realize hoe specialI have learned the hard way that when you miss the chance to say something to those you love, those you are close to that you had better take it or you wont get another chance. Sure your scared to say things in case you wind up looking like a fool, who of us have not had that thought, your pride gets in the way. What if it’s the one important thing that person needs to hear, what if you realize it could be the last time and you can’t find the courage you need. That can make a total difference in what they are dealing with. It could be the person you need to talk to is critically ill and need to make the most of that final visit. The biggest choice is this….Do you

A)   Say what is needed and make the most of the opportunity


B) Let the moment pass you by and live with the regret of NOT being able to say all those things you felt you needed to. Here is why I am asking, how I dealt with the A and B of finding the courage.

I got to see my adopted Dad one more time before he passed away and I knew I had better make the most of that final visit. I got to make sure I told him that I loved him. He told me to tell my girls that He loved them very much. That was on a Monday and by Thursday of that week he had passed away. Mum called to tell us that it was over, it was expected but he was the only Father I had.  My mom was a different story. I wasn’t even in the country when she died. I was a big mess emotionally and I just couldn’t deal with it all. My brother gave me his blessing and told me to go ahead and leave. He knew I wasn’t going to be able to handle things. He was right in the end. Yes, I have those regrets that I never got to hear “I Love You” one more time, but over the years the regrets have lessened. Now that I live in Australia, when I chat with my girls I always make sure to say I LOVE YOU. Now that my grandchildren, Elizabeth and Gabriel are here they will always make sure to know that Nanna Cricket LOVES them very much.

Even now you have to be able to tell those close to you how much they really mean. How much you really appreciated them, that goes for your blood family and those you have adopted.  It seems to keep going back to the A or B choice,  make the most of it or let it pass you by. It’s a moment that you will never get back. OK here is another thought for you ….Why do we let pride get in the way? We can’t swallow it for just a few minutes of showing that we are really human. What’s wrong with being human? We all have feelings and need to know that we are loved, trusted and have mates we can count on. When things start getting tough we need to know that someone has our back.

OK, so here goes, I am going to take the step that I hope all of you can find the courage to do.  I’m swallowing my pride and going to be human…….

To those close friends and family, you mean the world to me. I have been able to make it through many issues with your love and support. You encourage me when I am down, are there to share the good times and support me when I am struggling. Thank you for making me laugh, drying my tears and even crying with me. Thank you for the virtual hugs. You have made my life better just by knowing you. You give me the courage to step out side of my comfort zone and that it is not as scary as it really seems.

So here’s the question……Have you got the courage to stand up and be HUMAN?