Well, what can I say at the time of writing this WE DID IT. A 12 -0 season. To be honest when the season opened I was not really sure what to expect. Still really disappointed with Coach Tressell and the boys and how it all played out sure was a sore spot. As I am sure a sore spot with a lot of you out there. When I started seeing rumors of Urban Meyer being lured home to Ohio I really began to wonder. From what I know When he left Florida there was no certainty that he would ever coach again. Then I remember the day my twitter went silly and I was scouring you-tube for anything to confirm what I was seeing. Urban Meyer was COMING HOME, home to a school he played for, a place steeped tradition and a massive fan base that would be watching his ever move.

As spring rolled around here come the massive spring game in the shoe. That first look at what was coming and I wondered something..”How much effect would Coach Meyer instill in the boys, how much new hunger and drive would he be able to instill in to this group that would be paying a penalty for something they didn’t do. Not sure about the team but I know as a fan I was angry and hurt to get burned by what happened. I was as angry as anyone else at Coach Tressel for keeping it quiet and all. How in the world were we going to get past all this? We all knew what Urban had done at Florida and would that same excitement and passion happen here, Could we get past the indiscretions of the past?

As spring became fall, the excitement was building and it was time, time to see what was going to take place. It was time for the 13th man (the fans) to take their place in the stands, to give our support to the boys and the coaching staff and allow fate to step in. New traditions were beginning along with the old, and Coach Meyer even kept a couple that Coach Tressell had started. Slowly, each week as I got up on Sunday mornings here in Australia, it was straight to the twitter feed to see how the boys were going. Each week was a surprise on its own, and I began to think that just maybe we are going to be OK. I can’t remember the name of the player who made that amazing end zone catch, but getting the link to see it, I was so excited. You could not wipe the smile off my face that day. As the weeks continued I made many new buckeye family members, you guys were wonderful helping those of us overseas with links and pictures on twitter.

I can’t forget the week that Braxton Miller too that famous hit and didn’t get up. Talk about being scared silly, pacing and waiting for news that he would be OK. I was on the bus heading to the city where I attend mass and I prayed every minute I was on that bus. I honestly thought that they might not let him play that week but he bounced back stronger than ever. Winning in overtime was the worse part of the season for me I think, the extra waiting and I can’t tell you how many times I hit the refresh button on my twitter feed.

THEN……came the week ever buckeye fan waits the whole season for…….BEAT MICHIGAN week. From what I could see, all the usual fun things took place, the blood drive, the jokes. It took me a few to figure out what TTUN stood for but I got it. Then I got the link to the breakfast with Urban and him breaking down. You could see the love for the boys, for the scarlet and grey and the one thing that he wanted more than I think we, the fans did…..to just BEAT MICHIGAN. The best part besides the WIN was seeing the boys dump the Gatorade on Urban.

If I could say anything at all to the Coaching Staff and team it would be this…..”THANK YOU for the season you have given us. WE are so proud of you, for how you fought hard for each yard gained, for each touch down and extra point. Thank you for each defensive drive you took us on and caused a three and out. Thank you to the 13th man , the fans for filling the shoe each week and cheering so loud that Coach Meyer can’t hear himself think.

Even though our season is over, I can’t wait for next year….the new excitement of spring game, of each week, of the fact that here we come post season play and that we can RIGHTFULLY play for a National Championship.