatic events, are difficult one to get over. You have to allow yourself the time to come to terms with what’s happened. You can only begin to heal once you accept it. Everyone has to find their own unique way to deal with the emotional pain. The wounds of the soul I think are the worse to deal with. You can be so devastated by something that you feel you will never get over. Someone or something can leave you so heart broke that you think you will never be able to trust another person. The choice here is, IF you really want to take the time to heal and find a way past, or let yourself get so bogged down by the hurt that time passes you by. You wind up missing things that God wants you to see.

We have all had those moments where something has happened that has made time stop and help you realize that things will be OK. You are given a gift of a song, something special or someone appears out of the blue for a while to spend time with you to assist in your healing. It could be they are that special someone to help you move on your journey and start time moving again.

I don’t think that time ever really stops for us; we just don’t see it pass us by. How often are we on the go, busy with life that we don’t take the time to stop and really see the world around us? To see that the seasons have changed, flowers starting to bloom, trees changing. Are we just so busy in this day and age that the important things are just passing us by and what are we doing to stop and enjoy them.

So here’s the question — What are you missing in your life by not taking a “Time Out?”