300px-Kevin_Rudd_23_Feb_08  Since shifting to Australia and thanks to Pj, I have really gotten into the world of Politics and its gotten really interesting. Voting the first time was an experience and I was really taken back as to how quick votes were counted and all. Watching Question Time and able to visit Parliament House and actually see things happen was a real learning curve, a 12 year government lesson you could say. It’s a never-ending lesson of all sorts.

When Kevin Rudd got rolled in 2010, I was just stunned to be honest and neither of us could really understand why. Everything was going well,his poll numbers were good but those who were his so-called friends and colleagues had taken it upon themselves to decide that the government has lost its way.  To this date we still can’t understand why, the Labor Party allowed this to happen without any input or say. There are CERTAIN people who I refuse to name in this blog for various reasons, for the main fact of I DO NOT support them or what they stand for. The other day Pj was accused of NOT being a Labor Man because he does not support the CURRENT P.M. That really got up both our noses. Pj posed a really good question…asking “If I am NOT a Labor man, does that mean the 31 men and woman who supported Kevin Rudd in the February 2012 leadership challenge are not Labor people?”

Today a lot of simple working Aussie men and women are sick and tired of all the crap that is going on with the government. Being lied to, promises broken, a carbon tax that NO ONE wanted. Pj and I are on pensions and struggling to get through a fortnight and still have a little cash left over. We just want a government we can trust, we want our struggles and issues to be heard by those who sit in Parliament. We, along with many Aussies are tired of being ignored and come September 14th we will finally have our say.

Now, WHY have I told you all that……so I can tell you this………….I STILL support Kevin Rudd for Prime Minister. We want him back in the job he was doing and doing well. He took the time to listen and explain things that the simple blue-collar work, the stay at home Mum, the pensioner or the college professor could understand. He never said this is the way it is because I said so, He takes the time to explain it so we all could understand. I wrote a blog over a year ago, giving Kevin Rudd my support and it still has not changed! I along with the rest of the country DEMAND his return to the job that is rightfully his. Here is that blog…….

Phil and I were just relaxing one evening in 2010, when my phone started going silly. I usually turned it on silent in the evenings and would check it when I felt it necessary. This particular evening it became necessary. Twitter became abuzz with the news that things in Canberra, at parliament house were on the verge of a major change. Every 10 minutes for the next TWO HOURS my phone message tone kept going off. by the time we went to bed we knew the news that the rest of the country would be in total shock to get, Kevin Rudd would no longer be the Prime Minister of the country. Phil and I just couldn’t believe what was happening. Everything was great, We had been the only country in the world to STAY OUT of recession during the Global Financial Crisis. Everything had been done to discredit him and convince others that someone else was better for the job.

We jump ahead to tonight. The country is in a bigger mess now then we would have been with Kevin still at the helm. WE have a Carbon Tax that no one wants, a Mining Tax that has those in the industry are screaming that will do more damage and ruin jobs and a so-called Prime Minister whose numbers are sinking faster than the Titanic.

Regard to the Mining Tax, those in the industry are screaming that the tax will do more harm than good, AFTER they said they would be prepared to pay more. Kevin and Twiggy Forrest had worked out a deal and it would have been something that everyone was happy about BUT, the information of that meeting never came to light UNTIL NOW.

ON the Carbon TAX, at first Julia Gillard swore up and down that “THERE WOULD BE NO CARBON TAX UNDER A GOVERNMENT I LEAD”. Week later that promise along with pretty much anything else she promised has been BROKEN. NO taking the time to explain, NO taking the time to listen to voters..she has lost the trust of a nation.

WHY have I told you all of this, to really tell you this story………..Its about a group of people on Facebook who have one thing in common. That is to see that Kevin Rudd is returned to the office of Prime Minister of Australia. We the Ruddites( as we call ourselves). Want to see Kevin back where he belongs.



The two links above are dedicated to one main objective and that is the fact that we wont rest until Kevin is back where he belongs. Both pages have just had their first birthdays. Phil and I both love to go hang out with other of the same thinking as we have. The struggles and all, the major frustrations. OK, I can hear you going WHY? Let me try to answer that question for you……………………

Kevin always took the time to explain things, no matter how complex things where, he would break it down in such a way that those working in big business to the little blue-collar guy paying a mortgage would get what he was talking about. He wasn’t afraid to answer the hard questions and put in the hard yards. We  have gone digging and know in our hearts that things would get worse, that Australia was NOT ready for a female PM and that has become true. Kevin is still very well liked and gets a rock star welcome no matter where he goes. Time after time what was put out there as truths about how he was to work with or what he said has been proven to be false.

Kevin tried again to challenge for the leadership in February. He had seen enough and it was time to take back the job that was rightfully HIS. The Ruddites kicked into high gear to back Kevin all the way, by writing to each member of the House of Representatives and the Senate, to return Kevin back. Many sitting members received OVER 1,000 emails from members in their seats urging them to vote for Kevin. There were some who would not listen to those outside their electorate, Kate Ellise is one of those who comes to mind. She gave an interview, in which Kevin was to have said all these nasty things about the PM. It came out later that Ms. Ellis took what she had heard OUT OF CONTEXT, and accused Kevin of saying what she had heard. There are many more stories out there I am sure that. There were even rumors of bullying with the threat of pre-selection being taken if votes didn’t go Ms.Gillard’s way.

We, the Ruddites, got our voice heard. The news papers a couple of weeks ago published an article about us and the support that we give to Kevin and his family. The press is starting to listen to what we have known all along. Joe Hildabrant had a major temper tantrum this week, and it was about a lot of things that we have known for ages and now things are getting said.

I know this might be all over the place a little but the general point is this. Its been a year since we have joined the pages and we still believe in Kevin and that he is really the right man for the job. We the people trust him and want him back where he belongs and we are refusing to give up until he’s there. I am originally from the USAand never really had an interest in politics and all until now. Here the sitting members are so much more accessible than back in the states.

Just want to give Brad and Katherine a BIG SHOUT OUT for all the work that they do on keeping the pages going and the passion there. The pages wouldn’t be what they are without them at the helm. They have given us a place to go, share our views and all and not be scared to do so. WE have built wonderful friendship with many of those on the pages and can’t wait to meet them face to face and share a beer.

Phil and I are heading off to Canberra in August for the three days they are sitting. Fingers crossed that we can get the chance to meet Kevin and get a couple of snaps. Will keep you posited on that one.