I saw a tweet as I woke up yesterday about an article about how Coach Meyer was POLITICKING, for us to have the chance to play in the Big Ten Championship game. Here is the question….WHY? What is that going to gain? Coach KNEW taking the job we have penalties to pay.  They didn’t even have all the fact STRAIGHT. Someone please explain to me what good is it going to do, to get the punishment adjusted?

I did discover that we CAN play for the division title! Even get the hardware to prove that we won it BUT (that bloody little word) we can’t play for the Big Ten Title. We can’t play in a bowl game. To be real honest here, we got off light compared to what could have happened. Sure my first thoughts were to be really ticked off at Coach Tressel but he did what he thought was the best choices. We ALL know the outcome of those choices. Sure are going to remember the cost of those choices BUT we should look at the positive stuff. It was that group of boys with Coach Tressel that gave us the PERFECT SEASON, the national championship.

I know it was TWO different issue but just have a thought about Penn State, YES I know it was way worse and all but they have to wait FOUR years for that kind of success again. I am in NO WAY shape or form making any comparisons. It is TWO completely different circumstances. They have been shattered by issues I can’t even begin to wrap my head around. I watched all of the Penn State saga unfold on Twitter and what I could find on the net. It was terrible and my heart goes out to all of those who had to suffer through that. They don’t need the sick jokes or the bullying on twitter what whatever else they are having to deal with. They need time…….time to deal with what has happened, they need time to cope, they need support. Just a chance to get on with life. As doctor Phil says to create that new normal. Everyone is going to be watching them and all, picking on every little mistake,  but come one guys, that’s not fair and you know it’s not. They need to chance to adjust, to find their way and they just don’t need people nitpicking, they need support.

We are the kinda the same. They are going to be watching us like a hawk, for one little crack in the armor and someone will pounce. I know it and its going to get a little ugly. I hope not but just remember I am watching all this from overseas. The information I get I know is limited but there is still a certain amount of respect that things need to be given. We are a family with new members and we need time to grow and learn about each other. There are going to be hick-ups on the way, but we need to be supportive and to build up the confidence and all NOT tear it down. That includes the Coach Staff, players, other fans…….those who are buckeyes and others.

This has kinda been all over a little I know but, we all have had issues we have had to deal with and there has been someone who has always said “If that had been me I would have handled it like this”.  My response to that remark is ” I would love to see how you ACTUALLY would have handled it”  I know for a fact I would of struggled to come to terms. It was hard to read about Coach Tressel leaving and all of that, sure I even had doubts about if Coach Luke was up to the task and he PROVED ME WRONG. We just need to get on with the job at hand. Sure, it’s no Big Ten Title or bowl game this year but its going to make us appreciate so much more. Each step we take this year positive or negative is a growing experience and we will learn from it, we will be better for it.

This coming Sunday I am doing my SECOND ever 6 kilometer race, (3.78 miles). It’s a big step out of my comfort zone but I have done my training, eaten well and slept. I have done all I can to prepare and now its time. I will draw on my tradition and strength as a Buckeye to help me make my goal of the finish line on Sunday. When it starts getting tough and the legs start burning and all I will think of Coach Meyer and the circle drill at spring game, will think of the video of “Win it for Tress” and the inspiration.

I will stand TALL, I will make you proud and I will SEE that finish line………….. I AM AN OHIO STATE BUCKEYE