Spending time on Twitter with the kids talking all things music. Following those we support and waiting for new things to happen. It’s great to see them get so excited when they get a tweet or something special is happening. Australian musicians value their fan base, they understand if it wasn’t for the fans their music wouldn’t get heard. It’s the fan base that gets behind them and loves them, screams at concerts. OK, so I haven’t told you anything you don’t already know. Something I just don’t get, MAYBE because I am older, coming from America and all, why is it that some of the teenage girls and all, are heartbroken when someone they are so madly in love with doesn’t tweet them or they get angry and bully someone who got something special and they didn’t. Before I came to Australia, it was unheard of to have any contact directly with the artist. Here is a completely different story. Thanks to a show called The Voice Au, I find myself with brand new family members I call my twitter kids. I also find myself, having contact with the artist themselves. My first thought was WOW, real honest contact, no one hired to do it all for them. The are out there managing things talking to the fans and all. Sharing silliness, hearing stories of how songs they have recorded have help someone through a tough time. (Brittany Cairns cover of Turning Tables)

I will admit that normally I will follow and not worry too much about the follow back BUT, I worked a little for a follow back from Darren Percival. In my book he is what soul is all about. He’s relaxed, cool heartfelt…my definition of what makes a great soul, jazz performer. I ask as politely as I could, even the kids ask on my behalf. One day on holidays I tweeted roughly that I have done all I can, just about to give up on the idea. The next thing I knew, my follow numbers had changed, upon looking I discovered that I had the follow I wanted most. THANK YOU DARREN. I felt like a little kid that day so excited for something so simple.

AS I discovered more artist, just taking the risk and putting myself out there..I started making friends. Some of the artist were just discovering twitter and I wanted to get on board to give them my support. I was not a real big fan of rock BUT, that has changed with a wonder gentleman named JIMMY CUPPLES. He is a family man, been at this for a while but WOW, can he raise the roof off the joint. I am proud to call him a mate of mine. I leaving him support tweets and all and I don’t ever expect an answer back, he almost always surprises me. I appreciate that he  takes that time to brighten my day. Mahalia Barnes is another wonderful artist I can’t wait to meet. She and Prinnie Stevens are doing a meet and greet in a couple of weeks here in Adelaide. I got the giggles when she replied to a tweet of mine. It made my day, reminded me that she felt it was important to reply.

I am playing my part in my little corner of Australian Music. I started a website called Aussie Voice Gigs. It’s my way of helping to get the artist from The Voice out there just a little more. Its going to take some work and I have made a commitment to making this work but if my web site just gets one person interested in the NEW class of Australian Musicians, then its well worth. It has helped me to see the concerts that are taking place in Adelaide over the next couple of months and I can’t wait to go and hopefully a meet and greet with them. Just to introduce myself but also to say thank you for what they do.

It’s a great class of musicians, find them, give them a go, WHO KNOW what bit of gold you’re going to find