Remember Kids just my views here on the events over the past couple of months.

photo I got an email the other day and I was totally stoked when I saw the picture. Braxton Miller on the front of Sports Illustrated and that he was the early favorite for the Heisman Trophy this year. Braxton had an amazing season but he can only get better. I know we lost a small number through graduation and those who went to the draft but the majority of the team is still together. There will still be some adjusting needing to happen, blowing out the cobwebs from the off-season but I think the boys will come back together even stronger than ever.

I was disappointed in seeing that the spring game has been moved to Cincinnati because of work on the horse shoe. It just will not be the same, that one thing will be missing from the day. The sounds of the shoe from beyond. I know that might sound funny but, when you go into a place that you KNOW is special and know the history you just feel different. Its familiar but also safe, being among of friends and family.

Once the Spring Game has taken place its back to the office until August 31 when the University of Buffalo arrives for a game at the shoe. The following weeks will see games with the San Diego State Aztecs, California Golden Bears and Florida A & M. The only road trip will be to California with the Bears. It will be good to see how we travel and see what adjusting might need done before the conference season opens.

September 28 will see us open the conference season with Wisconsin. Last year saw a breath holding overtime win. I think that was one of the scariest times waiting for word to come though. October 5th sees the return of the Northwestern Wildcats. October 12 and November 9 bring open days which I think will work for us IF needed for recovery of injuries and working out any kinks that may have cropped up during the season up to those dates.

November 30 is THE DAY…….it is once again BEAT TTUN. Bring Juice…..Enough Said about that.

December 12 is the ultimate game. The game that we were denied last year because of sins of the past. It was the one game that I was truly sick that we could not play in. We earned the right but because of the past we had to pay the penalty. Hear me out here on one issue. Maybe, just maybe it has worked in our favor this year. When everyone else was getting ready for bowl games and all the stresses that go along with it we got to go scouting and recruiting. From what I could see, Coach Meyer and the rest of the staff and team got to work on building for this coming season. On February 6 last month, I turned 50 and got to watch all the wonderful signings of future Buckeyes and get really excited for what is coming. That extra month of being forced out of post season play, I think has paid off in spades.

Its going to be an amazing season and I just can’t wait. Thanks to my Buckeye Brothers and Sisters I will be able to watch the boys play. Its going to be well worth getting up at all hours here in Australia to cheer the boys on to another perfect season.

(OK, I am going to be human here and BEG…..In September I will be walking in a 6 kilometer race here in Adelaide where I live. This is the third year I have done this.  I would give anything if someone out there would be willing to part with an OLD, well  loved OSU T-Shirt that I could wear in the race this year. Everything I own is too heavy or wearing out. You can reach me by way of a comment or on my twitter feed. )

One more thing….I saw the perfect tweet not long after the post season was over. Everyone talking about how great their school was but ” OSU had a PERFECT season at 12-0……what can YOU say about YOUR school?”