1347783509   A high school mate of mine ask me one day what I did to get motivated and get walking. To get the weight off I have and she was full of questions and ask for my ideas and all. She said that she had tried many things but nothing was working, she was having a hard time relating to what was on offer. She ask me if I would write a blog or a series of blogs to help her get motivated to get up and move. So kids here is what she ask of me, I hope that if it helps just one person get up off the couch and get moving, it will be great. I will break it all down so you’re not overwhelmed with the info.

Hugs, Cricket


A couple of years ago I had a mate in Utah encourage me to get out and start walking. I had no clue what I was doing but I knew I needed to get out and get moving. Dan had been competing in half marathons and race walking for several years, I started watching him on Run keeper and thought “Well, gee if he can then why can’t I?”

PLEASE, understand something, I am sharing what I DID, the process that I have gone through. Everyone is different and something will work and some won’t. I understand that everyone is different but please do not be afraid to try things to find what works for you.

So, I knew the first thing I needed to do was get an OK from the family doctor. I got that at the next wellness check that I had with her. Next was to get a correct weight and check blood pressure. I was also border line diabetic, so I picked up a monitor unit. I can not stress this enough, develop a plan with your doctor, talk about the issues and make sure you both are on the same page.

OK, time to talk about goals and what you want to accomplish in all this. Getting fit was my number one goal but I am still a long way off. Time to take some baby steps in setting those small goals that are achievable but also long-term goals. I wanted to get under 100 kilos, to manage my diet better and I wanted to compete in the Adelaide City to Bay. All goals that I could eventually tick off my list, but I also needed determination and hard work, lots of hard work. It’s a life change, that is the most difficult thing in all of this I think. Making that choice to change your life, yea, I did that when I moved to Australia but this is along those lines. Your making a decision to change how you eat, how you cook, watching what you eat. Once I made that choice it was time to get those goals in some kind of organized order.

Pj was a big help in the kitchen, teaching me how to cook and make my food more healthy. Pj has taught me new ways to cook things, steaming and slow cooking so that they have less fat, more flavor and have a good taste. I knew I had to cut down on how much soda I drank, junk food and sweets I was eating. I have cut out a lot of pasta and I try to watch how much regular bread I eat. I try to have more whole grain bread, steam my veggies and even try something new.

I don’t want to overload you with all the information. For the next few Wednesdays I will chat with you about some of the different things I faced, what I did to get over that hurdle, what worked for me and what did not. So, come on….

Let’s go for a walk