buckeye fansI am kind of stuck at the moment with waiting and watching. Watching and cheering on the OSU Basketball team heading to the Sweet Sixteen in the big dance, better known as the NCAA Basketball Championships. Being in Australia I have to rely on my Twitter feed and Facebook for keeping updated. From what I have seen the boys are playing well, taking it a game at a time which is what they need to do. The Boys seeded number two in the West division, first game was against Iona, beating them 95 – 70. Its been awhile since they came close to scoring 100 points in the post season. Number 10 seed Iowa State won their game against Notre Dame, which moved them on to face OSU and in a close game the Bucks hung on in a close game 78 to 75. Our next game will be against Arizona on March 29th. Fingers crossed and wishing the boys luck.


The football team is working hard and in pads already. Blowing out the cobwebs and getting ready for the spring game. I did see an interview with Coach Meyer that he was OK with how the practice had gone but could see there were some issues that needed addressed. Routines and discipline needing to be established again.  Heading towards April 13 and the Spring Game, in Cincinnati, Ohio.

For those of you new to my blog, I am a born and bred Buckeye raised during the Woody Hayes years. The things I learned most from Coach Hayes was tradition and pride. It took a few years to really grasp how someone I admired, who I never got to meet in person could teach so much. If you look up on YouTube you can find some of his pregame speeches. It felt like it was talking directly to you, making you feel proud of who you were and even though you were facing this task at hand that you could do it and you had 90,000 people at your back.

When Coach Hayes passed away, it felt like the whole state stopped breathing. The great man was no longer with us, and it left a hole that would never be filled. When they announced that the shoe would be open and you could go on the field to pay your respects, it was something I just could not pass up. It is something that I will never forget, I was part of something special that night and I will never forget it.

I am so proud to be from Ohio by birth and Buckeye by the grace of God. I understand, pride and tradition and even though I live in Australia but heart is always in Ohio and with the men and women who wear the scarlet and grey each time they take the field.

Sending lots of love and luck to the boys in the big dance. You are just amazing, we Buckeye Fans over seas are cheering you on.