20120612_204441    OK. You have made the choice to get moving, BUT its baby steps all over the place. The choices with food and how you fix it is a big deal. You might not think that but I found out the hard way. Being raised in America I was taught to cook by my Mum, Edith and I fixed things they way she was taught by her Mum. When I got here to Australia that was a completely different story. Pj showed me that how I was cooking was actually adding more fat and calories to the meal. That veggies were actually OK, and just by changing a few small things, your meal would be just as healthy, have great flavor and would taste just as good.

The biggest thing is fat and how you use it if needed. Just a small amount of butter or vegetable oil in your pan is more than enough. When cooking just the natural juices can also be just enough. OK, example when cooking onions, you can sweat them and using the moisture from them. Just cooking your meat a little slower and use the juices. You don’t want your meat swimming in oil when it’s not needed. Even when Pj uses the BBQ he never uses oil unless he is cooking onions. The first time I made Sloppy Joes for Pj, he was really upset with the amount of oil and all. Just by changing how I cook, changed the flavor of the dish.

Veggies was another big hurdle to get over. Before I got here I hated veggies and some I had never even had. Pj had made a wonderful soup with all the I thought I didn’t life but I had two bowls of soup that night, and said it was beautiful.  Introducing new veggies can be a mind over matter thought process. I wanted to learn to eat cooked Cauliflower and ask Pj what would be the best way. He made a white sauce, cooked off the cauli and mixed the two together and sprinkled it with bread crumbs,finished off in the oven.  You can mix turnips, with creamed (mashed) potatoes, purred carrots in your spaghetti sauce.

The biggest thing I have found is don’t be afraid to experiment. Play with spices, try a new spice. Do watch how much salt you use because salt can be overpowering and play heck with the arteries. When boiling potatoes you can use one teaspoon of salt, a pinch can go a long way.

Just give new food a try. Think about HOW you cook the food. You’re not losing but gaining good flavor and healthy life style, remember its all in proportion. Eat til you feel full and then push the plate away, get up from the table.

GO for a walk.