christmas Red

Christmas Eve—–AGAIN! Someone please explain to me where the flaming year has gone. Yes, it is hard to NOT stop and think about those we have lost during the year. With the arrival of my Grandchildren, Elizabeth and Gabriel it got me to thinking about my own parents and how much they would love this year. All the first and definitely all the pictures that would be taken. Mom would always have plenty of food and make her specialties…Sweet Potato Souffle. Dad would have made something special in crochet for the kids. Mom should have spoiled them as only a great-grandma could.

Sure, can’t help think about those who have passed on during the year, family and friends who have left a hole in our lives. It’s those friends and family who we miss the most. Wanting to pick up the phone or email them and then, you realize that you can’t. Doesn’t mean you can’t still talk to them. I honestly do believe that they are around, in some way they are looking out for us. It’s a tough idea at times but you have to open yourself up to those ideas. I was at the liquor store this past Saturday and saw a bottle of Bailey’s and it reminded me of a mate in Chicago and her uncle. They always shared a drink together, Pj and I just lost a mate to cancer and we always talk about the night we went there for dinner and all, what a blast that night. We MISS YOU John.

Traditions — At times our lives are filled with them during special times of the year and the Christmas/New Years is no different. My first New Years in Australia was a twilight zone experience in itself. WHY, well when your use to freezing your nuts off in Ohio and all of a sudden you’re sitting on a beach at midnight with your feet in the sand….you would also be going “this is really screwed”. Now we take our lawn chairs and cooler and head to the Mayors New Years Eve concert in the city. It’s FREE public transport after Midnight so getting home is no issue. It also helps with those who might party a little too hard. It is really rare to hear about there being a major accident on the roads. They also do what we call, RBT or Random Breath Testing…..It has saved a lot of lives but it can also show someone’s stupidity about drink driving.

To those family and friends — I LOVE YOU ALL. Thank you for your support and love through out this year. We have had some rocking times and some real downers but we are still there, still loving live and still running amuck. I can’t wait to see what 2013 brings

To my TWITTER KIDS — You guys are amazing and I am so proud of all of you. I can’t wait to see what life brings you in the new year. Hoping to be able to meet you in our travels.

To my BUCKEYE Brothers and Sisters — You guys just plain and simple ROCK OUT. This was an amazing year and thank you for sharing your tweet, video and buckeye love with those of us spread out all over the world. This year was amazing and I cant wait for 2013, National Title here we come.

To Pj — I love you. I know we have had our ups and downs a lot of late but THANK YOU for all you have taught me, about having a voice and to stand up for myself and speak out. YOU gave me that courage. Can’t wait to go back to Canberra and run amuck. We need one more good ORDER from Uncle Harry

You guys are just plain AMAZING and this year had been wild, my wish for you is a great 2013 full of surprises and mind-blowing highs. I know there will be lows in the journey but just remember, mates and family have your back. Don’t be afraid to ask for HELP, speak up and let someone, anyone know whats up. When you ask “HOW ARE YOU?” Remember to really LISTEN to the answer because it could be the most important five minutes of the day.

One final THANK YOU — that is to all of YOU who have come on this journey with me as I write this blog. I can’t say how much you mean to me. Starting this blog I never dreamed where it would take me and that is because of you, the readers. I will continue to write in 2013 about life here in Australia, my beloved Buckeyes and will be blogging through baseball season following the Chicago White Sox, and the “Chicken Soup Life Experiences” as my daughter Alisha calls them

Stay Safe and Party Hard play your music, LOUD AND PROUD……

Cant wait to see you 2013 for an amazing year