My first visit to the Sydney Opera HouseOK, time to answer some of those questions that I keep getting ask and ask to write about so,here goes……

WHY BLOG, well that is easy, it is a form of writing that I have complete control. I can write and re-write and edit until I am happy with the piece. I can write a series as I did this past year on my Alma Mater Ohio State University. I was raised with the traditions of college football and what it means on Saturday afternoons to give your heart and soul to the team you bleed their colors (scarlet and grey). Its learning about what it means to fight and fight hard for what you believe and never giving up. If you get knocked back down it’s getting up and when people tell you “SORRY You Cant do it”, It’s a simple reply of “JUST WATCH ME SUCCEED”  It’s getting up after being knocked down time and time again.

I think people blog for heaps of reason, for fun to share knowledge. To share an experience, some people may use blogging as a way of therapy to help them deal with something life changing that they are going through. I recently wrote a piece about how I have dealt with the loss of a close mate and getting news from a high school girlfriend who is mounting a fight against Cancer. I have pieces that my daughter Alisha calls “Chicken Soup for the Soul crossed with Life Experiences” My other blog is my craft and travel blog. It’s a way to document about my knitting and crocheting projects and travel adventures. It also helps me to keep projects organized and reminded me to keep focused on projects to get finished.

OK, now that is out-of-the-way, I am originally from Columbus, Ohio. Midwest farm country and MAD football town. On Saturday afternoons the town comes to a halt as the boys take to the field. My wonderful mates on Twitter have helped me to keep up with games this year, important information and just have some plain silliness. I now call Adelaide ,South Australia home and follow the mighty Adelaide Crows. Now these boys can play Aussie rules. NO PADDING or crash helmets as my hubby Pj calls them. He posed an interesting question one day..”IF you wear helmets on the field to play football then WHY don’t you wear them to ride a motorcycle?” Well you know what, I have no bloody clue how to answer that one.

I love being involved in the scene of politics here in Australia. I can actually call the gentleman who represents Pj and I is a mate of our in Federal Parliament. We can actually go to Canberra, ACT and go to Parliament House and sit in on Question Time, in either the House of Representatives or the Senate.  It’s a whole new learning curve with how government works here compared to Washington DC.

Shopping and travel was an early challenge, being METRIC. Had to think in kilometers and kilos. No more pounds and miles. Just the simple pronunciation of a word would either get me where I needed to go or some really funny looks, til it could be sorted what I was wanting.

This past October was my 12th anniversary of living down under. It’s a stunning country that I have hardly seen. Plenty has changed but some things will never change. I will always be a Ohio girl, raised in tradition and family, but also with Aussie values of having my mates back when they need me. Bleeding scarlet and grey but understanding Aussie rules football and the game of Cricket. Watching the Dallas Cowboys and Miami Dolphins play while in my jammies. Missing Taco Bell but learning to eat Vegemite, throwing back a West End and thinking of a long neck of Budweiser.

Pj says I am a Yank by birth and an Aussie by Marriage……………Not a bad mix in my book