Living is Australia I am totally reliant on my Twitter feed for news and how the game is going. Last Saturday was no different, against Purdue in the House of Buckeye. (that’s my name for the shoe). We were behind and that was ok, remembering that it’s a learning year and maybe this was a dig deep moment. Then the moment came that I can only imagine caused everyone to hold their breath, I nearly dropped my tablet. It was all I could do to not twitter silly to find out what had happened. I knew the news would eventually come. It was too soon to know if there was video available.

As time went on and my feed kept ticking madly over the excitement was building. All of a sudden it was a tied, holy crap what is going to happen now. It’s an always that tedious call of what do you do, go for the one point kick or a two point conversion. I found out later in a tweeted video that it was the players screaming at the Coach that THEY wanted the 2 point conversion. Well, whatever got said was the right thing because Coach Meyer trusted the boys and they got the job done. We all know that it went into overtime, and all I could do was hold on to the tablet and pray, pray hard and hopefully not scream too loud to wake up the house if things turned out right.  By the time I was walking to the bus it was all over. I was tweeting to see if someone had video of Brax’s hit and was hearing how much Kenny stepped in  with the confidence and determination. The link came and I was speechless to say the least, my heart stopped I think when he didn’t move, didn’t jump up as normal. Needless to say keeping on eye on what was happening kept my ride to the city for Mass eventful. Even though I knew he was ok, all test cleared him I still let a candle for him. I know it would be best to keep an eye on him this week,have a fitness test so everything is ok. Kenny showed true Buckeye strength, showed what digging deep is all about, when he was handed the task at hand, he just did it. THANKS MATE.

The 13th man played a role that I don’t think they realized. They (you the fans) gave the boys the inspiration and support they needed. Coach Meyer even was quoted as saying you guys were LOUDER than the Nebraska game, I know you guys blew the UCF coach away but when Coach Meyer couldn’t hear, that made my day. I LOVE the swag., that was great. It just makes me miss home even more.

Time for a THANK YOU!  To all the Buckeye fans who post on YouTube, who tweet madly…..I can’t say thank you enough. Those of us overseas who can’t see the game and share in all the excitement. I look forward to  looking up the videos online, seeing all the buckeye fans in my twitter feed. YOU guys mean the world to this buckeye fan so far from home now. On my Buckeye bucket list is a game in the shoe with all the great fans. I would love to be able to meet Coach Meyer, Coach Luke, Coach Mike and the team… share in a typical game day at the shoe and all that goes with it. To take part in all the traditions old and new, to be able to tick off some of that bucket list.

I am so proud to be a member of the Buckeye Family.