, I am a proud traditionalist member of the House of Buckeye. It’s that time of year again for “THAT” game. Here we are serving our penalties and sitting pretty at number five. What if it’s a year from now, we have served everything and are still undefeated, would we still be sitting at number five? Only time will tell on that one. Another question for you to ponder, Should Braxton Miller really win the Heisman this year or would waiting a year be better? He is amazing , I so agree with you but, How much better can he get?

I don’t know about the rest of you but to be completely honest I never expected to be undefeated at this time of the year. Each week as I have gotten up on Sunday mornings I have gone straight for my twitter feed and was not sure what to expect. I have many new wonderful twitter buckeye Brothers and Sisters and I am thrilled. Its hard being over seas this time of year, not being able to SEE what the rest of you get to . I nearly dropped my tablet when I saw on Twitter that Brax got hit and took some time to get up. I put the call out for a link so I could see what happened, and it was a matter of time before someone had found it and made sure I could see. I could feel my breathing stop as he took the hit and didn’t move.

I so wish I would’ve seen the UCF game and been in the shoe for how loud it was. When are people going to understand that when the 13th man is needed it will be there. When are people going to understand that WE are passionate, love our buckeyes and when the boys, are on the field those sitting in the stands have their back. When Coach Meyer says after a game it that was so loud that even HE couldn’t hear himself think, WELL………..what does that tell you about the fans. I love the pictures being tweeted about special game days. I have kept those and I use them for inspiration for my training.

It’s almost time for THAT game, the one game that we wait for all season long. It’s Coach Meyer’s first Beat Michigan week as OSU Coach and I wonder how he will approach things? This game , this year is our bowl game………….Its the time we make our final stance and show the world that we are BACK, STRONGER then ever and we will NOT be denied. This time of year always makes me think of Coach Woody and Coach Bo. Now those were some head butting, mouth-watering games but they were also FUN, the jokes, were the best especially that week. We may have gone at it tooth and nail that whole week but when that clock hit zero, there was so much respect for the other side. Sure I will be the first to admit that I have cried in the past when we lost but also cheered when the wins were big. For those Freshman on the team this year, I wish the coaching staff would show a video of Coach Woody talking about what its like to play for OSU during this week especially but also what it really MEANS to be a true scarlet and grey Buckeye.

We have a bye this week which I think can be really good on a lot of fronts. Those who have little injuries that need a rest will get it but also, it gives some prep time for Wisconsin and the week after. Time to look at films and talk about how to STOP those possible big plays. There are always one or two during “that” game.

Living in Australia, I miss so much…getting together to watch the games with friends, being on campus and seeing more scarlet and grey that I feel like I have gone to heaven. I worked in a restaurant in Columbus one year and we had a big game on, and it was AMAZING to hear the WHOLE place erupted in cheers as the boys won that day. Once again I have to say a bloody big THANK YOU  to all of you on Twitter who tweet madly on game day, share your pics, share links so those of us overseas can be a small part.

If I could tell the Coaching Staff and the Team anything it would be this……

We are so PROUD of you for the season you have given us. What a ride its been along the way. So many highs like that catch in the end zone, the overtime win….the lows of Braxton getting hit and the struggles of being able to STOP the big play. When you run on the field for that final game, take those of us oversea on that run with you, take us on the field as the defence stands tall and causes and three and out. Take us with you as the offense goes on the field and protects Braxton and Kenny as they step up and throw and take us with you as you catch those passes. Take us with you as you run to the end zone and score those points. Remember us as you go to the student section to share the swag and sing “Carmen Ohio

We are part of the family, all over the world….waiting for word, watching computers and twitter feeds waiting for word of that FINAL victory. We get up at all hours of the night, put on the colours as we wipe the sleep from our eyes. We stand TALL , WE stand PROUD, We proudly wear the SCARLET and GREY and we ask that you do just one thing on our behalf……………………….