1011294_10151684445579799_1482418243_nI had the very best OSU story come across my Twitter feed today and I had to share it. We can all take a lesson from this young man, and just remember how special life is.

14 months ago a young Buckeye fan, Grant Reed was diagnosed with cancer. Grant gave his cancer a name…..MICHIGAN. He was bound and determined to beat it and boy did he. He has his final treatment last and was released from Children’s Hospital last Friday, Ohio time.

Grant and his Dad Troy would watch the Bucks play each when he was in the hospital for treatment.

Grant got a really special visit from Coach Meyer in December when he was in the hospital for a treatment.

The Buckeye and Michigan fans showing their love and support for this young man is truly amazing. Some of the suggestions is for Grant to run on to the field with the boys at the Michigan game or to DOT THE I in script Ohio.

Thanks Coach for going to visit Grant, giving him the encouragement and Buckeye love.

COME ONE Guys, let’s get this kid to the big game in November, He has beaten Michigan, so lets Celebrate