More of my thoughts about HOW the VoiceAu has made an impact. We all have our favorite artist but it is really interesting watching them grow. How hard they are working and even watching the group I call my Twitter Kids interact with the artist, even I have to admit that I get a little giggly when I get that chance to chat with them. Last time it was the ladies of the series and now its time for the guys to shine.

Ben Hazlewood (@BenHazlewood) is what I call the boy next door, good-looking, smart, and can sing. He is hard-working and making the most of the opportunity that the show gave him. Ben is defently one to watch, good things are coming.

Next to Jimmy and Darren my other favorite guy from the show is Glen Cunningham (@Its_Just_G). He can do pop, rock, soul and is so easy to listen to. He has that fiestyness that will take him places.

Chris Sebastian (@chrisebastian) Yes, same last name but that is ALL I am going to say about that one. Chris is an extremely good musician in his own right and I can understand WHY he made the step out on the show. I will be the first to admit that I had doubts at first but when Chris hit the battle round, he WON me over.

I know there are others who I haven’t talked with you about who are hard-working and are the new class of Australian music. They vary in ages, some just starting out, some have been at this for a while and are starting to really make a name for themselves. I love talking with them and KNOWING it’s actually them who I am talking to NOT someone hired to handle the twitter account or whatever. Aussie musicians really appreciate the dedication of their fan base. Two of the Twitter Kids were guest of Brittany Cairns at a recent gig. How exciting for them, what a special night for all. Its things like that, which I really admire and shows how much they think of their fans.  Something so simple, means so much. So, take the time and check out the newest class of Australian music, there is something and someone for everyone and I can promise you, you wont be disappointed

There is only one thing to leave you with, that is a bit of soul for the man himself Darren Percival (@mrpercivalrocks)