In a previous chat about my beloved Buckeyes someones ask me to give Coach Meyer a chance. I didn’t realize that I hadn’t done that. Watching events from Australia unfold, its difficult to get the WHOLE story from all sides about what is happening in the shoe. Guess I am guilty as everyone else for passing judgement without the whole story, OK time to be human here and swallow some buckeye pride.

I guess what shook my core a little was watch Coach Hayes and what happened in the Gator Bowl. All the fallout that came in the weeks that followed. I had a lot of “What Now” questions along with everyone else. Watching the news and reading the sports section of the Columbus Dispatch to get those answers. As each new coach came after Coach Hayes we all had to give him a chance, the perverbal chance. To give him the time and space to allow the creating of a new era. I don’t remember much about Coach Bruce but the bloody hat on game day. We did OK and had some successes, no National Championships, 1988 saw the John Cooper era begins 3 conference Championships and to be honest I don’t even remember why he left. I was settled in Australia when Coach Tressel came along. This was the first time I was beginning to hear rumblings of excitement, things where changing and something new and exciting was on the horizon. As I talked about in my last buckeye entry each coach who has come along has reshaped the House of the Horseshoe, the boys call home. I was over the moon when I got word of the National Championship. My cousin had bought me a sweatshirt and had the paper the day it happened on my bed when I arrived to stay with her. It was the best gift she could have given me that trip.

The Buckeye Nation took a real hit when things with Coach Tressel fell apart. I was stunned like everyone else, felt betrayed in many way. Here we were, coming off a national championship and so many good things waiting in the wings. We soon found the house foundation damaged and not really sure of how to make repairs. Coach Luke stepped up to the plate to help us through a tough period. I don’t think that he got the credit and support that deserved. I don’t know how at first he managed to step into a pair of shoes that held so much tradition. A tradition that has some serious damage and was in need of  a new excitement, energy, a rebuild of something special. As I watched my buckeyes take on the challenges each week, I think my thoughts wandered to Coach Luke more, how he was doing this week after week, trying to sure up those cracks in the foundation. Question for you…….Did we REALLY give Coach Luke the chance he deserved?

Then here comes the news of Urban Meyer, a BORN and BRED Buckeye, coming home to coach our beloved buckeyes. Everyone knew his success rate at Florida and what brought him home to Ohio. Once again, here was the questions starting, and I am just as guilty for asking them. Would the tradition that has been OSU in the past, be retained, would he be up to the task and could he handle the pressures of what the job had to throw at him? Biggest question of all if of course….What about that last week in November, that last Saturday when the energy and pressures of being a TRUE Scarlet and Grey die-hard fan.

As I woke up this past Sunday, Adelaide time all I could do was got to my twitter feed to see what had happened. Sure enough my feed has gone mad with scarlet and grey that the boys had won. The catch that the nation was talking about I wanted to see and thanks to those of you on my feed that got me the link to the picture and to the video. You could NOT wipe the smile off my face. Just watching that video you could see there was something different, something new and exciting about what is coming.

Something new IS coming. The foundation is slowly becoming strong again, and there is a new belief. There is a new excitement that I don’t remember being there in the past. Over this year there are going to be a lot of questions ask,  wondering if we can return from the penalties placed on us by the NCAA.

WE have nothing to lose and everything to gain this year. This group of baby buckeyes will grow together, learn to trust each other on the field and off. They will work hard in the class room and excel. If ONE catch can create that amount of excitement and buzz I can only imagine what is to come.

Come on die-hard Buckeye Fans……..Let show Coach Meyer and the staff what true Buckeyes are made of.