Mauritius Sun     You know the saying that if a door closes, another one will open…someone added something about if not a door look for a window. Been wondering of late if some of my doors are closing by choice or have I chosen to close them due to events that have happened? Could it be that God has closed the door because of what he has in store is not quiet here yet? Ok…Here is why I’m asking this….

During different events in our life, things change opportunities present themselves and we have to decide if it’s the right time. To walk through the door and make the changes by that step or to close the door and let things pass. Do events that happen in our lives cause us to close doors to keep from dealing with the issues at hand or are we just so scared to walk though. Is it just safer emotionally to close the door and not deal with it? What happens though IF the window gets opened and we are put in a position to finally deal with that issue or take that opportunity. How do we make the decision on which direction to take?

I have had to make decisions of late on either to close and lock the windows or go ahead and go back to the door and open it again and walk through to deal with the issues at hand so I can close the door and lock it for good? The biggest thing I have learned of late is – the issue at hand really worth dealing with or is it a total waste of energy and it’s just time to let go of it and walk away? I know we all struggle on what is really worth dealing with and what isn’t. Phil and other mates tell me at times I worry about things that don’t need worried about. I’m beginning to understand what they are seeing, beginning to understand that some things are just a waste. They will eventually take care of themselves in time. We just have to be willing to give it the time needed. It’s the “Hurry up and Wait” principle. We want it done and dusted in OUR time, NOT the time that’s needed for it to take place.

Some things might need dealt with because in the end you can wind up helping someone who is going through a similar circumstance and you could be that one person to TOTALLY get it. You could be that one person to say “I understand” and prove it to them. Could be all that they need to hear, they are not the only person to go through the experience. I so wish I had that person many a time, just someone who understood the feelings and WHY I was feeling that way. Why are we so afraid to just be human and swallow our pride? Are we so afraid to just take that chance, that we could be rejected? What if our closing of a door or window is all we need to do to help that other person? What you give in helping could also help you in return.

I guess what I’m trying to get at maybe is this….If we are wasting unnecessary energy on worrying about things that will eventually take care of themselves, what are we really missing? Are we being a masochist by going back to those doors and windows because we can’t let go of how it made us feel? Is it because we can’t lock those doors and windows til we have the courage to forgive ourselves before we can? Are we missing the sights along the way of those we are supposed to give love and support to, in helping them turn the locks they need to?

So here’s the question — What doors and windows are still unlocked in your life?