5403_422832264473067_2062368324_nThis is a catch up blog on the yearly Adelaide City to Bay that is taking place September 15th this year. For those of you who do not know the recent events, I was in Sydney for a late girls night for my 50th birthday. Rushing for my plane back to Adelaide I got really winded and my chest felt tight. I thought it was my asthma playing up so that is how I treated it. By Monday I was not any better so it was a trip to the doctor’s. To make a long story short, by Monday night I was in the hospital with a chest tube and starting treatment. I was supposed to come home that Thursday but some one decided I needed one more night. When the staff arrived the next morning they could not understand WHY I was still there. So after lots of apologizes and breakfast, I was sprung. After 6 weeks of recouping and a check up with the doctor and a clear chest x-ray is was back to work, and I was over the moon.

The downfall was I had to start from scratch, retrain my body to do what it was doing without thinking, That brings me to this, two weeks left in training and I am for the first time, having to create a backup plan of going it alone, I can do this and I will succeed. I do have a backup in place and I am thrilled to have this person on board. She is an athlete herself and understands the thought process and all in what information I will be needing.

My original plan was to do the 6 kilometer and then to evaluate where I am and consider doing the 12 kilometer next year. It would be a complete change in training but after all of this I wonder what the next step is. After a chat with my coach today has given me some good advice about how to go about certain issues and I till be taking those steps. Go into training with doing the 6 kilometers and when it is time to make the race entry decide if the 12 kilometers is something that I can handle.

It’s a fortnight til race day and time will fly, I know it. To finally get out there and going, just shutting out everything else will be great. I love going to walk, it helps me to clear my head and get some focus back. It is the one time that I can shut out the world and just focus on me and what I am doing.

I can’t say THANK YOU enough to hubby Pj and my Coach for their love and support. It has been a long road back to this point and I am more determined than every to cross the finish line this year. After my Coach’s health issue this year I have to this, to get myself health and be physically fit, I have 20 kilos left to lose and I want to get it off.

My coach is just amazing and what a gift, he has been through a lot of late and I will be crossing that finish line also for him, and for Pj with all his challenges. He is always there waiting for me at the final turn before I cross the finish line, He gets the final race picture.

Race Day is September 15th at roughly 9:45 am. Its Saturday night in the USA, and if you would like to follow me as I walk, just keep an eye on my Facebook page. You can also send me a message of support during the race, I use a walk program called Endomondo. You can watch as I go, you don’t have to send me a message, but if you would like to, you may have to set up an account to leave me a message during the race.


Please be mindful that I will need to hear my Coach at each 1/2 Kilometer, but you are more than welcome to send support, You can also use my twitter at @cricketfox

Whatever you decide, just know that your support will be felt and appreciated more then words,

On September 15th, its time to get up and get moving, So…come on what are you waiting for,