It has been an interesting couple of weeks and I wanted to share some thoughts with you all.

After finding my feet again with the experience of the hospital stay and recovery time, it has presented me with some interesting thoughts and a reflection or two. I had gotten so wrapped up in working (blogging baseball and all), trying to get some wool projects done and all and had not taken time for me. Someone above was looking out for me, I KNOW IT and that is how I was able to get home in the condition  I did.

I am starting to remember what Gary taught me, Once the day is over, there is nothing more you can do about the day’s events. Let it all go and worry about taking care of yourself. God has given you all you can handle for the day and he will do the same tomorrow. I never got to tell Gary how he changed my life. I take what he has taught me and I pass it on, keeping his memory alive.

I try to take my life experiences to love and support friends and mates who are struggling. I flat-out refuse to say “I Understand” because I don’t. The best I can do is share my similar experiences and give the very best support that I can. Nothing worse than feeling you’re dealing with something all alone when that one person steps up to the plate and could change everything.

I wrote a piece a while back called

It was a tough piece to write but I really do the best I can to live by that, I have learned through experience to choose my words, especially in tough spots. At times I feel lost and want to do more but all I can give is the words I write and just be there if needed.

You know when you are not sure what you’re suppose to be doing but those little things present themselves and you are finally able to see what God wants or needs you to do. The best thing that I can give are my words on a page, on the computer screen or just being there. Have had friends who have loved ones dealing with health issues, The are far off friends and all I can do is give them my words on a screen. They know that they can write me at any time and I will respond as soon as I can.

I try to encourage those I am chatting with to “Say what Is needed” . Make sure that all those important things are out in the open, even if it is one last time. I think it is human nature that stops us from being human and showing how much we really care.  Why does everyone think it’s so bad to show emotion.?

Take a step in faith and “Say what you need to say” You never know how important that step could mean to someone. .