Music plays a big part in all our lives. We listen to it just for fun, to get us through a tough time, to celebrate. We all have our favorite artist and songs. Music brought a group of us together on twitter, a little show called TheVoiceAu. We didn’t know what to expect but we knew it would be fun, exciting but also, encouraging us to explore the kinds of music and see what twist would be put on music. As the blind auditions began even though we could see what the artist looked like, Delta Goodrem, Seal, Joel Madden and Keith Urban  had to trust what they were hearing, judge just on the VOICE, nothing more. I caught myself a couple of times closing my eyes and just listening to try to get a bit of an understanding of being a judge. PLEASE remember as you read this its MY take on all this.

My ear perked up when Jimmy Cupples (@4littlejimmy) , the man is doing exactingly what is he suppose to be…making music. Just something I hear in his voice. Its special, and I wasn’t a really big rock fan until now. He has me hooked. He is a real down to earth guy and I quiet enjoy talking with him. It’s really cool to have the contact with him, like a lot of us to on twitter with some of the artist from the voice. (Will talk about that in a bit.) Here is Jimmy in his blind audition:

Some classic Rock from the man also:

I am going to put these next three ladies together from the voice. All different, hard-working artist to get themselves out there, BUT if you follow then on twitter you will see that they interact with their fans. They understand something that a lot of artist don’t get or seem to take for granted…the FANS  are the ones supporting them, buying their music and all. They get how important their fans are and make them feel important. Having signing sessions after appearances. Catch ups on twitter, contests for their fans, I have watched some of my twitter kids get messages back from the ones they follow and I love how excited they are that time was taken for a reply. Even I am guilty of getting excited, all I wanted was a follow back from Darren Percival(@mrpercivalrocks) and I worked for it, almost gave up but eventually he hit the follow button and he has no idea how happy that made me. Darren is so full of soul and earthy and just listening to him sing makes the work OK for those few minutes. OK, those lovely ladies are Brittany Cairns(@_brittanycairns)

Sarah DeBono(@Sarah_DeBono)

Fatai (@FataiV)

Carmen Smith(@CarmenSmithAu) and Diana Rouvas(@Dianarouvas) are getting ready for a series of acoustic concerts together. Their appearance on the Morning Show on Channel 9 rocked the house and their concert will be amazing. Prinnie Stevens(@missprinnie) and Mahalia Barnes(@MahaliaBarnes) have gotten together for a couple of song.

Everyone in their own right is truly amazing. I know I have left people out but you will meet them in the second installment. I just ask that no matter what kind of music you like take the time to check them out, on Twitter, on iTunes and on the concert stage. The new season is starting soon, the kids and I will be watching to see the new talent but always there for those who stole our hearts on the first show.

One last question for you all…..Since Keith Urban has left, what Australian music personality would you like to see fill his chair? Darren Hayes are you busy????