Brutus buckeye

Spring Game this Saturday in Cincinnati at the Paul Brown Stadium, at 1:00 p.m Ohio time. Just won’t be the same this year with the shoe being worked on. Will be interesting to see what Coach Meyer and the staff have in store. PLEASE tweet and share pics, we fan in Australia do not have access most likely to the game. Will not see the boys again until the first game on August 31 against the Buffalo Bulls in Columbus. We are only on the road one time during the preseason  and that is to Berkeley on September 14th to face the California golden Bears.

With the final of the NCAA Tournament close I have seen a few pools and questions being ask if Ohio State fans would be supporting TTUN playing against Louisville in the final. If you have not discovered by now I am a diehard  born and bred BUCKEYE. My heart and soul is Scarlet and Grey. So PLEASE stop asking who I might support because you should know my answer, I support Ohio State and anyone who plays against TTUN. Enough said!

One more thing before I go, I got a tweet that basically ask the question”How tough is your school mascot?” Well, let me tell you at Ohio state we raise them to be one bloody tough NUT, Brutus Buckeye during Student Appreciation Day decided he wanted to play quarterback during the practice game. Well, what happened next certain proved that we Buckeyes take anything you throw at us and we get up and walk away…..Here’s the proof

NOW — can YOUR mascot take a hit and walk away like nothing happened?

Hey Coach Meyer, can he play or what….

See you guys soon