1347913454Thanks to my Buckeye Mate Glen, he sent me an article that has me so excited. There is an Australian bloke named Cameron Johnston who will most likely be the next punter for the Buckeyes in the upcoming season. His flight left on June Fifth Australia time and it could be that Ohio State is just waiting for him to arrive before making it official.

Prokick Australia trains kickers for American colleges and once accepted it is a rigorous 12 month training program, with impressive results.

To help those who have never seen Australian Rules Football take a look at the video and hope that will help you have an understanding about how excited I am for this guy to get settled in and show what he can do.

I know there were many positive things to come out of the Spring game. I saw the circle drill again and the excitement was great. It just wasn’t the same being in Cincinnati and not in the shoe, where it should have been. Coach Urban Meyer got the boys fired up but I wish i was there to see everyone’s reactions when Cameron Johnston punts for the first time.

Bring on August 31 and the Bulls of Buffalo, for what is going to be an amazing year. We have NOTHING holding us back. Our debts have been paid in full.

Look out Big Ten here comes the Ohio State Buckeyes