20130519_105750PJ and I attend Mass at St.Peter’s Cathedral in Adelaide and it has been an interesting journey. I was originally raised in the Christian faith, a Baptist. It was through a series of events that we left the church we were attending here in the Elizabeth area and it took a long time before I was remotely ready to find my way home. I knew a change was needed but where to go was the biggest choice I had to make. With guidance from a mate, I found my way to St.Peters and once I sat down the pew, the tears came. Pastor Jenny came to say hello and see if she could do anything and the tears just flowed. A two-hour chat with her and more tears and feeling a weight lifted I was soon discovering that I was home.

Each year there is a group of young ones who are vested into the choir. It is a year-long road to discovery and making sure that it was the right decision for them.  As PJ and I sat there and watched the events unfold it got me to thinking about the importance of the decisions that the kids were making. At their ages making a life long commitment to the choir and to their faith. Not being afraid to stand up for what they believe in and that their belief is God is important to them.

Made me think about Jesus talking about having child like faith. How simple do the kids make the decisions in life? Why do adults put so much thought and get so frustrated over decisions when we could take some pointers from kids?

Wonder if it’s human nature or what but there are times I have made decisions and I have dragged them out to be longer than needed. I just didn’t trust my instincts and keep it simple silly.  We go and ask friends and family for input, we pray and seek guidance over decisions and at times almost make ourselves physically ill in reaching that final choice. Makes me wonder if the kids did the same thing, in making the choice to become part of St. Peter’s choir, was it because of their love of music and all?

You may wonder where I am going with this and to be honest I am not 100% sure myself. We all deal with making decisions in our own way. The decisions may be the easy part of it all but what about the fall out. How is the outcome of the choices we have made going to affect those around us?

Lots of questions and not many answers here, but I do know that it will be a good reminder to look back at the kids. How they trusted things enough to make a year-long commitment to become members of the choir,  to not be shamed to make a stand to show their faith and how important it is to them.

Will leave you with a question — How do you make your decisions, by trust and child like faith or weighting the options and choosing the best one?