5403_422832264473067_2062368324_nToday I got the final clearance from the doctor after my time in the hospital from a collapsed lung. It feels like a weight has been lifted and I finally have my life back. Yes, everything has changed, and I need to start creating that new normal. I have to start from scratch in my training and all to get to the 6 kilometers needed to make the Adelaide city to Bay in September. It is not going to be easy but I can do this, done it before and I will do it again. I miss my time walking, getting lost in the music and just getting fit. I have been comfort eating of late and that needs to change or the weight I lost will go back on and I just can’t have that. I have to get my blood pressure back down and now I can finally work on that.

OK, this one might sound a little strange but I will explain. Just in case anyone has any doubts, I am a girl. I was helping with a project, which I completely enjoyed and I didn’t fight hard enough to correct a small fact. That I am a MRS, and NOT a MISTER. I am good at my job, and my blog “A Season with the Chicago White Sox” got picked up by two web sites in the USA and my Ohio State blog will start again in August. I write under my nickname of “Cricket Fox”, my birth name is Christina. I am adopted and that was the name my birth mother game me, and my adopted Mother wanted me to have a connection to my birth parents and for that I will forever be grateful for that.

My knitting and crocheting projects are piled up and tonight I don’t quiet know where to start. I have a couple of little projects that I can take on the go but the bigger stuff has to stay here at home. The grand babies are waiting for stuff from Nanna Cricket and I need to get a move on.

Mini trips are planned for late winter, Pj and I are off to Canberra and to Floriade, which will be amazing. Looking forward to Night Fest especially. The lights and all will be amazing and being a photographer will be a blast. Here is the link for more info:


You can also find them on Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Official-Floriade-page/138085348824

March 2014 sees Major League Baseball come to Sydney and we will be off to the game on Sunday. We are both so excited and will be spending the weekend catching up with friends and extended family. More on that as it gets closer.

Life is good and just needing to get organized. The finances are coming along slowly and we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with a couple of things. We have worked hard to live within our means and we will finally be able to have a small treat or two.

OK, enough of things here. Thanks for your love and support you have shown me.

YOU are what keep me going, I turned 50 this year, had a couple of set backs but there is still plenty of 2013 left to celebrate.

So, Come on what are we waiting for……………….