twitter-iconThat little show that changed our lives a year ago is back.

I have made many new friends and family from season one. Many I am still in contact with today, and its wonderful to support real home-grown Aussie talent. Growing up in the USA you just don’t get the chances that you do here to support artist. You know that is really THEM tweeting, that you can share how much a song is special to you with them and how they have touched you.

(where you can find everyone on twitter)

From season one we have been able to follow wonderful artist like Fatai Veamatahau (@FataiV) She is so down to earth and so lovely. I have seen her grow, become so confident and is writing some great material. I got to see you in concert last November and I was just blown away, I can’t believe I get to call this wonderful person a mate. There are great things in store for her, I know it. She is working hard and her break will come.

Another season one artist that caught us all off guard was Brittany Cairns (_brittanycarins) She started out unsure of herself but there was just something that needed to get out and the more the shows went on the stronger she got. Her battle round numberTurning Tables”  has a permanent place on my tablet. Her new single “Behind the Scenes” will blow you away.

Ben Hazlewood (@BenHazelwood) has just released his first EP called “The Loveless EP” I have watching him grow in confidence and his core support has not wavered. He is still so down to earth and he acknowledges the support of his fans. He is in Adelaide this coming Saturday and I am hoping to get the chance to meet him. (will let you know on that one)

Mahalia Barnes and Prinnie Stevens (@MahaliaBarnes)(@missprinnie) had the BEST battle round with “Tainted Love”  I got the honor of meeting both of them at a meet and greet in Adelaide. They were both wonderful and together are a real powerhouse. They returned this past November, and blew the roof off the Gov. Also got to meet Mahalia’s Dad Jimmy Barnes that night, he is so cool and was really happy to give autographs and take pictures with those who attended the event.

Danni Da Ros , Carmen Smith, Diana Rouvas (@dannidaros)(@CarmenSmithAu)(@dianarouvas) are all powerhouse women in their own right. They are always busy out and about. They all have projects going and are just lovely to chat with.

My very favorite guys from the class of 2012 Jimmy Cupples and Darren Percival,Glen Cunningham Chris Sebastian (@4littlejimmy)(@mrpercivalrocks) (@its_just_G)(@chrisebastian) Funny, handsome, earthy, and everything else to go along with it. My goals are to see all of them in concert. Next weekend I fly to Sydney to see Darren in concert as a gift for my 50th birthday and I can’t wait. Its going to be an amazing night.

The 2013 class is starting to take shape as the battle round begin tonight. I can’t stress enough to get behind your favorites, find them on twitter and support them. Buy their blind auditions songs. This is the future of the Australian music scene and these kids need the support and to know that the gift they have been given is special.

Come on Australia… is your chance to change a life