Waking up Sunday morning to check on the score between the Ohio State Buckeyes and California and we were down. It was a bit of a shock. The messages started coming on a regular basis and all of a sudden we had tied the score. I began to think that just maybe we would pull this one off. As I made coffee and got my pre-race breakfast here was another update, Bloody score tied AGAIN and I am starting to think , “What is going on, this is getting ugly” As we all know now OSU pulled out the win. Like we all needed a heart attack but here in Australia it was 5:20AM,on my RACE DAY and I have this to remember? I put out some tweets and heard it was pretty damn UGLY but its a tick in the win column. Let’s remember a couple of things here. First of all…we basically have NOTHING to lose here. We can ONLY play for the league title. We have a year of learning, working out problems and little hiccups along the way, we can learn about each other’s strength and build the family core based on the traditions we  know being raised by the Buckeye traditions. Second…..We have the EXTRA time to learn about Coach Meyers ways and what he is asking of his players, and the fans. We all saw how things were when he was at University of Florida, how successful and all they were and how well-respected. I know it’s not fair to make that comparison but Coach Meyer’s time there is past and we need to leave it there. Even HE is building new traditions and gaining new respect, but here is my question of the moment. How is he going to handle BEAT MICHIGAN?

Another team I have started following is the Boise State Broncos. They are pretty damn good in their own right and in a rebuilding stage. Coach Peterson and the boys in 2006(13 – 0) and 2009(14 – 0)   were UNDEFEATED and STILL could not get the respect they deserved to play for a national championship. BCS really need to take their head out of the back side and start giving them the respect they deserve. I just don’t understand how a team that good with records like that are refused the right to play for the national title. I love the home field, (its blue) and they also have done color pattern game days for the stands. OK, let me explain…..For each home game, those who attend the game are asked to wear a certain color depending on the ares of the stadium they are sitting in. Would love to see OSU borrow that idea for Beat Michigan week. BSU is also in rebuilding and learning stages again. They lost a lot of players through the NFL draft and graduation. Its going to be interesting to watch them again this season, and follow their progress. They are a good team, a good school with their own traditions and all but just not getting the recognition they should be.

Sunday morning was the yearly step outside my comfortable life. It was the second year that I entered the 6 kilometer walk division of the Adelaide City to Bay. I have spent the last three months walking up to 15 kilometers a week, working on distance and cardio. Have done my best to watch my diet and get plenty of rest. I got my 10 minute call and the slap of reality kicked in. This was IT, it was all out of my control and it was up to the last three months of work to get me through the next hour and 15 minutes. When the starter’s pistol went off, race brain kicked and it was thinking about pace, the right tunes going and finding my way though the next 6 kilometers. As the pack began to thin out I got some room and get my pace going to the beat of the music in my ears. It was no time before the first two kilometers were in the time book at (12:49 and 12:39) Heading for the third kilometer the rain began to fall. It was misty and was actually good for being out in it. Just after the three kilometer(12:25) marker a group was cheering us on as we headed to Glenelg and I looked over to see them holding signs up that read “You make it look so easy” My first thought was EASY, you think this is EASY. I had a good chuckle about it and got back to the task at hand. Needing some inspiration, my thoughts drifted off to the video of OSU circle drill at the spring game. I remembered the excitement and all that it created and I took that  feeling and used it to get to through the 4th and 5th kilometers (12:15 and 12:01). Rounding the corner onto Jetty Road gave me such a buzz, knowing that all that work was about to pay off. I finally found Phil for what has become the end of race photo. I rounded the corner, crossing the finish line in an unofficial time of 1 hour 14 minutes 48. My official time should be listed today.

To Phil and Dan who coached me the last three months, to the twitter kids who cheered me on, to my extended twitter family and those at St.Peters I can’t say THANK YOU enough for the love and support you have given me, especially over my training time and race day. I can’t find the words to tell you how much you all mean to me.

Well, only one question remains, Will Cricket go another round next year, putting herself though all that again next year? YOU BET, bring it on!