Almost a year ago I got a real shot of stupidity. I decided I was going to do the 6 kilometer walk in the Adelaide City to Bay. I had no clue what I was getting myself into. The training, or if I really could do this. Walking that very first kilometer was a real wake up call. I knew it was going to be a real challenge and I was going to have to make sure I took care and did all those little things necessary to have a safe walk. First and foremost I knew the diet would have to change. Finding a balance in the diet, cutting back on the coffee, drinking more water. I am the first one to admit that I am not big on carbohydrates  and I have let them bottom out at times. I needed the energy and figured out for me when was the best time to “carb up” as I call it. I knew especially after a message it was good to have a good round of water to flush the toxins out of the system. At least for me after a good hard walk I need to do that again also. Hydration is also needed for those fluids you sweated out.

Once I got my music sorted and did my stretching before going. Always need a good warm up, just got over a minor groin pull from NOT doing a good warm-up. Before I knew it the one kilometer became two and two turned into three kilometers. I find that I lose myself in my thoughts and the music. I focus on my pace and I just walk. The benefits of walking started to slowly pay off as my breathing became stronger, clothes where starting to become a tad loser and people were starting to notice.

I hit the 4 kilometer mark and began to have doubts if I could do it. I was over 1/2 way to the goal but when race day came around would I be able to make it. I had Phil helping me with tunes and safe routes to walk and Dan in my ear helping watch my times on each lap as my walk program ticked over.

Race day arrived and I got up early to have some quiet time. I needed that time to watch the sun come up as Gary had taught me to appreciate the gifts that God had given me for the day.  I fixed my drinks for the race and had my brekky of carbs to get me through the race. It was a nervous but there was NO WAY i was turning back. Here was one of the biggest steps out side my comfort zone I was going to make. I made the 6 kilometers that day, Phil was there at the end to greet me and Dan’s coaching and guidance on times helped  so much. Couldn’t wear shoes for about a week but it was worth the pain.

Jump to TODAY, as I sit and finish this entry I have just done by second 5 km day and boy am I nackered but I am a lot heather then I was a year ago. My weight is even better than I ever expected and my diet is so much better. Yes I did the naughty thing of eating a Cadbury’s Chocolate block last night but I consider that a treat. Race day is 19 days away and I am better prepared this year then last year. Although the unknown still looms, how to deal once again with stepping outside my comfort zone so far. With Phil coaching me along the way and waiting for me at the end and Dan in my ear…this should be a piece of cake