Saturday in the shoe     Hey Buckeye Brothers and Sisters,

Just stopping by to see how everyone is doing as we wait for the beginning of the season. I heard a rumor that Coach Meyer and the staff went on a visit to San Francisco 49’ers. What I am hearing is there are a few new tricks up Coach’s sleeve. I saw a tweet that said something to the effect that Coach Urban was boring and that this year would be the same stuff. Well, I have news for you. We will fight and fight hard, there is one thing that is missing from last year, well two things actually. Being the rightful owner of the Big Ten Title and a National Championship.

Just my views of the first round of the draft. Will be interesting to see how it plays out.

The first round of the draft took place today and I was sad that there were no Ohio State players listed. Some of the one that went early I was kind of surprised and others who were passed over was kind of surprise.

Eric Fisher from Central Michigan was given the honor of the first draft pick by the Kansas City Chiefs.

I can only find TWO buckeyes listed and those are Johnathan Hankins and John Simons and from what I can find tonight they are still waiting for a the phone call to come.

Offense Lineman seemed to be the need of the day,  with Nine offensive lineman being chosen on day one.

Notre Dame Manti Te’o was not taken at all in the first round. (MY opinion here), Did the events of the postseason with the fallout of the girlfriend that never existed cause an issue or are teams pretty well set in the quarterback department.

There is one Australian in the mix, Jesse Williams from Alabama is still waiting for a call.

It shall be an interesting day tomorrow to see what happens.

Take care and GO BUCKS