1371419674I woke up today and had some amazing pics come across my twitter feed from my OSU mates in the States. I hate this waiting til August 31 for that spark, that feeling that its going to be an amazing year. I am really excited this year, we have paid out debt and we have nothing to lose, nothing to stop us from going all the way to the National Championship.

It was so hard last year watching things unfold, do so well and in the end when bowl time came around having to sit and not get ready for a bowl, BUT remember this is my view that, I think it has been a blessing in disguise. Instead of worrying about preparing to travel and scouting an opponent in a post season game. The boys got to rest and relax and the staff went to work, scouting and working towards signing day.

There is nothing holding us back this year. We have paid our dues and we need to put things in the past and leave it there. I love Coach Tressell and he did some amazing things. He did nothing but have the best interest of the boys at heart. I can’t even imagine how in the world he carried the weight of all the fall out. It was amazing to see how well he was received when the National Championship was honored.

Coach Meyer and the rest of the staff have worked hard over the winter and spring to create some new tricks and keep everyone guessing. I heard they went to visit the San Francisco 49’ers for a session about the offense. I saw someone on Twitter call Coach and the staff BORING and that it will be the same stuff, just in a different year. I have a feeling we have not seen anything yet.

Just looking over the schedule for this season, it will be some interesting challenges. The only one I know a little about for the preseason is the team from Florida A & M. I think that our two open dates fall at the right time, giving a chance to rest up, regroup, allow those little injuries to heal, heading to that one game that falls at the end of the season. 163 days from now, it is what it all comes down to in a lot of ways.

Going to leave you with a quote from Coach Meyer, that came across my Twitter feed in a photo, which for tonight it pretty well sums things up…..

“I want a pissed off football team. A team that has a chip on their shoulders. Maybe something’s been taken from you.”

“Are you a team that is going to go get it?”