The ugly Cancer of the world has claimed another life. 



Roger Joseph Ebert lost his fight with the disease some time last night in the USA, I was blogging the Chicago White Sox against Kansas City Royals game early this morning when the news came across my Facebook feed. I immediately went to my Twitter feed to double-check the news. It had just been shared with the world that Roger was in another fight just a few days ago.

I discovered Roger and his mate Gene Siskel on our local PBS channel with a show called “At the Movies“. They were so good together and really knew  their stuff. I would giggle at times when one would love the movie and the other hate it, they were never afraid to let the other know how they felt. It was a rare case that they would agree on something. I did my best to never miss a show and especially when there was a movie I wanted to see and was not sure about. I never really trusted reviewers until I found Gene and Roger. Couldn’t understand how they would know that I would like it or not. Well, I decided to really listen to what they had to say and check it out, boy was I surprised. At the end of the show they would always recommend a coming movie, which was usually spot on.

Roger wrote for the Chicago Sun Times for as long as I could remember. I never knew he won a Pulitzer Prize and was the only film critic to have his very own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Mr. Ebert suffered complications from surgery do to thyroid cancer which left him unable to speak in mid 2006. He continued his writing until losing his fight.

I had to find a little classic on YouTube of  Roger and Gene together doing what they do best:

The balcony was changed forever in 1999 when Mr. Siskel passed away. Once again the balcony has changed and going to see a movie will never be the same. I will always look for that empty seat in the cinema and think of Mr. Ebert and wonder what he would think of the movie.

In honor of Gene and Roger there is only one way to close this tribute to them: