943183_523945637665629_1287290338_nI know that we all get in a routine about life and our day-to-day stuff and everything seems great. You just know on certain days that this or that happens and you adjust accordingly. Then in the course of life you get a hiccup along the way that throws that routine off, just enough you have a hard time getting things to settle into a new way of getting things done. What do you do when an event comes along and just blows everything out of the water? Let me try to explain where I am going with this.

When September 11, 2001 took place we all remember where we were when the news came. I was here in Australia when those events took place. My girls where still living with their Dad in Ohio at the time, I knew they were safe but I needed to know for myself. The whole world would never be the same after that. So many souls were lost in those days ahead and I found out that friends of mine were in the Pentagon when things happened. They say that time heals wounds but I don’t think it really goes away, time helps us to adjust and find a new way of just getting through an hour at a time, before you know it the hours become days. You don’t realize what you did, to make it, you just did it. I call it just surviving.

Why is it when you get all safe and comfortable in survival mode, you get thrown a curve to test your ability to adjust and see if you can survive. It really drives me up a wall to have my routine shaken, my stability rocked and to see if I can just survive. Why is it that just one little thing can cause so much upheaval?

That happened to me a few weeks ago when returning from Sydney after a girls night out to find myself in the hospital with a collapsed lung.  It has taken almost two months before I have finally began to find my feet again. Getting my routine back and getting a so-called new normal going. Just when I thought I was starting to find my feet, I get thrown again. Someone please tell me what have I done to deserve this?

I feel that I have been rocked to the core, everything that I knew, could count on, that gave me some sort of stability has been blown out of the water. So now what, where do I start putting together that new normal again?

I have no clue where to start, how do I go about rebuilding and finding that new normal when those few things I knew I could count on, I just can’t now and to be honest I have no clue if I will be able to.

I have a wonderful new ground of friends who I just adore, and they have been so supportive. More than they realize. I am trying to focus on the positive things and remember what those who have passed have taught me.

I know it is just going to have to take time and it has to be in god’s time not mine. Before I know it, the hours will flow into days and days into weeks. I am stronger than I give myself credit for and I need to use that inner strength to create those new survival skills.

Thanks for listening but I would like to leave you with a question,

How are your survival skills when you are faced with creating a new normal to get through your day?