OSU Wallpaper 415
OSU Wallpaper 415 (Photo credit: buckeyekes)

Ok, I love my twitter, as many of you know I could be called a mad tweeter, anyway when I saw the tweet about the pizza guys who lost his job for making comments about the Ohio State University defence, I must admit I had a good laugh. He probably said what a lot were thinking after the game on this past Saturday. Just a reminder before I go on, I live in Australia and I watch the games on ESPN on the computer and watch my twitter feed to keep up on things. What I share with you is MY VIEWS, my take on what’s going on.

The question of the day yesterday on Twitter was basically, “Will Coach Luke be the Defence Coordinator next year?” The basic answer I saw was NO. OK, just because of ONE game he will lose his job. I know we Buckeyes hold our football in high regard and all but lets just take a few here and do some thinking. Just want to give you some points to think on:

A) This is a learning curve year. Yes, Because of the past mistakes made we have to sit out this year. Nothing we can do about that so I really wish people would let that one go. Sure it is really annoying and frustrating to know that we can’t play but its a MILD penalty so we need to get over it and prove to the rest of the world that we are back and stronger than ever.

B) Coach Luke — He was the Coach that took on a lot, got us though that toughest time in recent history. He ask us to take a step of faith with him and get through the difficulties at hand. WE trusted him and we got through it, a little worse for wear but we made it. I can’t even imagine the pressure of that year and all. We all came out on the other side, a bit wiser, stronger and learned a lot about who we are and what we are made of. Now because of one hiccup, ONE game….they are calling for Coach’s job.  A little quick on the draw don’t you think.

C) Learning Curve – This is a learning year, a year to discover weakness and strength, discover the silliness, learn what makes each other tick. All those things that make a strong, cohesive, tradition deep unit. All those things that make up our Buckeye family. We have a new coaching staff, new family members and there is a lot that is expected of the other. Its going to take TIME, we have that time this year to learn and grow. To deal with that pressure that goes a long way to getting us through the tough times.  Did you ever think that this could work to our advantage? We get a whole year to learn about each other and all that would normally have to happen in just a few months.

Yes, I know the stopping the big plays and all need done, it was ugly and all but it was a WIN. Plain and simple, the boys got the job done. The biggest thing we get this year is EXPERIENCE…..and time. We have the chance to fix those little things NOW that come up during games. We have a new perspective with Coach Meyers views on how to find ways to cope with issues and get them fixed now.

Being part of the “House of Buckeye” which is full of tradition and the high demand of winning takes a lot. There are just those unnamed standards that we all expect and when one little thing falls out of realm of what we know, everyone has a panic and starts calling for heads on platters and demanding changes, when just possibly a bit of examination of the complete picture is needed to get  through the time in question.

You can’t let this stop you from the support that is growing. Remember the week we stood up to the Coach of the University of Central Florida, when we said we were not LOUD enough, they had TWO delay of game penalties because they could not HEAR. What about just a couple of weeks ago beating Nebraska, it was damn tough but we got through. We took it a play at a time, a yard at a time but we WON.  OSU is the ONLY undefeated Big Ten team and we can handle each challenge that is thrown at us.

When we get through this NOW just wait til what next year can be like….Stronger and Smarter, able to handle what is thrown at us.

Stand TALL and PROUD….let show them what TRUE Buckeyes are really made of.