Being on Twitter makes for some interesting times of late. I have a very eclectic list of those I follow and they have quiet surprised me actually. The night before Kevin Rudd got rolled by Julia Gillard, my phone went mad for over two hours. Phil and I KNEW before we went to bed what the rest of the country was going to wake up to.  I can highly recommend following reporters, which can be a big help. You get first hand facts and information that might not be on the news until hours after the fact. You also get to share a bit of their personal lives and enjoy the silliness they share. Phil looks at me funny when I get the giggles when I get a tweet back from one of them. Makes me feel special that they do take the time to respond. It shows that they take the time to really read what people are reading.

Being an expat from Ohio, I follow the OSU Buckeyes and BSU Broncos because I can’t get their games here in Australia. Also included in that is the Miami Dolphins and Cleveland Browns. It’s all things I grew up with, learned about respect and tradition and what its like to be a part of a culture, a way of life. Since starting my OSU series I have gained followers that I never imagined. They have given me such confidence to keep writing about what I know and love.

Then there are people who I love hanging out with and have the same likes and are also fans. Watching The Voice, I have met many great fans on Twitter and we all follow each other and give all those artist the great support. We all know that they are going to have great careers and have forged life long friendships. I have watched Nelson Aspen on Sunrise and follow him on twitter. You know the little nuggets he tweets are correct info and you can trust what he reports. Nelson is an long distance runner also and its great to be able to cheer him on as he races. I love the crew looking after Rachael Laeahcar, Brittany, and Sarah. I know I am missing others and I hope you will please forget me. You guys are what the die-hard fans are all about.

Becoming a writer and really putting myself out there has been a challenge but twitter has been a big help. I can just put the link out there for anyone to read. I never know who will take a chance on me and have a read. I started picking up writers along the weeks after I started my blog. Scott Thompson has been encouraging and even had a look at things which is wonderful and I thank him for that. Also coming along has been Luke Romyn and Claude Bouchard, which has totally blown me away. These guys do what I am just learning about for a living, creating worlds drawing in their readers to take them on a trip to places I can only dream of creating. To have writers who are so established and willing to answers questions, share stories and all has given me such inspiration and given me the courage to really learn my craft, to not be afraid to share what I write and to take on board the guidance that they share. THANK YOU for your willingness to share what you do, to inspire those of us beginning our writing journey.

To all of you on  Twitter, I just want to THANK YOU for believing in me, allowing me to share my life with you and to be apart of your life. Thank you for reading my blog , for sharing the highs and lows of life’s journey. The unknown of what is on the horizon can be interesting and a lot of fun, sure there will be hard work but with the support of friends we can get through anything.