On Saturday afternoon Ohio time a new Era begins on Ohio State football. Coach Urban Meyer will lead the buckeyes into the shoe to begin a rebuild year. Yes, I am sad that we can’t play for the Big Ten title or be involved in a bowl game this year but I know its gong to be a good year of learning and growing, watching a new group of “baby buckeyes” as I call them, learn to trust each other, making life long friendships…… becoming a family. In my collection of OSU videos on my tablet, there are three that really inspire me and have helped get that focus on the boys and remind me who I am.


Don’t Stop Believing — I am sure there are a lot of you out there, that have stopped believing in the boys and what can happen. There are great things for the boys in the next years under Coach Meyer. It’s time to step up and show what we are made of, that the shoe is “OUR HOUSE” and that we are still proud of the scarlet and grey….NO MATTER what the NCAA throws at us.


As long as I have understood what it is like to be a Buckeye I have NEVER seen such intensity and excitement BEFORE a game. Coach says its a regular thing in practice to do this but WOW. Its a new excitement, a new found energy that I have never seen before, and cant wait to see more of it.


I know, your looking at the title going…..WHY Coach Tressel? OK, just hear me out. Alot of you I know will say that he let us down by how he handled things but…LOOK at how proud he was to wear the scarlet and grey. He gave us a re-newed strength, he shook our core and really show us what being a buckeye is really all about. This is MY opinion but Coach Tressel and Coach Luke have help us to strength the foundation of our house at the shoe. Coach Hayes laid out the ground work and those who have come after him have done their part in all of this. Sure we have had to take the good with the bad and right now, with no post season its going to be hard BUT next year when we are in the mix for the Big Ten Title and post season play how much more special its going to be.

There is a lot of growing to do this season, everyone is going to have a lot of questions to be ask and expecting all sorts of answers. The nation is going to be watching the birth of a new era. So….to all my Buckeye Family, I ask you  to be PATIENT, I ask to stand TALL and I ask you to show the world what we already know….Yes we have gotten knocked down but we get back up…WE stand TALLER and WE stand STRONGER….this is OUR TIME TO SHINE