Nowadays with Facebook and Twitter we make faceless friends. Those we can talk to every day, share things with and have a good time. Just hang out, have a laugh or 2. Those who are there for a while or have become lifelong friends, they laugh with you, cry with you; kick your back side when they feel you need it.

We all have had what I call drift in friends. Those people who drift in to our lives for a while. Most of the drift friends I have had, come into life for support during a rough period. You have no emotional connection to them and you can talk to them about the heavy stuff going on. They are mainly there to be a confidante, who not really gives to advice but help sort things out. Once they see that things have calmed down and you are managing ok, they will send you on your way. Some of them you will always remember for the rest of your life and some you won’t but u will remember the support they gave you.

Then there are just friends, you meet and become fast friends. Public friends, NOT the kind you would take home to meet the parents. Public friends are the ones you meet at parties and while out and about. They help you let your hair down when you need a release. They are the ones that would be sitting in jail with you if you got arrested going “Dam that was a blast”

I have friends I call extended family. They become like brothers and sisters. Love and support you. Give you that family advice, whether you ask for it or not. I have 2 sisters and 1 brother who I love dearly. We have never formally met in person but they are so special to me and I would do anything for them. They have been there for me and give me the siblings I have never had. On twitter I have a group of kids I call my Twitter kids, who are a group that are supportive and encouraging to those, other kids around. They lift them up and give them much-needed support. They are so supportive of those musicians who recently appeared on The Voice Australia. They are passionate and I can see the lifelong friendships developing. Not knowing what life is like for them at home, I fell into those “Mom quotes” which I giggled at and so did they. I always make sure to know that they are loved, that I am so proud of them. I wasn’t told that much when I was growing up but I made sure my own kids heard it a lot.

To my Twitter Kids:@Declan_Patrick,@TeamBHazlewood,@BrittanyFanHQ, @Loveslife_14, @SarahDeBonoAUS,@SarahDeBonoUSA,@GordonFargus

“I love each of you and am so proud of you. You are smart and make good choices. I know what whatever you decide to do you will succeed. I can see your love of music and how you support the other twitter kids you are making friends with. Hope you know that if you need anything at all please remember that I am just a Tweet away”


Then last but NEVER least is the lifelong mates. Those who are with you in thick and thin, who love you no matter your past or present, There are there to help you build a solid foundation in life. No matter how bad you feel it gets they are the ones that are there through those valleys and are giving you a hand to help climb the mountain towards the sun. They are the ones you build a slow mate-ship with, based on trust and faith, Support and love. They look past your faults and show you how strong you really are. Some of them I have met in person and keep in close contact with. Some I have never met in person but can’t go a day without catching up or writing an email.

We are having those friends who we can put in those categories. Ones we keep separate from others but they all have their place in our life’s journey. They each give us a little piece of themselves as their mark on our life. We may remember names and faces, we may not. What I hope that I do remember most is that the effect they had on my life, for no matter how long that they were around that I have had a better life for knowing them.


So here’s the question — What effect have your Faceless Friends had on your life?