2013-04-03 11.02.28 Once I had my girls I got stuck into life and did not take the time I should have to get healthy and   all. I used food for comfort and cooked how I was taught. I really did not notice the weight I gained and that it was starting to take effect on my life. Having wellness check ups started to show me that I was looking at some serious health issues starting and I had better wake up or I would be in some serious trouble. I was borderline diabetic and on blood pressure medicine, and was dealing with bouts of depression. Dan, my mate in Utah could see signs that I was missing and it took a lot of convincing that I needed to start paying attention or I would be heading for some real health problems. So, with his support and encouragement I got moving, Pj‘s help in the kitchen. I hear a lot of people who at times have trouble losing weight after trying various things, they almost always say that they had a hard time finding someone they could relate to. So here I am, putting myself out here, showing you that you can do this. It will not be an easy road but you can do it, we can do it and I will do all I can to get you motivated to get moving.

Now,  You have the OK from the doctor to get started and now its the next step. You can read everything under the sun about walking, the best shoes, how to change the diet, what tunes to listen to, BUT you have to figure out what works for you, by weeding through heaps of info and everything else. I did a lot of weeding myself and found things that work for me but, I am just giving you ideas, things that I found that work for me. They might need a little rework to help you or they might not work at all and that’s OK. We are all different, living in different parts of the world, love of music, food.

You need a good pair of sneakers that will give you good support as you walk. I also wear a heavy pair of socks. When I did my first 6 kilometer walk I didn’t tie my shoes tight enough and had blisters on my feet and was not able to wear shoes for about a week after. Find a place to walk that is safe, personal safety and where you walk is also safe. I tend to walk the same streets because I know the footpath is good and in a safe area. I use two walk programs to log my workouts and keep me motivated. Endomondo and Runkeeper are the two programs that I use. You can download them from any app store on for Android or Iphone. You can step them up to log your progress and play tunes as you go. The one difference is that on Endomondo is that you can get your friends to send you messages as you walk. You will need to set up an account on Endomondo and do a friends request to send messages.

Ok, we have socks and shoes organized, play with both walk programs and see which one works for you the best. I have both, use one as a back up. Next time I see you lets talk about the good stuff…..FOOD.

So, come on…..its time to get moving. Let’s go for a walk.