“I want a pissed off football team. I want a team that has a chip on their shoulders. Maybe something’s been taken from you” – Urban Meyer

Coach MeyerI was really excited to listen to the final game of the college season. All I could keep thinking was….It should be Ohio State there, my boys should be playing this game. I didn’t realize til yesterday how much I really missed home. Missed my scarlet and grey, Saturday afternoons and the traditions.

As the game progressed I kept thinking about how Braxton and the boys would handle things. How they would take each down and keep the ball moving. It by no means would be a walkover as Alabama had it yesterday. I saw a tweet last night asking if there was a NEW football dynasty at Alabama. I really took offence at that one. Just because the SEC has won the title over the last few year means they are so special and all of that. HOLD ON ……There is a whole college nation out here and we will NOT be silenced. There is ONLY ONE true National Champion who had a PERFECT SEASON.

By now you have some to see that I am true buckeye all the way. I was born at Grant Hospital in Columbus, I am what I call myself a “Woody Hayes Kid”. I learned what the true meaning of tradition was, get back UP after getting knocked down. The true meaning of Saturday afternoons and wearing the scarlet and grey. How thankful I am for all the new Buckeye mates I have on Twitter and Facebook who just get it, they understand what it all means.

When TTUN (that team up north) was playing their bowl game I couldn’t help but think about when we would meet them again and finish another perfect season off. 325 days from today that game will take place. The same high energy, intensity, traditions that we love that goes along with everything during that week. Even those of us overseas could feel that final game last year was gong to be special and with it being our “BOWL GAME” we were NOT going to be denied.

Its been an amazing season. I just wanted to say a big “THANK YOU” to you who have taken this journey with me throughout the season. Its been an emotional ride but we have come out on the other side stronger than ever. Appreciating what we have and looking forward to the new family members who will be arriving soon, new challenges.  I will be back blogging when the new season starts.

Oh, and one more thing ….To the BCS and especially the Bama Tide, consider yourself on notice because the Ohio State Buckeyes are coming for what is rightfully OURS…………