Tradition : the handing down of statements, beliefs, legends ,customs  from generation to generation, especially by word of mouth or practice.

A BIG part of who we are as a Buckeye Nation is built on TRADITION that has been passed down from each generation before us and what we HAVE TO DO to keep the traditions alive for those who are coming. I can only imagine what it is like in the shoe on a Saturday afternoon just to see that sea of Scarlet and Grey and to hear how LOUD 110,000 die-hard, traditional, proud fans are. It’s my dream, on my OSU Bucket List to be in the “House of Buckeye” on a Saturday afternoon.

I saw a tweet today of a rumor that Coach O’Leary of the University of Central Florida has apparently said “Ohio Stadium isn’t LOUD, and that they sit on their hands”…….Well I am half a world away and take offense to that one. On ABC2 here last night there was a story on Ohio State, filmed during the opening game and Phil commented to me he has never seen anything like that before. The massive sea of RED and could only imagine how loud 110,000 fans are. My response to him was simple very LOUD and VERY proud. It’s always that way in the “House of Buckeye” as I call it. Makes me wonder if Coach O’Leary even understands what tradition is and how IMPORTANT it is to the Buckeye Way of life.

I was watching some of my favorite clips on the tablet last night after seeing the shoe and I found one of interest. It was the boys going down to sing “Carmen Ohio” with the band after the 2010 Rose Bowl win with Coach Tressel. From what I can find out it was a tradition he started.


It’s hard to see the screen for the tears. They are happy tears, proud tears. What caught me eye was a video of Coach Urban Meyer keeping a tradition going. He was quoted as the following appeared in the Columbus Dispatch: “Ohio State head football coach Urban Meyer says he plans to maintain many of the traditions founded by former coach Jim Tressel, including the post-game singing of Carmen Ohio. “We’re honored to be able to keep a tradition that I believe Coach Tressel started”

The band by performing the Ramp Entrance and Script Ohio, Hang on Sloopy,Carmen Ohio are keeping tradition going….Passing it down from one generation to the next. Well, each Coach has done the same….Coach Hayes, on to Coach Tressel, Coach Luke and NOW Coach Meyer. (can someone still explain the bee hive to me, I don’t get it but WOW it makes a statement like I have never seen before) The Circle drill before the spring Game is when I saw the renewed spirit, the phoenix beginning to rise from the ashes

Here in Adelaide, the Australian Rules Football team plays with 18 men on a side. The 19th Man is the crowd….The people in the stands watching and cheering. Giving encouragement and support as its needed. That is what I am going to ask those of you going to the game this week. I am asking you to proudly wear your Scarlet and Grey. To fill the “House of Buckeye” and make so much noise that the opposition can’t hear anything but the roar of the crowd. To send my Twitter feed into melt down with news and photos from the game.(@cricketfox on Twitter)  To show the opposition what tradition is all about, to quiet those out there who have doubt if we have risen from the ashes and come back bigger and better than ever.

Tradition is a part of WHO I AM, of who WE ARE from OHIO. I proudly wear my Scarlet and Grey here in Australia and I need a NEW stock of OSU t-shirts to show off. Sure, I will be the first to be human and admit that it was tough there when things with Coach Tressel fell apart. I am so PROUD of Coach Luke and the job that he did for that year. How many of you took the time to tell him that?

I am counting on all of you to STAND TALL, To be the 19th Man, to show what TRADITION is all about. This is OUR house, We have Returned, and we put the Big Ten and the rest of the world on notice: THE URBAN RENEWAL HAS BEGUN