Adelaide is called the city of churches, and I go to a one of those wonderful churches. St.Peter’s Cathedral is a stunning church commenced in 1869, with the completion of how we know it now in 1904. It’s a wonderful building with so much history and stained glass like I have never seen. Just the detail is amazing. You can spend hours in there exploring all the nooks and crannies of the building. There is a guided tour on Sunday at 12:30 and Wednesday morning at 11:00am.

Many events are held there throughout the year: Special State events, weddings, funerals, confirmation each September, and the art show in October. Ok, I can hear you saying: “What, an art show at church?” Let me explain.

During the first full week of October each year, the main cathedral is transformed into an art gallery. The first art show was held in 2004, and was created to help celebrate the beauty of art and to invite the community to come and enjoy the simple pleasure of enjoying art artworks in this iconic building. Being at the cathedral is unique in itself and the art is displayed by hanging it on screens in the side aisles right there where Sunday services are held. God’s gift of creativity can been seen in all aspects of art no matter what you is created, and with the artwork you can get a new perspective  no matter whether you chose to attend a service or not. Michael Neale, who is the founder of the Art show, gives will a free walk through each year the exhibition on Wednesday 10th October at 7.30pm and talks about the spiritual aspects of chosen pieces of work. He challenges you to think about how just a simple piece of artwork can draw you into the mysteries of the bible spirituality.

150 artists submitted 300 pieces of work this year. Three judges are always chosen to select the prize winners: a practising artist, someone from academia and someone who is associated with the display of artworks.

Phil and I go in each year once all pieces have been received and hung in the cathedral. One of Phil’s pet hates is walking in and seeing a picture hanging crooked on a wall. Our job is to go in with a fresh pair of eyes and give the paintings that have been hung that last little loving touch. We are just in awe of what we see and how stunning each of the pieces are. We can see the love and commitment of each artist and what they have put into the piece they have chosen to share. We know that there will be many visitors over the next week. Some from Adelaide who have never been to the church will come to see what it’s all about. Other visitors from interstate will be coming to see the cathedral and get a bonus of the art show.  Those who come from overseas to Adelaide for the very first time will visit the church and find an art show as a nice surprise.

The art show is FREE to the public and is open from 10am to 6pm daily except when there are services taking place. All pieces in the show are up for sale and anyone on duty will be very happy to help with the sale and answer all questions. If you have any questions about the show or anything else you can call The Cathedral office during regular hours. The first $4,000 raised from the Art Show will be given to an Anglican Board of Mission project.  This year the organising committee has chosen the Gaza Al Ahli Arab Hospital in Palestine to receive these funds.

So…don’t be afraid to come along and visit St. Peter’s Cathedral in North Adelaide any time during the year but come especially during the art show. I can promise that you will have a couple of hours of getting lost in a wonderful place, enjoying a stunning art show and maybe even learning something. History, art and spiritually all in one place has never been so much fun.