1347783509There are many lists in life, I am sure we all have our “bucket list” of things we want to do before we pass on. On the flip side is a variation I think of that, is that list of places in the world we want to visit. I know I have one, to see some very special places all over the world. Some are fun places to go party, others are what I call romantic, some are just places I want to say I have been. It’s not a long list but I would give anything to be able to cross a couple of places off the list.

I have a mate who I met on Facebook who I think has the most ultimate job…..He’s a travel agent and one place he calls home is Ireland. He has shared pictures of where he calls home there and it is amazing, the green rolling hills and all. Never seen a shade of green like that ever, I always think of the beautiful churches there and the good quality of Irish wool, for knitting.

Jim is amazing, extremely knowledgeable, and plans the most amazing trips. He just did a trip to Tuscany and I would have given anything for just a post card. That is one of the places on my travel list. I can only imagine the detail that he gives his tour groups and all. Those special out-of-the-way places that only travel agents know about.

It’s those out-of-the-way places that got me thinking about something, how much do we really appreciate those special little out-of-the-way places and things in life. Those special little gifts that may only come across once in a life time, no matter where in the world we are. It could be going to a place you always wanted, for me it’s the Seychelles Islands in the Indian Ocean, but I also want to go to London, Edinburgh for the Tattoo, go to Ireland and Scotland for knitting wool and learn more about Aran knitting. I am in to this thing with knitting Afghans or blankets as they call them here in Australia with texture. Sure just knit is texture but it’s those patterns that slowly develop out of rows. The challenge of new stitches new patterns and those new things I can use.

My Mum Edith was a knitter and she taught me how, I stood in front of her though and I knit left-handed. It’s kind of backwards but I get the job done, and boy have I spent many a day’s ripping out and knitting it all back. Her work was beautiful, soft and so full of love. That is the one thing that I most loved about her stuff. I knew the time and effort that went into those pieces of work.

It’s 2013 and been reflecting back on those little things and being more conscious of taking the time to really appreciate the little things. I turn 50 in early February and I have found myself taking some time and looking back on my life. How things have changed in my lifetime, how I have changed. Moving to Australia has really shown me how much I have missed along the way, those side roads that need exploring and having those unexpected blessings along the way. My youngest daughter has blessed us with two wonderful grandchildren; my oldest daughter is in a wonderful relationship and is a 13-year cancer survivor. Pj’s got health challenges but we are managing, taking time and enjoying traveling and dabbling in the political scene.

Make a point this year to be HUMAN, tell those around you that you love them. What they mean to you. Make some ME time along the way, when the sun goes down stop worrying about the day because it’s over and you CANT do anything to change what’s happened during the day. RECHARGE your batteries; spoil yourself however you need to. It’s going to be an amazing year….I can feel it